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Is it just me, or is the world going crazy? Not really the world actually, just the US. And not in some ways, in so many ways that to list them has become cliché.

I hate to imagine how the rest of the world sees us. “We the people’s” experiment in transparent democracy, the holy grail of human rights, and individual liberties…gone berserk.

Where the same pedestrian that could speak truth to power, instead echos lies in defense of power. More will be written about this period than any other, and for years to come.

It is my hope that this blog will become an important record of this period. I believe it can be an exceptional one. If we can capture our thoughts, ideas, and perceptions as they happen here and now, perhaps we can not only capture a record of how this happened, but also, participate in fixing it, and be able to remember it harder this time, here, now, and a for little longer than last time.

Beginning with Ed Firmage and Patrick Shea so far, the dozen or so primary contributors to this blog will be very simply, our living Utah heroes; the people who live here now, who have earned the right to be heard having accepted their responsibility to speak truth to power.

Contributors to this blog will be Utahn’s who write, speak out, and act against injustice everyday. Here is one such voice just today .

In addition to being a record of these times, it will be a political blog. We will address any subject wherever it intersects with politics. No voices will be censored.

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