What Sandra Day O’Connor Was Talkin Bout

Stolen from My Left Wing. I recommend just going there to read the whole post.

I thought this simple summary might be useful to any republicans still encumbered by a sense of loyalty to our president over loyalty to the ideals of the Consitution and the rule of law.

-This administration fabricated evidence to engage in a pre-determined illegal war of aggression, and repeatedly lied about both the evidence and its use of it. It attempted to stage a completely phony provocation in order to provide a justification to invade another country

-This administration has placed in key positions of power supporters of a foreign policy that advocates creating global domination of U.S. interests through military might, and has carried out war to effect that end

– This administration has used the most powerful and invasive tools at its disposal – from electronic surveillance to physical searches – to gather information on American citizens on American soil, all without warrants

– This administration has detained unidentified people – including American citizens – for nearly five years, some in undisclosed locations and all without objective third-party inspections, without charge and without access to legal counsel. This administration – including its highest law-enforcement officer – has condoned and used torture of all kinds on these detainees and others it has wrongly imprisoned throughout the world

– This administration has refused to recognize the authority of the Congress and the Constitution, and has openly stated its intention to continue its defiance of the written, well-established law of the land

– This administration has blocked every attempt to investigate its activities, from domestic spying to the activities of American corporations

– This administration has been the beneficiary of two elections decided under – at best – dubious circumstances

– This administration has openly declared its desire to invoke a military response to a potential outbreak of disease in this country

– This administration has pursued policies that benefit certain industries, while maintaining absolute secrecy and no accountability about the provenance of those policies

– This administration has actively supported the demonization of minority groups

– This administration has quashed dissent, from campaign events to political commentary, by using intimidation and demonization

– This administration has illegally spread propaganda in this country in order to further its political agenda

– This administration has threatened reporters and their sources with punishment if they should reveal information about illegal clandestine activities, by citing the need to protect the homeland

Cliff – Perhaps you’re thinking, “But they need to do this to keep us safe from terrorist, and liberals,” – if you think that, you might be misinformed about the basis for the formation of this country and the true beliefs of our founding fathers.

Fear kills us and others. – Cliff

  1. #1 by Scribbler on June 4, 2006 - 3:29 pm

    I heard you speak at Utah Pride Day, and you are so right about fear driving politics. Anyone who was at Pride Day can only conclude, these people represent no threat to anyone.

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