Local Nursing Home Terrorized by Republican Operative

The Utah Senate race seems to be heating up.

Late last week, in an early morning raid, a small army of well-organized protectors of the political status quo took down all the Pete Ashdown signs in the Foothill area of Salt Lake City replacing many of them with “republican” signs.

Interestingly, Republican Party County Chairman James Evans who had presided over a voter registration-dessert party at St. Joseph’s Villa Thursday evening, was seen lurking in the shadows of the shrubs south of the wheelchair shop on the premises just after dark.

Hours later, coincidentally, at about 2 a.m. Friday morning, Mr. Evans was spotted leading a group of ambulatory residents out the back door of the nursing home. According to a witness, the residents, still dressed in pajamas, were led through a backyard and piled into a van, loaded with republican campaign signs, parked a block away, and drove east with Chairman Evans at the wheel.

It was further reported by long-time St. Joseph’s Villa resident Bee Bee (Bessie Bensen), that an unusually high number of residents were late for breakfast Friday morning, prompting kitchen staff to hold breakfast open till 10:30 a.m.

St. Joseph staff refused to confirm or deny the unusual meal hours.

This video proves that republican’s have been fear mongering. Remember when America was?

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  1. #1 by Nephi on August 20, 2006 - 10:53 am

    If only the Repugs could gerrymander U.S. Senate races like they do with House races. Then it would be unnecessary for them to lurk about during the late evening hours, committing petit larceny to maintain the biggest most dangerous political fraud this country has ever suffered!

  2. #2 by Paul on August 20, 2006 - 4:24 pm

    So THAT’s why my Dad was so sore on Friday. Poor guy thought he was going to help girl scouts sell cookies.

    Evans will stop at nothing.

  3. #3 by The Wanderer on August 20, 2006 - 5:06 pm

    Nice video. This administration cares not a wit about the damage they have caused this Country with the games they play.

    Problem is, Bush loving neo-con idiots don’t care, which makes them responsible, along with the media who plays along.

  4. #4 by DeathStar on August 20, 2006 - 5:37 pm

    Now you’ve gone too far Cliff. Prepare to be sued for defamation. This is our state, and we will take Yocums office, and you will be run out of town (to Point of the Mountain).

    You have ben warned.

  5. #5 by Mr. Mouthy on August 20, 2006 - 8:04 pm

    Blow it out yur yodel hole DS!

  6. #6 by DeathStar on August 20, 2006 - 8:23 pm

    Nice language Mouthy. Perhaps we shall meet one day at a meeting of the last meeting of Utah Commie party at the visitors center. And not the one at Temple Square.

  7. #7 by Lynette on August 20, 2006 - 9:04 pm

    Thanks for the laugh. I was loaded cocked and ready to shoot my husband for being a republican. Then he read this and finally decided to change parties.

    Thanks also to Bush, Cheney and Rumslfeld for saving my marriage…They have finally shown themsleves to be the assholes they are such that my husband finally got it. Now I’m gonna “git some”. Its been 6 long years.

    We are a family pnce again.

    Good night.

    PS: I hope you two (DS and Mouthy) can worlk things out.

  8. #8 by ginny on August 21, 2006 - 10:49 pm

    I’m sure he was just taking them out for a an innocent post-dessert cup of coffee.

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