The Bush Interview That Was Banned in US

This interview alone should have been a career killer, but then so should have the “bring it on” statement, the “mission accomplished” in the flight suit, or anyone of a million embarrassing (for all Americans) moments brought to you by junior.

Bush has been saved maybe forever by the bigotry of low expectations. He could probably grab German Chancellor Merkel’s breasts at this point and get away with it.

This Bush interview is making another round on the Internet.

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h/t Logan at C&L and Albert O.

This 2004 interview should be required viewing for every journalism student. I admit that I had not seen this video until today, but apparently over a million people already have and I hope that millions more will watch it as well. If the American press corps and our corporate media had asked tough questions like this of President Bush and his administration during the lead up to the invasion of Iraq, there isn’t a doubt in my mind that public support for it would have plummeted. This interview was done in ‘04, but was never aired in the U.S., and it’s quite possible that it could have affected the outcome of the presidential election that year. Imagine the outcome if a journalist dared to interview John McCain in this way today.

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  1. #1 by Larry Bergan on July 11, 2008 - 3:06 pm

    I heard a clip on “boring” left wing radio with Sam Sedar taking over while Mike Malloy is on vacation. John McCain was asked why Viagra is included in health plans and birth control isn’t. Wow, he sure didn’t want to answer that one!

  2. #2 by Albert O. on July 11, 2008 - 5:19 pm


    Check the HuufPo for the video of McStain responding to the question.

    The dude should have been kicked out of the running on the spot for looking so idiotic – but, then again, that’s why we like Johnny boy so much, anyhow, right; as time goes on, he just keeps looking more and more like and old, tired idiot.

    Update: Here it is over at C&L:

  3. #3 by Larry Bergan on July 12, 2008 - 2:28 am

    Here’s my suggestion for a comeback McCain could have used:

    “I think I’ll let John Boehner answer that one.” (and don’t tell me it’s pronounced Bay-ner, I’m not buying it!)

  4. #4 by Who is watching the watchers? on July 12, 2008 - 7:32 am

    Bush is the master, he walks freely, and hate him or not, he tromps around 10 feet tall, and flat doesn’t give a whack what anyone thinks. It is why he is so hated, he is not malleable, and is unfettered by the opinions, of just about anyone.

    He is Lord of Flies.

    A miasma of of his brethren swarming in his wake, checking for the droppings, and angrily buzzing away when they can attach none.

    He tells her, “You ask the questions, and I’ll answer them”.

    “Goodbye from the worlds biggest polluter”.

    Unbelievable, but res ipsa…

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