Mouth Piece of Nat’l Assoc. of Christian Bigotry Resigns. No Longer a Bigot.

Top Evangelical Resigns After Backing Gay Marriage

An outspoken and polarizing voice in conservative Christian politics resigned effective Thursday from the National Association of Evangelicals after a radio interview in which he voiced support for same-sex civil unions and said he is “shifting” on gay marriage.

The Rev. Richard Cizik’s comments _ made on a Dec. 2 “Fresh Air” broadcast on National Public Radio _ triggered an uproar that led to his stepping down as NAE vice president of governmental affairs. Read more–>

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  1. #1 by Shane Smith on December 12, 2008 - 9:22 am

    I really wanted to comment on this, but the first comment over at Huffington says exactly what I would say:

    “Obviously he has decided to join the ‘Other Christianity’. You know the one that actually recognizes that Jesus preached compassion and tolerance as well as rejecting greed and violence. We of the ‘Other America’ welcome that.”

    I second that emotion.

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