Gaza One Year Later

Siun on FireDogLake:

It’s been a year since the Israelis launched their Operation Cast Lead attack on Gaza. A year in which world leaders pledged aid and change and hope but delivered nothing. And once again Israel is poking Gaza, perhaps in an effort to once again provoke the rockets which then become the excuse for more. After all, [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu has said that the attack “did not go far enough” and “stopped too soon.”

And the people of Gaza, living in desperate conditions a year ago now live their lives in the rubble left by the Israeli attack.

From the Associated Press:

Gaza… remains badly broken. Hundreds of families are mourning loved ones, and hundreds more are disabled by severe injuries. Thousands of homes were destroyed or badly damaged, while a strict Israeli and Egyptian blockade has blocked most reconstruction since glass, concrete and other building materials are banned. Anger still simmers. “The war made us aware of how much the Jews hate us,” said Khadija Omari, 45. “But we also hate the Jews even more. Now the children beg us to fight them, that’s what the war taught us.”

News reports indicate that the continued blockade of Gaza, in addition to causing a humanitarian crisis, has counter-productively strengthened the rule of Hamas.

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