A Grand Farewell to ALEC

Was Alec Baldwin in Salt Lake? I didn’t hear anything on the news. 🙂

He/she/it wouldn’t give a single interview to the press and prefer to remain unknown. How many freedoms did we lose this week?

  1. #1 by Richard Warnick on July 27, 2012 - 1:47 pm

    ALEC wrote Gov. Herbert’s unconstitutional (and boneheaded) federal land grab law. Similar bills failed to become law in Colorado and Arizona.

  2. #2 by Larry Bergan on July 28, 2012 - 1:05 am

    Governor Herbert’s – don’t worry, be happy – stance on ALEC is contained in his own quote:

    [ALEC] is no different from any other organization


    Taken out of context to be sure, but patently untrue on many levels.

  3. #3 by Larry Bergan on July 28, 2012 - 1:24 am

    Cartoonists seem a bit more concerned then Governor Herbert on a local…

    and national level:

    • #4 by Glenden Brown on July 28, 2012 - 8:07 am

      I love this comic – it captures so much of what seems to happen. These right wing state legislators see themselves as the second coming of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and the Green Mountain Boys all rolled into one. All ALEC has to do is feed them some fake lines about patriotism and they support whatever legislation the organization has drafted for them.

  4. #5 by Larry Bergan on July 28, 2012 - 11:39 am

    I’ve lived in Salt Lake Shitty my entire life. I adore the mountains and the people here. Our leaders SUCK!

    I have not a single problem with the mayor of England saying we are “in the middle of nowhere”, because, of course, we are.

    There isn’t a spec of sarcasm here.

    Isn’t life great!

  5. #6 by Larry Bergan on July 29, 2012 - 12:10 am

    I’ve been protesting ALEC all week, and I have talked to most of the people who were protesting, but the day before yesterday I was standing next to an attractive guy I hadn’t seen before who was joining in with the rest.

    A man with a camcorder began questioning this stranger – to me – and I heard the stranger saying that gun violence could be an option to resolve these issues. This seemed very odd to me, since I haven’t heard anybody here say that before.

    Later on, in an evening event, I saw the man with the camcorder taping everything that was going on and decided to walk over and ask him who he represented. At first he resisted, and seemed annoyed at my question, but then quickly admitted he was taping the event for Breitbart. I said, Breitbart’s dead. He said “may he rest in peace” as my face struggled. I asked him if he was going to edit everything I said to him. At that point, a local came over and convinced me not to continue the conversation.

    Turns out that, indeed, he and at least one other “reporter” were credentialed Breitbart agents.

    Here’s where I think the problem is.

    The right wing feels that Michael Moore has gained an advantage by producing edited scenes in his movies which make them look bad. He does both: edits scenes and makes them look bad.

    What they don’t want to admit is that Moore doesn’t lie and they do…


    They just don’t care.

  6. #7 by Richard Warnick on July 30, 2012 - 10:24 am

    Breitbart is dead, but his lies live on as more right-wingers practice the art of re-editing progressives.

  7. #8 by ironic on July 30, 2012 - 10:35 am

    It has to be done they suppose, progressive ideology in the last century resulted in millions of deaths in order to attempt to institute their insanity.

    There are no progressives that are honest or deal with the facts straight up, they are either brainwashed parrots, or simply deceitful, like obama has been. I learned this pattern from the owner of this site, Cliff Lyon.

    …and for that gift I am forever grateful, forewarned is forarmed.

  8. #9 by Larry Bergan on July 30, 2012 - 6:22 pm

    Whenever Republicans get criticized for being awash in big money influences, the only thing they can think of to say is that George Soros is offsetting everything.

    Curt Bramble, looking all upset that people were protesting ALEC, brought Soros up. Being a progressive, I guess I should know all about Soros’s gifts to my cause, but I have no idea.

    “The Left Show” podcast has a running joke where they try to invoke Soros’s name for contributions. Funny show!

  9. #10 by Larry Bergan on July 30, 2012 - 6:36 pm

    On ALEC’s last day here, I was holding up my sign which says, “STOP ALEC, FIGHT BACK” at the crosswalk on the west side of the American Grand Hotel and there were ALEC members walking past me making silly comments.

    I was telling a woman who was curious about ALEC that they were involved in keeping people in prison longer for profit and an ALEC member who just happened to be on that task force was right there. He assured me that our side was winning on that issue. We had a really good conversation, but just before I left, I brought up the fact that ALEC’s founder had made statements that he didn’t think everybody should be able to vote. This man and another member who had shown up said it must have been taken out of context. I replied that it absolutely was not and shook both mens hands before trying to figure out why all the other protesters had left to go back to The City and County Building.

  10. #11 by Larry Bergan on July 30, 2012 - 6:42 pm

    It’s been a great time working with all of the talented people who were protesting ALEC.

  11. #12 by cav on July 30, 2012 - 7:22 pm

    Thanks and Good on you Mr. Bergan.

  12. #13 by Larry Bergan on July 30, 2012 - 8:35 pm

    There were many events last week and, unfortunately, I had to choose between overlapping ones. Wednesday had several things going on, but I decided to attend one that was put on by “Alliance for a Better Utah”, which had some great national speakers from the progressive side of things.

    The place was packed and the speakers even had a question and answer session at the end. I got the last question in. I was surprised when the man who was passing the microphone around came over to instruct me how to proceed. I assumed he would require me to tell him what my question was, but he interrupted me and said you can ask whatever question you want; just hold the microphone a half inch from your mouth and state your name.

    I wanted to direct my question to a certain lady on the panel, but I couldn’t remember her name or her organization. She was the one who received the documents from the ALEC whistle-blower.

    I asked how far back those the documents went and said “The Help America Vote Act – HAVA” just seemed like an ALEC bill – nice sounding name with creepy intentions. I know that ALEC doesn’t pass legislation on a national level so I asked if the organization had any history of working on a local level to roll out the voting machines.

    On the panel of eight or so, the lady I wanted to answer the question stepped up to the microphone.

    She answered that the dumped documents only go back to about 1995 and she didn’t think ALEC had any involvement in the HAVA matter, but she said she would look into any local legislation which involved the voting machines. She also said what I wanted to hear. She believes the machines are a huge problem and I THINK she even said she would prefer the ballots to be hand counted.

    Great seminar and they even served some really great burritos. After the meeting they gave the left-over burritos to the Occupy crowd at the City and County building and we had a grand feast.

    Come back any time ALEC! We’ll be watching and waiting.

  13. #14 by Larry Bergan on July 31, 2012 - 12:02 am

    Lyrics to the song:

    Tonight we sleep on silken sheets
    We drink fine wine and eat rare meats
    On carousel and gambling stake
    Our fortunes speed, and dissipate.
    It’s candlelight and chandelier,
    It’s silver plate and crystal clear.
    The nights we stay at hotel grand

    Tonight we dine at hotel ritz.
    (a golden dish with every wish ).
    It’s mirrored walls, and velvet drapes,
    Dry champagne, and bursting grapes.
    Dover sole, and oeufs mornay,
    Profiteroles and peach flambe,
    The waiters dance on fingertips
    The nights we dine at hotel ritz

    One more toast to greet the morn
    The wine and dine have danced till dawn
    Where’s my continental bride?
    We’ll continental slip and slide
    Early morning pinch and bite –
    (these french girls always like to fight)
    It’s serenade and sarabande,
    The nights we stay at hotel grand
    Les nuits qu’on passe à l’hotel grande.

  14. #15 by Richard Warnick on August 9, 2012 - 5:39 pm

    Media Matters: Inside ALEC’s Annual Meeting

    It was on the eve of this conference that I first glimpsed the privileges and perks of ALEC membership. I was sitting in the Grand America’s Viennese style lobby café, pondering the primrose bush courtyard outside as a young harpist plucked out Fur Elise, when an ALEC staffer appeared and began placing laminated cards on the tables. She was followed by groups of women, the wives and daughters of ALEC state legislators and lobbyists, sitting down to enjoy a British Full Tea of sweets, scones and jams, laid out on an elaborate spread of fine china. I picked up one of the laminated cards and read: “Enjoy your ‘ALEC-SNACKS’!” Beneath the text were the logos of Americans for Prosperity and the American Insurance Association, two ALEC sponsors. As ALEC snacks were served, the tables grew atwitter. “This is so nice,” said the wide-eyed wife of a Virginia state representative.

  15. #16 by Larry Bergan on August 11, 2012 - 12:58 am

    Thanks for the article Richard:

    The excerpted paragraph comes close to mirroring the lyrics to the great Procol Harum song.

    The sentence in the article – On telephone poles across the city, posters skewered ALEC as “merging capital and state since 1973.” – was an amazing, original contribution made especially for the SLC ALEC event. I was proud to put some of them up.

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