Another reality denier talking point wrong…

One of the popular global climate change denier lines has been that while the arctic was melting, the Antarctic was gaining ice, and those stupid PhDs just aren’t smart enough to know that weather can be different in different places. That’s higher learning for ya! Pinheads! Intellectuals! Don’t know anything!

(Also, as one well known Faux news caster might say, “tide goes in and comes out, you can’t explain that!”)

A few minor issues with that. First of all, even if Antarctica is gaining ice, this doesn’t actually change whether or not the earth is warming. Different weather in different places? Yeah, pinhead scientists. Also, while there might be ice gain, there was definite loss. The climate is certainly shifting.

Sadly, it also turns out that even the misleading statement that there is ice gain in Antarctica is wrong. Not just misleading, because the more important truth is hidden, but actually wrong.

“We can state definitively that both Greenland and Antarctica are losing mass, and as [the] temperature goes up we are going to lose more ice.”

I am not sure that will change the minds of the deniers. If basic reality is not convincing, how would carefully studied reality be any more convincing? But it is always good to see more data.

  1. #1 by Richard Warnick on December 4, 2012 - 3:47 pm

    Senate Democrats are attempting to force a vote on climate change through an amendment to the defense authorization bill. It’s a partisan exercise, but at least the Dems have finally recognized that climate denial is a political liability.

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