Fraternties: Shut ’em down?

It’s worth reading this long and fascinating article on fraternities at The Atlantic.

The author spent lots of time looking into frats, the associated accidents, lawsuits and various forms of malfeasance (both official and unofficial) that characterize the dark side of frat life.

I have no personal experience with a college Greek system (no frats or sororities at Grinnell).  I know one woman who swears her time in a sorority was the best part of her college experience.  I know a man who is still closer to his fraternity brothers than his biological brothers.  I also know people whose participation in the Greek system was personally devastating.  I have several relatives who flunked or nearly flunked out of college because of the partying associated with the Greek system.

The article makes me glad Grinnell diidn’t have fraternities or sororites.

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