This Commentary NAILS It!

The battle isn’t between the “conservatives” and “liberals”, it’s between the pro-corporate and the pro-worker Democrats.

Sorry conservatives, you have “Blown in the Wind”. You have no political capital whatsoever and that’s why you are openly stealing elections because even YOU can’t trust the corporate voting machines. You are going to win the house again because of your gerrymandering, but the youth are onto you and your time will soon be up. Averse to what George-the-lesser thought, stealing elections doesn’t give you any political capital, and the so-called millennials understand that.

Buckle up. It’s going to be a wild ride!

Thank you, MSNBC:


If this dude is a comedian, he better find another job:

  1. #1 by Dennis Ware on March 14, 2014 - 9:14 pm

    If you are quoting MSNBC I would suggest picking up a book.

  2. #2 by Larry Bergan on March 14, 2014 - 9:24 pm

    Written by Jonah Goldberg or Sean Hannity?

    I’ll pass.

  3. #3 by Larry Bergan on March 14, 2014 - 9:26 pm

    I liked reading this. It makes sense:

    I don’t meet any lazy young people, but they aren’t going to get anywhere in our present system.

  4. #4 by Larry Bergan on March 14, 2014 - 11:17 pm

    I hate to be the only commenter here, but this asswipe, otherwise known as Kevin O’Leary thinks an eight year old working for 18 hours a day, seven days a week and making no money, making shoes and breathing death can become a billionaire someday if he works hard enough?


  5. #5 by Dennis Ware on March 15, 2014 - 7:32 am

    Well he can, as in such an environment devoid of most human values, a child can evolve a killer instinct which comes in handy for trampling any competitors down the line.

    The comment is a survival of the fittest concept, or else.

  6. #6 by Larry Bergan on March 15, 2014 - 10:04 am

    Dennis Ware:

    That’s heavy!

  7. #7 by Dennis Ware on March 15, 2014 - 11:38 am

    Just need to take a look and any number of clever psychopaths from all walks of life to know that if a child does make it from abusive conditions the outcome of their means of success and self preservation are usually lethal.

    Like Tony ..”Say hello to my little friend” Montana.. An RPG wielding drug lord or a recent child soldier.

    What a world, and WE finance so much of it.

  8. #8 by Larry Bergan on March 15, 2014 - 12:26 pm

    Giving up is a done deal.

    You win, Denny!

  9. #9 by Dennis Ware on March 15, 2014 - 2:55 pm

    Keep working, paying taxes, imagining that the essence of your very existence doesn’t contribute to this pre meditated criminally insane mass murder.

    Some say karma’s a bitch..way America rolls it’s going to come in just about every nationality before obama is through. He’s a puppet, but a willing one..the ultimate sock puppet. Fist up his ass.

  10. #10 by Larry Bergan on March 15, 2014 - 4:53 pm

    What about the videos, tupperware?

    Got any thoughts?

  11. #11 by Dennis Ware on March 15, 2014 - 9:36 pm

    MSNBC is a talking point..less.

    What about it? The entirety of people imagining that after almost 40 years of capital flight and outsourcing that anyone in government is crusading against it is inane. There is no real effort. Jobs my ass.

    Labor was dead and sold down the river the moment GATT, and then NAFTA were passed. Perot was right, the giant sucking sound is about sucking wind after sucking up so many jobs worth working.

    Any pretense of labor unions surviving this onslaught was so the union bosses could keep taking the workers money. Look at what happened, even they are mad at obama, one scumbag shafting another.

    Yep, it’s like that America.

  12. #12 by Larry Bergan on March 15, 2014 - 10:28 pm


    I asked you to comment on the videos. 🙁

  13. #13 by Dennis Ware on March 16, 2014 - 4:02 am

    Not much, even tickle down my thigh Matthews knows that the dems are going to lose the Senate.

    Surprise, surprise.

  14. #14 by Larry Bergan on March 16, 2014 - 5:17 am

    Lose is a relative term. Can you comment on the videos?

  15. #15 by Dennis Ware on March 16, 2014 - 8:16 am

    Comment: Extensive wishful thinking for progressive Americans.

    Review what the president you have elected twice has perpetrated. That’s the video you need to see. If you are worried about income inequality look the shit sanwich this loser president has buried us under.

  16. #16 by Larry Bergan on March 16, 2014 - 9:29 am

    What the hell is a sanwich?

  17. #17 by cav on March 16, 2014 - 9:31 am

    If I may respond with still another video…

    5 minutes well spent, no Thug bashing per se, yet still sort of on topic.

  18. #18 by Larry Bergan on March 16, 2014 - 9:32 am

    Can you comment on the videos, tupperware?

  19. #19 by Larry Bergan on March 16, 2014 - 9:56 am


    I love the video. Hope the guy in it is going to be OK.

  20. #20 by Dennis Ware on March 16, 2014 - 10:03 am

    I figure we couldn’t have done any worse with a republican, since we have one in White House.

    The War Party is in control. You can have your dems, as their votes on congress well show..there is no difference..

    Pro worker? That ship sailed in the 80’s.

  21. #21 by cav on March 16, 2014 - 10:06 am

    I guess MSNBC might be seen in a somewhat different light given they haul in the lame Abbey Huntsman from time to time.

    No Chrystal Ball, that’s for sure. Just the same…she’s on their roster.

  22. #22 by Dennis Ware on March 16, 2014 - 10:09 am

    Sure, but nobody is watching msnbc. Like the last Catholic priests in Europe preaching to the choir, as nobody else is there on Sunday…well maybe a 90 yr old little lady, not too many left over there.

    The churches are well attended, for their entertainment values, by tourists.

  23. #23 by Dennis Ware on March 16, 2014 - 10:12 am

    MSNBC, the church of progressives, deluded or planned? They sold you obama, then made excuses for even Matthews knows he’s a bum, only after the tickle and shooting his wad down his leg..

  24. #24 by Richard Warnick on March 16, 2014 - 11:08 am

    Working hard doesn’t make you rich. In fact, the harder you work, the less they pay you in America.

    Americans working much harder – for less pay

  25. #25 by Larry Bergan on March 16, 2014 - 11:44 am

    Let’s try to be honest here. Chris Matthews had an electrical charge in his leg.

  26. #26 by Larry Bergan on March 16, 2014 - 12:21 pm

    Pretty soon, we’ll be making pyramids in honor of Dick Cheney instead of hanging him.

    Strange, how things work out.

  27. #27 by cav on March 16, 2014 - 3:06 pm

    I heard the ‘Missing Plane’ was a simple body-part snatch, replacement hearts and kidneys to keep Cheney alive ad infinitum.

  28. #28 by Larry Bergan on March 16, 2014 - 3:46 pm

    I’m happy to say that I still have my original kidneys and they tell me they’re working fine.

    So there!

  29. #29 by brewski on March 18, 2014 - 2:53 pm

    Interesting things about Krystal Ball, the woman who “nails it”:
    1. Ran for Congress and lost. So is this who we should be listening to about what matters in elections?
    2. Is an NRA member. You know, the group Democrats ridicule daily.
    3. In is favor of charter schools. You know, the ones Progressives are closing.
    4. Previously worked for CGI, the government contractor that fucked up Obamacare so much

    So this is who you are posting? Pretty funny.

  30. #30 by Larry Bergan on March 18, 2014 - 4:34 pm

    I’ve never met anyone who agreed with me on everything, but I sure agree with the commentary she gave here.

    I have that right.

  31. #31 by brewski on March 18, 2014 - 5:28 pm

    Sure, and the moment Ms. Ball assails Hillary on air for her Wal Mart Board sins then I will give her some credibility. Until then, she is just a failed politician.

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