Gotta Get Me Some Of Those Baby Parts!

163217 It’s the next big thing in liberal circles across the nation. You don’t need to die now. You can get some of your youth back, but don’t delay; baby organs are gonna be sailing out the door when word gets out. Don’t worry though, when young girls find out they can make an extra 75 bucks by almost giving birth, the industry’s going to just explode!

OK, I’m sorry. There’s nothing funny about Republicans making political hay out of a very serious and private issue, but they are intent on winning in 2016, and getting rid of “Planned Parenthood” at the same time. If that means bringing bloody baby livers and tissue into the public discussion, well, that’s where we’ll have to go.

Speaker John Boehner said Planned Parenthood makes him feel like throwing up. Mike Huckabee thinks he’ll be able to use this to show up on polling results.

For some reason, this morning I turned on the Sunday morning political shows, for the first time in many years. I was shocked to see George Stephanopolis covering this story. It’s impossible not to make comparisons to the phony ACORN scandal which brought down that organization, but hey, if it worked once… Besides, if the Democrats couldn’t see fit to stand up against that scam, this one should be a breeze! We’re talking fetus’s here!

This is just more, very well financed, Breitbart style entrapment infotainment which will get a lot of people killed, allow republicans to call democrats, “baby killers” and participate in more pro-life pagentry then ever before. There couldn’t be a more cynical political strategy then this. ABC first covered this story in 2000 on 20/20, but I guess the trouble it could cause for Democrats in 2016 was just too salacious.

Sorry Boehner and Huckabee, but I think I’m the one who’s going to puke.

So far the Democratic candidates don’t seem to be taking the bait and I’m proud of them. I’m also proud of how Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood handled Stephanopolis’s phony concern beautifully. All other Democrats should have her strength:

ABC US News | World News

Please don’t cave in this time Democrats. We’re watching you. All those little children got slaugtered in the Newtown tragedy and nothing happened. You don’t have any excuse to give the Republicans a victory here. Get angry, save lives, prevent abortions and protect women’s – really everybody’s – rights.

P.S. I feel bad about using the photo shoot from the only bad idea the Bealtles ever had, but it fit my post. 🙂 They were trying to protest the Vietnam war and save babies. It’s a good thing somebody came to their senses and pulled that album cover.

  1. #1 by Richard Warnick on July 26, 2015 - 9:33 pm

    The old deceptively-edited video trick. Ask ACORN and Shirley Sherrod how well it works. Unfortunately for Planned Parenthood, by even discussing such an ugly topic with a camera present, they look double-plus ungood.

  2. #2 by Larry Bergan on July 27, 2015 - 10:31 am

    First time I turn on the TV on Sunday morning in years and I’m right there in the valley of the shadow of death again.

    “Meet The Press” actually had Bernie Sanders on. I think this is only the second or third time ever. Chuck Todd wanted to tie him to Donald Trump because of his populist appeal. Of course he also brought up the incident with “Black Lives Matter”. Sanders wasn’t amused.

    These corporate TV “news” shows are only going to have Sanders on so they can film him getting upset and play it over and over. That’s my opinion.

    • #3 by Richard Warnick on July 27, 2015 - 11:05 am

      I think Bernie handled it very well. He knew that Chuck Todd would try to embarrass him, and he took control of the interview and got his message across.

      • #4 by Larry Bergan on July 27, 2015 - 3:55 pm

        Yes, he did.

        He’ll probably be invited back in about 10 years.

  3. #5 by Jill on July 27, 2015 - 11:16 am

    I knew exactly what to do. As soon as I saw Cecile Richard’s statement, I sent a $100 to PP, even though I donate monthly.

    • #6 by Larry Bergan on July 27, 2015 - 3:59 pm

      Good for you Jill. You’re saving lives. Thanks for commenting.

      We have a bit of trouble with the spam filter around here, so don’t think you’re being censored if your comment doesn’t show up immediately. I’ll find it and post it if I find it there.

      I thought Cecile Richard’s was great. She really took control of the situation and wasn’t about to let George trip her up.

  4. #7 by Larry Bergan on July 27, 2015 - 4:17 pm

    Republicans are really trying to do this. Shame on you Mike Lee!

    On Sunday, Lee also tried to defund Planned Parenthood. When the chair ruled the vote failed, he appealed the decision but didn’t gather enough support to continue. Another plan to require Iran to recognize Israel also went down.

    “That Senate leaders blocked votes on amendments to defund Planned Parenthood and require Iran to recognize Israel’s right to exist is a disappointment,” Lee said. “But the way they did it — by disenfranchising the people of Utah on the Senate floor — is absolutely unacceptable. Utahns and all Americans deserve to have their voices heard on these questions.”

    “Tomorrow,” Lee added, “begins the work of doing better.”

  5. #8 by Richard Warnick on July 28, 2015 - 4:37 pm

    How A Lie Becomes A Law: GOP Introduces Legislation To Defund Planned Parenthood Based On Deceptively Edited Videos

    Congressional Republicans are capitalizing on right-wing media’s phony outrage over the deceptively edited videos released by anti-choice conservative group Center for Medical Progress to push legislation to defund Planned Parenthood.

  6. #9 by Larry Bergan on July 28, 2015 - 5:14 pm

    Limbaugh and Hannity and everybody else involved in this had better get condemned for every breast cancer death, abortion and every other tragedy that results from defunding Planned Parenthood.

    Like they care. How many soldiers and Iraqi people died or were maimed by the rush to war these ghouls promoted and the endless list of needless gun deaths they’ve made happen?

    Watch or read “Cider House Rules”, so you can see a little bit of the misery that was caused by bad abortion laws not so long ago.

    I’ve never had to deal with abortion in my life and I’m sure nobody else would wish it on their worst enemy. I really hate these people.

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