A Few Thoughts on Phil Lyman’s Saga

I haven’t paid much attention to the brouhaha about Phil Lyman and his saga.  He’s the in-law of an in-law, so beyond some family discussion along the lines of “oh his poor family”, I haven’t given it much thought.

Lyman knew his ride up the canyon was illegal.  He did it anyway. It wasn’t much of a protest. One might reasonably expect a county commissioner to have other avenues by which to make his case. Lyman may think of himself as someone in the grand tradition of Ghandi or MLK but he’s more like Cliven Bundy, i.e. not really the grand rebel he seems to believe he is.

He’s doing his best to confuse the issue (Judge Shelby knows someone in SUWA!).

He seems wildly unlikely to actually go to jail, unlike say real activist Tim DeChristopher.

Large chunks of Utah, like many other western states, is controlled by the Federal Government.  Rural Utah, like the rest of rural America, is struggling economically. If Lyman wants to bring attention to the problems of rural Utah, there were and are better ways.

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