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I would classify myself as a single, working class hippie and common man with a desire to live my life out in a world that makes sense. The current one doesn't. I've lived in Utah all my life and have been an Optician for 30 years but managed to publish a computer program called "Cyber Print" for the Atari ST in 1988 just as things were winding down for that company. Whenever the Republicans are in power, my activist inclinations are involked. The Clinton impeachment jolted me out of my Clinton era complacency, but I didn't realize the Republicans had been working toward a one party system for decades until a few years later. You may have seen me in the streets with my "Support The Troops - Impeach Bush" sign. I've been carrying it since January 2003 and have covered many hundreds of miles and stood at intersections for many hundreds of hours as well. When I first started carrying it, Bush was "a very popular president." I wanted to make sure everybody knew there was at least one guy who was not a fan. I had to find out for myself what the people of Utah really thought. I have always enjoyed a great deal of support for my sign and am angry that my beloved birthplace is a laughing stock for it's support of the worst "president" in American history. Do we really have no respect for the other peoples of the world here, or is something else happening? My activism in voting integrity for Utah has convinced me there is no reason to trust that our votes have been counted accurately since the punch card system was implemented many years ago. Transparency is non-existent in 2007. Our top election officials have made sure of that. I wish it weren't true.


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