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Cliff Lyon

I hold degrees in International Relations and Philosophy from The University of Vermont. I spent three years studying languages in Germany, Italy, and Israel in the eighties. Self-taught programmer starting with first Apple computer in 1980 and have been doing it ever since. I came to Utah in 1992.

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Ed Firmage

Edwin Brown Firmage is a world-renowned international and constitutional law scholar. Having served as a White House Fellow under President Lyndon Johnson, he has advised every President since. Ed is Professor Emeritus at The University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law and Hinckley Fellow at Brigham Young University He graduated with high honors in political science and history. Professor Firmage received a master's degree in history from Brigham Young University. He was National Honors Scholar at the University of Chicago Law School and served on the editorial board of the Chicago Law Review. He received the doctor of law, master of laws, and doctor of jurisprudence degrees from Chicago. Professor Firmage received the Rosenblatt Award for Excellence, the highest award given by the University of Utah.

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Dow Patten

Dow Patten is an attorney, splitting his time between an office in the San Francisco bay area and the family farm in Fairview. A graduate of both BYU and the UofU, Dow's interests include sustainable business, electronic voting, biofuels, retrotech, and alternate economies. He is counsel for the Open Voting Consortium, a 501(c)(6) nonprofit advocating the use of Open Source technology for voting.

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Tim DeChristopher

I am a senior in economics at the University of Utah. I have been an environmentalist for most of my life. I have marched, held signs, written letters and spoken to my Congressman. I have built trails and removed invasive species in National Parks. I have educated friends on climate change and donated to a dozen different groups. Countless others have done all these same things for decades in defense of our wilderness and a livable future.

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James Farmer

Licensed to practice law in the State of Utah. Served as habeas counsel for deainees held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Graduated Princeton University, Ph.D., Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering and University of Utah, College of Law. Sabbatical leave in 2008 to NASA Ames Research Center as a research scientist in the Reacting Environments Branch investigation aerothermodynamic heat loads experienced by reentry vehicles. Currently, of counsel to SLC and Phx law firms.

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Gary Kunkel

Physician in Salt Lake City.

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Ed Firmage Jr.

Ed Firmage, Jr. makes his living as an outdoor photographer, specializing in large-format landscapes of the American West. From 1989 to 1999, he served as a marketing director and product manager for high-tech companies in Utah and Silicon Valley. He studied classics at Princeton and holds an M.A. in Ancient History and Mediterranean Archaeology from U.C. Berkeley, where he was a Mellon Fellow. From 1986–1989, he was a Rotary Foundation scholar at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Mr. Firmage is the author and publisher of Red Rock Yellow Stone, an award-winning combination of photographs of the American West and haiku from Japan, and Simple Gifts, a collection of western landscape photographs and essays developed for and featured at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City. Favorite Quote: "I'm tired of doing what I don't want to do to live the way I don't want to live." - Edward Abbey

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Shane Smith

I am a wandering Taoist and pantheist who spends his time at philosophy, photography, computers and best of all with my wife, son and daughter. I enjoy walking, sleeping, laying about on the floor, and generally behaving in ways that make people say things like "act your age."

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Kurt Gillespie

A "California Mormon", Kurt's people live in Orem. He is a fanatic Utah politics watcher. He uses an old computer converter box on his TV to access e-mail.

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Becky Stauffer

Here at OneUtah I offer just one woman's perspective, and enjoy this opportunity to contribute one more point of view to this excellent site.

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Firmage Ed

Edwin Brown Firmage is a world-renowned international and constitutional law scholar. He is currently professor emeritus at The University of Utah S.J. Quinney College of Law in Salt Lake City. A Hinckley Fellow at Brigham Young University, he graduated with high honors in political science and history. He received a master's degree in history from Brigham Young University. He was National Honors Scholar at the University of Chicago Law School and served on the editorial board of the Chicago Law Review. He received the doctor of law, master of laws, and doctor of jurisprudence degrees from Chicago.

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Rocky Anderson

Recent Post: Rocky’s Speech at The Pentagon

Nate Smith

A true lefty from a line of lefties going back to my Grandpa at least. Even the next generation 8 yr old little Nate has carried on the left handed tradition of always being in your right mind. I keep busy working in the social welfare system by day to educating, organizing and agitating by night. Along with my amazing friend and partner radical Raphael at the Free Speech Zone.

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Born in Gary, Indiana, (yes, that Gary, Indiana), Michael is an ex-attorney-turned-writer/actor. Having a profound love for the classics, Raysses has fashioned a writing career that harkens back to another era—which is to say, he writes. Author of the syndicated column Greek to Me, Raysses’ work has also appeared in the Los Angeles Times Sunday magazine. He contributed to the New York Times bestseller The Right Words at the Right Time, Volume 2. Raysses has also lent his pen (and voice) to National Public Radio’s Day to Day Show, contributing several pieces of commentary to that program. Not content to tempt rank categorization, Raysses has also authored children’s literature, short films, feature films, as well as more contributions to the marketing and commercial realms than he cares to remember or admit.

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Jacques Hammel

Jacques Hammel is a French born Israeli and engineer. He and his Romanian born wife live outside of Haifa. They have three grown children kids all of whom have served in the Israel military which is mandatory, and continue to serve in the reserves.

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Emily Hollingshead

Emily calls herself a "Walking Oxymoron" - she is very active in both the LDS Church and the Democratic Party of Utah. A mother two, wife to one, and friend to many, Emily is a web site designer and graphic designer by profession, and is an active volunteer in her Cedar City community. Currently, she is the Democratic candidate for Senate Seat 28, which covers a 6 county area in Southwestern Utah.

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Derek Staffanson

Derek Staffanson is a lifelong Utah resident. A graduate from Utah State Unversity in graphic design, he lives in Salt Lake City with his wife. While she attends grad school, he tries to keep himself busy working at the library, doing some freelance design, and actively participating in the LDS church.

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Elisha Haas

I was an ifantry officer (Major) iof the IDF. I got my Ph.D. from Weizmann Inst. In 1976 and I am a professor of Biophysics at Bar Ilan university, I was a research fellow at Harvard University for two years and was a visiting scientist for one year at MIT. This present year I am on Sabbatical at the university of Cambridge UK. My field of research is focused in the physical basis of the translation of the genetic information (known as “the second genetic code”). I live in Jerusalem, I have three children .

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Deanna Taylor

I live in West Jordan, Utah and am originally from Maryland. I am involved in a variety of organizations and projects in Utah's Activist Communities, including the Desert Greens Green Party of Utah, People for Peace and Justice of Utah, and Pom Poms Not Bomb Bombs(Utah's Radical Cheerleading group). I am co-founder of a progressive educational non-profit, Blue Sky Institute. I am a public school educator in Salt Lake, working with adolescents. I am married to Tom King, also a very active activist. We have four children and when not "activating and agitating" we enjoy respites in the mountains and traveling.

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Richard Warnick

Richard Warnick was born in New York and moved to Utah in 1981 after serving in the U.S. Army. He earned a degree in History from Georgetown University and a B.S. and M.S. in Geography from the University of Utah. A former seasonal park ranger for both the BLM and the National Park Service, he now works for the U.S. Forest Service as a resource information specialist. He lives in Draper, Utah.

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Greg Felice

Glenden Brown

Not much to say really. I was born and raised in Utah. I graduated from Judge Memorial, then Grinnell College then finished my education at College of William and Mary. My family came to Utah with Brigham Young, and we've been here ever since. When I was a child, my grandmother told me stories about my pioneer ancestor(s) based on the book Giant of the Lord by James Stephen Brown, who apparently fought a bear, had a wooden leg and fought with Brigham Young. Today, I am a member of the United Church of Christ, on the steering committee of the Coalition of Religious Communities and a general pain in the butt to conservative leadership of our state.

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Jennifer Killpack-Knutsen

I'm a native Utahn currently residing in Salt Lake City. I'm married with two children, and I am active in a number of organizations that work for social justice and political change. I am member of Pom Poms not Bomb Bombs-- Utah's Radical Cheerleaders -- and I love blogging about politics, activism, and green living on my personal blog, Jen's Green Journal (http://green-jenni.livejournal.com).

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Frank Staheli

Recently returned from serving in Iraq. Work at BYU. Am a registered republican, but support Constitutional Party candidates this time around.

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George W.

I grew up rich. Daddy got me into school. I partied hard and had many friends. Daddy kept me out of the Vietnam War. After college, I had a lot of pool parties at my Dad's house. Dad helped me in business and stuff, but I pretty much sucked at that. So I got into politics and met a guy name Karl and got to be president.

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Ken Schreiner

Documentary/video producer, blogger, podcaster, environmentalist, volunteer, conservationist, alternative energy user/provider, award-winning former TV news reporter, anchor, executive, writer, music composer, nationally-recognized media innovator and reformer.

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Walter Lyon

Walter A. Lyon, Engineering Consultant has served as Professor of Systems Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania, and as Deputy Secretary for Planning of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Resources. He received his undergraduate and graduate education in Environmental Engineering at the Johns Hopkins University and pursued graduate studies in Political Science and Public Administration at American University. In his State Government Assignment he was responsible for the State's Environmental Master Plan, which gives direction to the many diverse resources and programs of State Government, the State's Recreational Plan, federal environmental and resources legislation and policy analysis. As Director of Pennsylvania's Bureau of Water Quality Management, he led the Commonwealth's water pollution control and drinking water programs for over two decades and instituted many program innovations such as the State's groundwater and aquatic biology programs. The program grew in scope and size and Pennsylvania's municipalities and industries cleaned up well over 1,000 miles of streams, including Lake Erie, the Delaware Estuary and the Ohio River. In 1997 he received the Environmental Law Award of the Pennsylvania Bar Association. In 1998 the Pennsylvania Society of Professional Engineers named him Engineer of the Year. He is a Diplomate in the American Academy of Environmental Engineers. He serves on the Pennsylvania State Pesticide and Advisory Health Boards. He has been instrumental in forming three Regional Organizations to address governance, water resources and quality-of life-issues in the eight County Region of South-Central Pennsylvania. He has served on technical committees of the American Society of Civil Engineers, American Public Health Association, American Academy of Environmental Engineers and the National Academy of Sciences. He has worked on national and international engineering, environmental resources and water policy matters as a member of the International Joint Commission's Great Lakes Water Quality Board, Science Advisory Board, the Board of Visitors of the University of Pittsburgh, the U.S. Delegation to the International Conference on Water for Peace, and the U.S. Environmental Control Mission to the Netherlands and Eastern Europe. He led a group of American water experts on a scientific exchange to China and organized a second exchange in the field of environmental management. In 1992 he served as a Consultant in Urban Water Problems to the United States Information Service in Brazil and in Environmental Management to the United Kingdom’s Department of Trade and Industry and in 1995 participated in an International Conference on Privatization of Water Institutions at the Economic Council for Latin America in Santiago Chile. He has lectured at Universities in the United States, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Mexico, Japan and China and has been a consultant to a number of states, the Chicago Sanitary District, the Jamaica Water Commission, the International Joint Commission, the Puerto Rico Public Health Association, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and a number of other clients. Mr. Lyon has published over 80 professional and technical papers, and is now working on a book on Environmental Decision making.

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Troy Williams

TROY WILLIAMS produces RadioActive on KRCL radio 90.9 FM. He holds degrees in Film Studies and Anthropology from the University of Utah. Troy has just produced the documentary film, Natural Family Values. He blogs at www.queergnosis.com.

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Clinton Collard

Clint grew up in Huntington, Utah. Self -educated as opposed to well educated, he travels the country working in industrial construction, last seen building the world's largest hard drive in Quincy, Washington. A Journeyman Wireman, and member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers since 1982, he's been interested in computers and technology, buying his first Atari in the early 80's.

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K J Jackson Prince

I am a videographer and trade show specialist who also writes professionally for television and radio.

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Lance Christie

Richard Lance Christie received his undergraduate and postgraduate training in behavioral psychology at UCLA, where he did psychoacoustical research for the U.S. Air Force, and psychopharmacological research at the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute. He was Planner Director with the New Mexico Health and Environment Department for nine years, then administered a $14 million annual budget as state alcoholism program director. Lance was a founding member of the Natural Resources Defense Council, one of the incorporators of the Earth First! Foundation, and served for six years on the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance Board. Since 1985 Christie has done environmental and civic volunteer work from half to full time. He is a coauthor of Wilderness At the Edge, the Utah Wilderness Coalition's published BLM wilderness proposal, the basis for H.R. 1500 "America's Redrock Wilderness Act." In 1998, Lance co-founded the Association for the Tree of Life and is currently President, pursuing ecological preservation and restoration projects including the Colorado Plateau Ecosystem Heritage Plan Project. In addition to environmental activism, Lance has been active for many years in local and regional planning. He served 9 years on the Grand County Planning and Zoning Commission, on both the Grand County and Moab City Board of Adjustment, has directed several environmental and land use task forces for local and regional government in Southeast Utah, and is currently Grand County Regional Water Planning Administrator.

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Larry Bergan

I would classify myself as a single, working class hippie and common man with a desire to live my life out in a world that makes sense. The current one doesn't. I've lived in Utah all my life and have been an Optician for 30 years but managed to publish a computer program called "Cyber Print" for the Atari ST in 1988 just as things were winding down for that company. Whenever the Republicans are in power, my activist inclinations are involked. The Clinton impeachment jolted me out of my Clinton era complacency, but I didn't realize the Republicans had been working toward a one party system for decades until a few years later. You may have seen me in the streets with my "Support The Troops - Impeach Bush" sign. I've been carrying it since January 2003 and have covered many hundreds of miles and stood at intersections for many hundreds of hours as well. When I first started carrying it, Bush was "a very popular president." I wanted to make sure everybody knew there was at least one guy who was not a fan. I had to find out for myself what the people of Utah really thought. I have always enjoyed a great deal of support for my sign and am angry that my beloved birthplace is a laughing stock for it's support of the worst "president" in American history. Do we really have no respect for the other peoples of the world here, or is something else happening? My activism in voting integrity for Utah has convinced me there is no reason to trust that our votes have been counted accurately since the punch card system was implemented many years ago. Transparency is non-existent in 2007. Our top election officials have made sure of that. I wish it weren't true.

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Stuart Merrill

Recent Post: Shame on the Salt Lake Tribune!

Gloria Firmage

Born 1936 Provo, Utah Provo High School 1954 Graduated Brigham Young University 1960 Major, Sociology/psychology Post Graduate study (non degree seeking) Brigham Young University University of Utah Harvard University Married August 15, 1955 to Edwin B. Firmage 8 children, one deceased 1964 13 grandchildren, ages 3-25 Brigham Young University Alumni Board of Directors 1974-80 Young Mother of the Year for Utah 1977 Defeat of MX missile campaigns 1980-81 President Brigham Young University Alumni Association 1979-80

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Nikki Boyer

Born in Soda Springs, Idaho, Oct.5, 1942. Raised in Boise. Traveled all over the world as an Army brat. Moved to SLC in 1970. Degree from Texas Western in biochemistry. Started as an Out activist in 1964. Co-founded the Loyal Order of the Albatross with John Rechy (City of Night). Served on the Board of directors for the Stonewall Center as Chair. Chaired a Gay Pride and is currently Chair of the Stonewall Democrats of Utah. Best know as a bartender at the Sun Tavern. As an entrepreneur, founded Utah Business Magazine & Business Development center. Owned Video One. Was part or sole owner of The Sun, Reflections & Sisters, (all Gay Bars). Worked as a Realtor until retirement in 1999. Volunteered for The Utah Arts Festival for 13 years. Works as a Master Gardner volunteer at SLC community gardens (Gilgal, Tracy Aviary and Wheeler vegetable garden). Volunteered on political campaigns.

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Walker Wallace

Recent Post: De-Regulation and The Economic Meltdown

Joe Firmage

Recent Post: American Dream

Leo Brown

Recent Post: Framing disagreement as intolerance

Paul Mero

President, Sutherland Institute

Recent Post: Will the HUGE HAMMER Fall on Urquhart?

David Miller

I am a Utah native who has lived outside the state at 4 different times of my life (twice as a child and twice as an adult). I am a software engineer, political enthusiast, the author of Pursuit of Liberty, and editor of the Utah section of BlogNetNews which aggregates OneUtah along with every other established, politically-oriented Utah blog I can identify.

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Dwight Sheldon Adams

I was born in 1984, the youngest of a family of 10. For most of my youth I was rather quiet--just an observer of my older brothers and the relatively poor neighborhood in which I grew up. I saw my parents struggle to feed and care for our family, and I experienced first-hand the charity of my community and my church. Despite these experiences, I saw that there were problems in my community, a community which many I knew considered somehow to by idyllic. So many of my schoolmates and friends had grown up on the East bench, on "the hill," and seemed utterly incapable of understanding that the people in the valley below weren't merely objects for charity; they were people, too, and the only reason they needed the charity was because they were struggling, like my Mom and Dad struggled. Finally, when I was in my mid-teens, I began to speak out. Because I was unable to contain myself in situations where the voiceless were being belittled and accused, I discovered what I consider to be a calling and a passion: defend those who can't do so for themselves and bring perspective first, ridicule if necessary, to those who stubbornly refuse to see the world beyond their own biases. Various experiences with my own attempts at charity have taught me that it wasn't the giving that makes people strong or virtuous, but the sorrow felt for the pain of others. We may smile when we hand a child a toy, but do we weep in secret afterward? The measure of charity is so much more than merely handing over a thing or a service. It requires a sacrifice of self; that we leave behind a part of who and what we are. I believe fully in the power of spirit, the power of a higher plane of existence which we can access in this life to fill the holes in the hearts of others, if nothing else than with pure intention. My primary political and social goal is to be a benefit to my fellow man. I want to offer a bit of my emotion and spirit to every reader and respondent who is respectful and receptive, and accept theirs in return. I wish to correct those who are incorrect, and be corrected, myself. Finally, I desire to find a way to unify the option of charity, the need for welfare, and the roles and prerogatives of government. Everyone has something good to share. I want to share what I have to offer. I hope everyone can have a similar desire, that we can build together a better view of the world and of truth, and that we may possibly change our community and the world in the process.

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Diana Kennedy

I am an Educational Therapist in California with an abiding interest in politics and civil discourse.

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Blurtso is a good-natured, somewhat philosophical donkey with a weakness for pumpkin pie.

Recent Post: “Blurtso checks the want ads”

Melodia Gutierrez

I am a compassionately dedicated human rights activist and complicated recluse. My monetary endeavors include assisting a local attorney/politician. I educate myself at the University of Utah so I can maintain a relative understanding of society. I work through non-for-profits and grass-roots organizations to promote social justice through hard work and creative avenues. Please contact me to become involved. http://www.united4socialjustice.org

Recent Post: Immigration: The Vulnerable and the Powerful

Jamie Pleune

I am a sixth-generation Utahn who believes that we have a moral obligation to leave our children a stable climate. This fall I embarked on a "Pilgrimage for Hope." I walked 350 miles through Utah. This journey symbolized the effectiveness of taking small steps toward ambitious goals. Now I want to apply that lesson to civic engagement by taking and facilitating small steps toward addressing communal issues like clean air, food security, and climate change.

Recent Post: Standing Up for a Livable Future

Ken Bingham

I am the conservative contributor to this otherwise totally leftwing site but someone has to bring some reason into the debate.

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Chris Stout

Recent Post: Mike Lee and The Tea Party Collective

Martin Bammes

"Discipline is the careful and strategic art of being able to do exactly what you don't want to do all the time." Martin Bammes

Recent Post: When do you stand up for yourself?

Nathan Erkkila

I have studied both aviation and computers for over 8 years. I work as a computer technician and I am always concerned about the political nature of both fields.

Recent Post: And this is the day that neoconservatism dies

Joe Andrade

Scientist/engineer/teacher at University of Utah since 1969, now semi-retired. Independent candidate for US Congress in the newly gerrymandered Utah Second District. Campaign site is: www.2andrade.org Bio and other background at: www.joeandrade.org