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What the H*ll? & Local Results

Watching KBYU election night coverage. They said 18% of liberals in Utah voted for Hatch. What in God’s name are those people drinking? How can anyone claiming to be a liberal vote for Orrin Hatch? BTW, they’re predicting Hatch to win with 2/3 or the vote.

They are saying Christensen is losing in UT-2 – predicting Matheson to get 59% of the vote.

Saying, however, that Cannon is going back to congress with 59% of the vote.

Prop 3 getting almost 70% of the vote.


Buh Bye Chris Cannon?

I’m really conflicted on this race. I badly want Christian Burridge to win. On the other hand, I hate to see Chris Cannon get off “scott free” for his particpation in advancing the distructive policies of this congress and the Bush administration (not to mention his own unethical conduct). In a very dark way, I look forward to holding Cannon fully accountable. If he loses, he’ll probably just slither away.

Both men claim to represent Utah values. We’ll soon find out what kind of values the people of Utah’s 3rd congressional district hold.

God bless Utah and God bless God.


Cannon Insults Smart People

From Utah Democrats

Last night at the BYU 3rd Congressional District debate, Republican Rep. Chris Cannon made claims that the President of the United States is hiding a learning disability.

So, either Rep. Chris Cannon is under the impression that a learning disability is something that should be hidden and ashamed of, or, he just joined the stampede of Republicans cut-and-running away from the president.

Newsflash to Mr. Cannon: Learning disabilities ARE NOT punchlines. Victims are not to blame for crimes, and when you run on a fictional ethics platform, you shouldn’t write letters trying to get your lobbyist buddies out of jail.

I know a few people with dislexia. Some are famous. All are highly intelligent. Bush is not dyslexic, and Cannon knows it. He’s just hoping we will assign Bish’s intellectual short-comings to a learning disability and overlook the obvious.

Bush can read just fine. All you have to do is watch him read his speeches. I repeat; Bush is not dyslexic. Cannon is a liar.

Please go out and vote for Christian Burridge. I’m begging.


Easy Money & Free Root Beer

This could be the easiest $10 you ever made. Give a quick listen here.Chris Cannon

Tom Grover and KVNU are giving away $10 A&W gift certificate to anyone who can identify an elected official or advocacy group in Utah that endorses incumbent Congressman Chris Cannon UT-3. The contest runs through tonight. Here’s the audio ad.

KVNU 610am “Live and Local Radio from Logan Utah” has a really great nightly political talk show hosted by Tom Grover. Last night’s show picked up on the giagantic elephant running around Utah 3rd congressional district as I mentioned here, no one will endorse Chris Cannon in his race against Christian Burridge.

Now its important to point out that Tom Grover is no liberal. Frankly, I’m not sure what he is, but he certainly calls’em like he sees’em which you gotta love especially in Utah.

Last nights show was pretty funny. I’ve edited down the shows audio to just the segments where they talk about the contest. Listen wma (dial-up). Here’s the MP3 (but it’s not streaming very well for me).

As Tom says, “this should be a given,” I agree.

Thanks Tom!


Huntsman Hatch Refuse to Endorse Chris Cannon

Utah Governor Jon HuntsmanGovernor Huntsman refuses to endorse Chris Cannon. So have Utah Senators Hatch, Bennett and virtually ALL other high-ranking republicans in Utah.

Maybe it’s because of Cannon’s endearing pleas of leniency for his former Chief of Staff David Safavian or Cannon’s repeated bigoted comments, or maybe it’s because of Cannon’s own ethics problems that no one will endorse him.Chris Cannon, UT-R Disapoints Jim Matheson, UT-D

According to Cannon’s own website the only humans endorsing Cannon are George W. Bush, his dutiful wife Laura, and Rep Sensenbrenner. Not even Barney will endorse Cannon.

By any measure, Utah’s 3rd congressional district was considered one of the safest republican seats in the entire country. Not anymore.

Christian Burridge - Utah Mormon Democrat - Congressional candidateIn an historical about face, The Salt Lake Tribune, Utah’s major daily newspaper serving the reddest congressional district in the reddest state in the nation has endorsed Cannon’s democratic opponent, Christian Burridge.

In fact I cannot find one — NOT ONE — Utah-based organization that has endorsed Cannon. He complied when asked to remove “a reference to the “Utah Minutemen” from his re-election campaign Web site after the head of the anti-illegal immigration group complained it was an implied endorsement.” (read article…)

In the most recent and last debate, and Cannon flailed badly for all the world to see. His answers were incoherent. He lied repeatedly. He even repeated his lies about his support of Iraq war veterans despite having possibly the worse ratings from Veterans groups one can have.

As an optimistic progressive deeply involved in Utah politics, not even I thought a democrat stood a chance in that seat. But then came this lovable and brilliant Mormon out of nowhere and into the heart and minds of Utahns — liberal, conservative, and pious Mormon.

Christian Burridge is the kind of breath of fresh air that can only surface in the space of sacrificial lamb. He’ll never admit he entered the race knowing he had no chance of winning because he’s not stupid. But thanks to national re-examination of party loyalty, and the particularly sober-minded demographics in Utah County, anything could happen. We anxiously await the results of a new poll out tomorrow.

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What I Learned This Election Season

Rep. Jim Matheson: In favor of real-life arbitrary arrest and torture of Americans but against fictional computer games like Grand Theft Auto.

LaVar Christensen: If the Democrats regain control of Congress they will surrender to terrorists, cause rising gas prices and falling moral standards, and even bring back the “hated death tax.” (We’ll be lucky to survive).

Singer-songwriter Orrin Hatch: Has “clout” in the U.S. Senate (seniority entitles him to wield a bigger rubber stamp).

Pete Ashdown: Wiki-enabled, Google-mapped hero of the blogosphere. Also a “Father/Utahn/Small Businessman/American.” (But doesn’t like net neutrality).

Rep. Chris Cannon: President Bill Clinton lied and deserved to be impeached. David Safavian was found guilty of lying and obstructing justice and should get off.

Christian Burridge: Our tallest candidate this year (6 feet 5 inches). He ought to run against Bob Bennett. Looks good on YouTube.

Steve Olsen: Most Utahns are Democrats but just don’t know it yet (even a Reagan Republican can be a Democrat here).

Rep. Rob Bishop: Republicans are right 97 percent of the time (or 3 percent, if you ask a Democrat).

The Sierra Club: Sure, Prop. 3 may be a bait and switch on mass transit versus highways, but we can “stare down the legislature” when it comes to priorities.

Lt. Gov. Gary Herbert: Diebold electronic voting machines are secure and accurate, and you can vote by talking into your index finger. (Nice pajamas!)

America needs Utah: Because without us, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana would be the only states still supporting Bush.

UPDATE: Please read the comment section for Pete Ashdown’s position on net neutrality.


Burridge Cannon KSL Debate

Christian Burridge gave Chris Cannon an ass whoopin’ on KSL, Tuesday I think.
Part IPart IIPart II

This is the one where Cannon says no one in Utah is on minimum wage and if they are they need to go back to school and get a better job. You can watch just that section.

I just wanted to scream when I heard that. Chris Cannon is the most uninformed, out of touch, pompous rich asshole jerk I think I have ever seen.

Christian Burridge is Nephi resurrected!

Burridge handed Cannon his ass on KUED last night too. I’ll post it as soon as it comes up.


Tribune Endorses Christian Burridge

Article here. Video here.

Rep. Chris Cannon has served five terms in Congress with little to show for it. It’s time for a change.
His opponent in the 3rd Congressional District, Democrat Christian Burridge, is an articulate young attorney who practices consumer law. A former college debate champion, he has both a passion for advocacy and a solid grasp of major issues that face the nation.

Now it’s just a matter of the “right stuff.” Do Utahns in the 3rd District have the right stuff to put away their entrenched, primal, tribal, partisan prejudices, and ask Christian Burridge to lead us into a brave new world?Christian Burridge

If there is any doubt in your mind that we must send Christian Burridge to Washington in place of Chris Cannon, just watch the debate tonight on KUED.
Please Utah, send Christian Burridge to Congress.

More here


Cannon – “Nobody in Utah is on Minimum Wage?”

Yep, you heard it here first. Its hard appreciate how mean and hateful Chris Cannon really is, but the more you listen to him, the more it sinks in.

I really want to be nice and talk about how great Burridge is, but then I am overwhelmed with anger toward this Cannon guy. I don’t just want him out of Congress, I want him to pay for his screwing Utah.

For those of you who missed it, Chris Cannon wrote a letter in support of that crook Safavian.


Chris Cannon Meltdown on the “A” Word

Whew! Everything was going smoothly during a telephone debate last Friday hosted by the Provo-based Daily Herald until congressional candidate Christian Burridge mentioned Jack Abramoff and Cannon’s ethics problems.

Listen (.mp3)Listen (.wma)

As if almost on cue, the mention of Abramoff caused Cannon to have a mini-meltdown. Cannon is well versed in the republican PR tactic of attacking the messenger, so it came as little surprise when he interupted Burridige accusing him of a personal attack.David Safavian

Cannon’s worse nightmare is that the good people of Utah will find out that Jack Abramoff’s partner David Safavian was Cannon’s Chief of Staff.

I highly recommend watching the recent TV channel 2 debate hosted by Rod Decker. Christian is a breath of fresh air next to Cannon. Chris Cannon represents the classic entrenched politician whose been there way too long.
Part I Part II Part III

A New Hope for a Better Utah (30 secs)

You gotta LOVE Christian Burridge. (8 mins) It’s a little cheeky in a Utah kind of way.


Christian Burridge; The Light at The End of The Tunnel

Christian Burridge

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My Bad

Thank you everyone who corrected my assumption that Cannon’s “gaydar” statement would doom his candidacy. I have since become convinced that based on informal consensus, apparently, bigot-confirming-statements only serve to solidify the perception of Cannon’s worthiness to serve his constituents.

And thanks also to Tim H. for this gem as follows
And don’t miss this winner from Voice of Utah

And this beauty from my good friend Ken,

The truth is if Foley was a Democrat you would all be circling the wagons around him and accusing Republicans of gay bashing. In fact after reading this article you are accusing Republicans of gay bashing anyway. “gaydar” is not Chris Cannon’s word, I have heard gays use the word themselves.

(btw: I hope more of us will take a cue from Ken, and use our real names)

And Derek’s response to Ken (in part),

If the indignation appears selective, it is because the Republicans swept into office wrapping themselves in the robes of morality and Christianity. They cast endless aspersions on liberals as the party of immorality, licentiousness, and sleeze. In the ’90s, They became hysterical in their crusade against Clinton for his sins.

And a gentle reminder from me; we knew Clinton was a scumbag when we elected him. Remember Jennifer Flowers and the other one (someone help me here)? That’s right. We knew Clinton was a womanizer before we elected him. We also knew Bush was a drunk and a cokehead too, and we elected him.

Is it not the beauty of our system that we can “select” flawed men to serve us? Such human weaknesses whether fleeting or ongoing engender the greatest of all virtues, forgiveness.

Bigotry however is inexcusable. Bigotry is not a weakness in the face of temptation; it is conscious, purposeful, cruel, and immoral. A vote for Cannon, is a vote for bigotry and hate; the most UNFORGIVABLE sin.


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