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Rocky is laying out the case for impeaching George Bush. He reminded us that Bill O’reilly recently argued with Rocky that impeachment requires a criminal act, which of course is not true.

During the interview, in response, Bill O’Rielly said, ” I think I know more than you do about American history and the Constitution.”Dick Wadhams Colorado Republican Party Chair

Colorado Republican Party chair Dick Wadhams says Rocky’s “not the only one taking such extreme positions.” Then he said the majority democratic Colorado State House is talking about an impeachment resolution. How is it an extreme position if the majority party is saying the same thing.

I just called Dick at 303/758-3333. He picked up the phone, and as I began to ask him how he reconciled the statement above, he said he wasn’t Dick, and passed me to his voice mail.

Call him yourself and ask him. He’s there now.

Public sentiment for impeaching George Bush is far from an extreme position. Senator Hagel has mentioned it several times. Here are some recent national polls on impeachment.


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