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State of the State

Did anyone else notice that Gov H’s speech on education and health last night could have been taken from the Democratic party candidate’s playbook?

It was interesting to hear him speak of reduced classroom sizes and retaining quality teachers through improved wages. It was interesting to hear him say that basic health care should not be a luxury. There were so many other things that he said that were important to us as candidates last year.

I support most of what Governor Huntsman said in his speech. I will be very pleased if his education goals are met, and if we can figure out a way to solve our health care crisis in Utah. With the huge amount of money they have to work with, I hope that our legislature takes this opportunity to do what is right for Utah’s school children and families.

It will be particularly interesting to see how the Republican legislature decides to support the Governor’s goals. It’s hard to believe they will be on board with him, based on all the things I heard our republican friends say on these very issues over the last several months.

Granted, campaign season is a crazy time. But on more than one ocassion, I heard things from them like “education is FINE! Classroom sizes are FINE! Teachers in Utah can live with their lower pay rates because they enjoy living in Utah so much” — and now, the most popular Republican in Utah is contradicting everything they just said?

It seems that during campaign season, the R’s can say anything they want to, particularly in bright red southern Utah. After all, they have to make sure to point out that there are major differences between the candidates. Even St. George Rep Steve Urquart admits that there is a difference between campaigning and reality.

I am very curious to see where they will go. Will they keep their campaign promise that Education is not something you can just “throw money at” and that the whole system is “doing fine” and doesn’t need any more than they already get? I have a funny feeling that they’re going to do the right thing, and while I’m pleased that they will probably take the opportunity to do what’s right for Utah families, it bothers me that during campaign season they seemed to contradict themselves so much.

On a side note… I loved that the Democrats reframed everything that the Governor said. I love how they reminded everyone that these goals and ideals have *always* been Democratic goals and ideals. We’ve *never* flip flopped on the issues of quality education and affordable health care. It seems that our republican friends like to go with whatever seems politically expedient at the time.


Emily is Right for Southern Utah

For those of you in St George, Millard, Beaver, Iron, Garfield, Kane still trying to decide, here is a good visual and aural contrast of your choices for State Senate district 28.

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Vote Red? But BYU is BLUE!

Today the big red republican bus blew into town (Iron County).

Larry Daniel and I decided to give them a warm and hearty Iron County Democrats welcome:

Em’s Mormon Assault Vehicle (and some republicans felt assaulted!!)
Attorney General Mark Shurtleff got a kick out of the Equality Utah reference.

THEIR message? Vote Red. Vote Republican. America Needs Utah.

Stops included the Iron County Courthouse (where they had breakfast on the lawn), the Enoch city offices, State Bank of Southern Utah, Southern Utah Univerity, and the Iron County School District Building.

I will be writing several posts about this experience over the next few days, but here are the highlights:

1. Mark Shurtleff greeting us with a big smile at the Iron County Courthouse, when he saw us drive by in the “DANIEL FOR UTAH” mobile.

2. The guy who old us we weren’t allowed to organize a rally on Main Street and accused us of leveling cheap shots at the republicans (example of cheap shot: True Blue Dems love Gov H)

3. The signs we posted all over the place, just to make sure they knew we were there.

4. The College Republicans Rally at SUU and the gal who couldn’t get LaVar to answer her question.

Imagine the big red blus blowing into town and seeing the sign on the left:

“Red? But BYU is Blue!”

Larry and I were just out having some good clean fun. Stay tuned for more.


Death by a Thousand Cuts

Death by a thousand cuts. That’s how they kill elephants in Africa. Before guns were invented, and still today for tribes that have none, you just keep stabbing that elephant until it falls over.

I can’t think of another way to describe what Emily Hollingshead (Senate District 28) and Larry Daniel (House District 72) are doing in southern Utah. In places and seats where republicans were considered safe for decades, these two LDS Democrats have the elephant staggering.gudolboys.jpg

Hmmm. I wonder what the first website of a fourteen-year incumbent looks like? GO BUD! Love the pink.

And I’ve written about “Stuffy” before (here). Hey look; it’s not like these guys are bad people, but if politics as usual had a face…emily-larry.jpg

Or we can send these two. Check out Larry’s statement for a breath of fresh air.

So, read on. But first, I have a colossally wonderful idea. Give $5 bucks to these Elephant Killers.

It won’t hurt a bit. But it will be five more slashes on that elephant. Utah Republicans are pretty smug down there. They think their elephant dung doesn’t stink. But they are trampling on the rights of Americans and with a few bucks from a lot of us we can take down an elephant in it’s own back yard. Just when they thought it was safe to go out in Utah….

Thanks to these two, the state Republican Party is having to spend huge money in places they thought were safe. This is turning out to be a “death by a thousand cuts” insurgency, in Southern Utah.

In a sign of desperation party loyalist Bud Bowman and several others actually voted WITH the Democrats in favor of the education set aside and AGAINST the tax during the special session on Tuesday. Several republican legislators explained Bowman’s vote as “running scared” (I paraphrase) Can you say, “Cut and Run” from the Republicans?

One lobbyist told me Bud is frantically calling around looking for money.

It gets better. Emily’s opponent, Dennis Stowell was paraded around on Tuesday like a show pony by Utah senate republicans. Republicans on The Hill actually tried to attach a property tax reform plan to Stowell. Problem is, the idea has been around the Hill for 15 years. Maybe that’s why Utah republicans are going around the state saying, “You don’t vote for the person, you vote for the party.”

Big Red Whistle Stop Tour Yep, the Pubs are doing a “Big Red Bus Whistle Stop Tour” in Iron and Washington Counties next Tuesday with Huntsman and Shurtleff (who will be holding their collective noses as they have NOTHING in common with Utah Republicans), Herbert, and The Man LaVar Christensen, along with every southern Utah legislator and every other

The theme is “Vote Red, Vote Republican and America Needs Utah.”

As Larry likes to say, “Real Americans are TRUE BLUE. Better Dead that RED.”



Please give Emily some money for yard signs.  I just gave $50, Ed just gave $50. You can too.  Emily is working her fanny off and she CAN WIN! (and yard signs work!)  Thanks Cliff

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Drop A Dime on a Republican

Update: Emily’s opponent has bought her name on Google too! Click AWAY! Emily Hollingshead

A little known (in his own state) Utah State Senate republican candidate in the first real political race of his life, has taken the well know (as infantile) tact of registering his opponents name, Emily Hollingshead, in the pay-per-click services of several popular search engines. In this case, he’s paying ten cents each time you click his site link after searching for “Emily Hollingshead” On or MSN.

IF you click here or here you’ll notice his campaign site comes up first…rather obvious, rather pitiful, and rather representative of what we should expect from him as a political leader. Dennis Stowell, “Stuffy” to his friends, has been a County Commissioner in Iron County for the last 10 years, but now hopes to take over the District Senate 28 seat being vacated by Tom Hatch of Panguitch.

Turns out, for “Stuffy”, shenanigans are nothing new. A small firestorm erupted in the Republican Party locally over the way Sen. Tom Hatch filed to run for re-election and then timed his withdrew with Commissioner Dennis Stowell’s filing. KCPW story here.Dennis

Some Republican Party officers saw it as a conspiracy to prevent other prospective republicans from throwing their hats in the ring. But what Hatch and Stowell is not illegal or unusual, just really disengenuous. Some outspoken the Republicans see it a dishonest procedure that prevented good the good republican voters of district 28 from having a voice.

Hatch was a once popular Senator who lost his bid for lieutenant governor in 2004. When Dennis was asked why he did what he did, Stuffy replied, “Tom wanted someone to represent his district who shared the same values as him [sic].” Apparently Tom Hatch’s preference for his replacement is more important than the peoples’.

It won’t take long for Stuffy to figure out why more experienced politicos don’t bother with the search engine game when he discovers his credit card has been charged several hundred dollars on his next statement thanks to me and other friends of Emily.

Let us click away in childish delight on Stuffy Stowell’s paid listing here or here as a symbolic gesture of dissent every time we see or hear evidence as we watch the nightly news, of the latest republican ploy designed to distract us from the real issues facing our this country.

Where else can one find a physical outlet for our total frustration with the imbalance in policy debate that results from our republican heavy state legislature? Hey, and even if you don’t know “Stuffy” and you don’t live in Senate district 28 (Beaver, Garfield, Iron, Kane, Millard, and Eastern Washington Counties) you can still stick it to Chris Buttars, for being a homophobic creep and taking it out on school kids, or John Valentine for punishing Governor Huntsman on the backs of disadvantaged Utah children who can’t afford dental care, by sending one fewer republican back to the Senate in the fall by doing your part however small, to help raise awareness.

We have a unique opportunity to send Emily Hollingshead up to The Hill so desperately in need of a fresh young face with the sensibilities of a good Utah-raised LDS WOMAN.

TIP: After clicking here or here, as you click on “Stuffy’s” paid-per-click (.10 cents) on the seach term Emily Hollingshead, hold down your CNTRL key, so his site opens in a new window. Its much less work.

Update: KVNU For The People did a program about this story.


It’s All About Family Values

Utah likes to talk a lot about “Family Values” – Utah’s strong commitment to family and children is a major reason that we returned to Utah and why we live in Cedar City, because it is a great place to raise kids. 

The Hollingshead Family, 2006

In all things that affect Utah’s families, we should be setting the standard for the rest of the nation to follow. We should always do everything we can to help Utah families to be successful.

First of all, I believe we can fully fund education and give teachers what they need to be successful. I also believe we can do it without undue tax burdens. We can give our schools the resources they require without raising taxes. It’s just a matter of choices & priorities coupled with dedication to get it done. If elected to the Utah Senate, I pledge to make public schools the the very best choice for our children, and I promise to do it without undue tax burdens. As a state that values its children, we should be at the top of the list, not at the bottom. Investing in our children is a FAMILY VALUE.

I believe that every person in the state of Utah should have access to basic quality health services at a cost they can afford. A growing number of children in Utah do not get the health care they need because their families do not have insurance. As a state that values its children, we can and we should do better. Affordable health care is not a luxury. Making sure that kids and families get the health services they need is a FAMILY VALUE.

I believe that Utah families deserve a break! The average Utah family will spend $528 on school supplies this year. This is in addition to the many other fees associated with sending a child back to school. To help ease this burden, I support a tax cut like the back-to-school sales tax holiday. A ‘Back-to-School’ sales tax holiday puts real money back into the pockets of Utah families who already contribute so much to Utah’s growing economy.

I support removing the remaining portion of the state sales tax on food. If the sales tax on food were removed, food products would be less expensive and easier to purchase. This means parents would have an easier time feeding their kids. It means that people on a fixed or limited income would be able to stretch their dollars further at the grocery store. In short, it would mean that fewer people in the state of Utah would go without enough to eat-and that is a cause we can all rally behind.

Helping Utah families by providing them with common sense tax breaks – now that’s a FAMILY VALUE!

The families who live in Senate District 28 have a community spirit that is second to none. Our area is brimming with good families who believe in a vision for Utah, and people like you who believe they can make, and are making, a difference.

I believe in UTAH FAMILIES. I will work hard to represent the values and issues that are most important to you, and I will always fight for YOUR family. I do not subscribe to “Petty Partisan Politics” nor do I believe that decisions affecting Southern Utah and our rural communities should be dictated by Wasatch Front politicians. As your Senator, I will listen to your ideas and fight hard to make sure that your voice is heard. I am inspired by what you do, I am energized by what you have to say, and am looking forward to what we can do together for Utah.


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Iron County Tax Increase – Water Board

If you live in Iron County and haven’t heard about the recent 1300% water district / property tax hike and the surrounding uproar, you are probably living under a rock, and not in Iron County.

It goes something like this: Last year, the water conservancy district charged a .000094 tax rate. So on a $200,000 property with a 45-percent exclusion, taxpayers paid $10.34 to the district.

After Senate Bill 111 passed in March, the water district can charge a rate of .001. So on the same $200,000 property, homeowners will pay $110. By the way, retiring Sen. Tom Hatch sponsored the bill and it passed 26 /3 – the 3 representatives not present on voting day include Southern Utah Sens. Hatch and Hickman. (I thought that was an interesting sidebar, just a little food for thought.)

So regarding this 1300% tax increase – the community is outraged, as well it should be. Many Iron County residents say this is called “taxation without representation” and many are wondering why a water board, appointed by our county commissioners, has the authority to tax residents in the first place?

An Interesting Twist

In the midst of all the hullabaloo, my Republican opponent, Dennis Stowell, has told people that if elected to the Utah Senate, he will reign in the water board, and make certain that citizens don’t get these crazy tax hikes.

I think that’s a great campaign promise. People will probably listen to him and they will probably like that. Gosh, I would like to say the same thing… so I’ll say it now “if elected to the Utah Senate, I promise to reign in the water board and make sure that you, Joe Taxpayer, don’t have to be subjected to crazy tax hikes.”

However, as great of a campaign promise that it is, I am still wondering where Dennis Stowell was when the tax hike came down in the first place?

From my research, the Central Iron County Water Conservancy District has been talking about a huge tax levy since its budget hearing in December 2005. Where was the commissioners’ outrage then? You would think that at least a County Commissioner should have known what was coming down the pike. And as outraged as he said he is, he should have been yelling his head off about it. Instead, he gives the impression that he was just as shocked as everyone else… even IF it was his buddy Tom Hatch who wrote the bill that allowed for the tax increase in the first place. He really didn’t know this was going to happen? I have a hard time believing that.

I’m not a water expert and I don’t have all of the information YET about how this all works. However, it seems to me an idle campaign promise to say that you can’t “reign in the water district” until you’re the senator…why don’t you have this power already when you are a part of the commission that appoints the members to the board? And so, while it is frustrating that the Central Iron County Water Conservancy District can impose taxes on Iron County residents without our input, it is even more difficult to understand why the County Commissioners didn’t do something about it when it first hit the fan.

There will be a lot of opinions on this subject in the coming weeks and I promise I will be watching this issue like a hawk. I also would like to hear someone’s opinion on why the County Commissioners AND the Water District didn’t think it was necessary to do a better job in preparing us for this huge blow.


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