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Stephen Colbert Does a Harry Taylor

At tonight’s White House Press Corp dinner Steven Cobert, in the giuse of his talk show charachter, pulled out all the stops. (Qicktime version – big)

But not before Bush pulls a funny himself. Except it was uncomforatbly not so funny. also linked to the full C-Span broadcast in its entirey. It appears to have been taken down. Hmmm

Apparently, Harry Taylor was just the beginning.

Go thank Steven at That took pretty big…

11 Comments Hits Rolling Stone Magazine!

For those of you who missed it, my friend Greg Felice put in the wee hours of the morning the following day. It went national within minutes thanks to DailyKos.

Incidentally, Markos was in Salt Lake tonight, and is every bit the gentle wise mensch I though he would be.

When crashed because of all the traffic, we re-directed the traffic here for the several hours it took to rebuild the site in WordPress.
The comments are surpisingly emotional and passionate, and I recommend reading them whenever you need to feel connected to other Americans – the kind that represent the compassion Bush claimed to have.

Here is my original post from that morning.

Harry Taylor finally reached Greg last week, and thanked him for putting up the site. We are currently trying to decide what to do next, and how to thank all the people who left such great heartfelt reponses.

We appreciate any repsonses/ideas. In the meantime, do go there and read some of the 17 thousand responses. They are really quite compelling.

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Please Post Harry Taylor Thank Yous at – All comments will be complied into a leather bound volume and delivered to Harry Taylor, and American hero.htaylor.jpg

The comments the people are leaving are understandably emotional and heartfelt. I encourage you to read a few.

Dear Mr. Taylor,

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for saying to Mr. Bush exactly what I would say if given the chance.

The tragedy of watching our democracy slip away, of watching my nation– once a beacon of light and freedom to the world– metastasize into the world’s nightmare of tyranny, greed, and thoughtlessness, has brought me more grief than I can express. The feeling of helpless voicelessness only makes it worse.

Your words relieved some of that and brought a little balm to my heart. Bless you, dear sir.

The original site had over 9000 comments when it crashed. We are hopeful we will recover those comments. The total number of comments so far exceeds 15,000.

Please encourage your friends to thank Harry Taylor at

THANK YOU Harry Taylor !


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