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We’re Begging Now, Begging President Obama To Keep One Promise (which backed Obama on health care “reform” even after he betrayed progressives) is begging the President to refrain from what might be the final insult (emphasis added):

We voted for you because for the first time in our lifetime a politician was actually laying out a plan that reinforced the values that we’ve come to believe in as American.

I wanna say, “Thank you for all the hard work that you do”,

but We The People want you back and need you back.

What’s happened to that bold progressive man we elected president in 2008?

The guy who stands for all the people and is not gonna let himself get pushed around?

Mr President, please do not compromise with the Republicans about extending the Bush tax cuts.

David Dayen:

Make no mistake, letting the tax cuts on the wealthy expire was the biggest applause line of the campaign. Not just the 2008 campaign, but going all the way back to the 2006 campaign. It was the animating principle of the Democratic Party, the position most commonly attributed to them, at least in domestic policy. If you knew nothing else about Democrats, you knew from their speeches that they wanted to let the Bush tax cuts expire and put the money to better use. That’s why base Democrats are so angry about this.

Jane Hamsher of FDL appeared on Lawrence O’Donnell’s MSNBC show last night to denounce “cheap political theatrics” over the Bush tax cuts, and the extension of unemployment benefits: “For the love of God, show some leadership. Do something about this.” Time is running out.

All President Obama and the Congress has to do on tax cuts for the rich is nothing. Let them expire on schedule, as planned by the Bush administration. We can’t afford them. If next year the Republican-controlled House of Representatives passes another round of tax cuts, and it gets through the Senate with the help of right-wing Democrats, veto the bill.

A majority of Americans are with the Democrats on this. But are the Democrats with us?

UPDATE: Democrats poised to cave on tax cuts
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