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Ann Coulter Getting Tired

Ann CoulterNBC and MSNBC are flogging the Ann Coulter thing to the max, and it’s getting more absurd. Why do these networks keep providing a platform for hate speech? This morning on Joe Scarborough’s show Coulter proclaimed that she’s getting tired of being called a Nazi every time she comes out with a new book. Well, nobody is calling her a Nazi but it’s a telling remark (Bob Cesca did notice a disturbing similarity to Saruman the traitorous white wizard). And anyway, it’s not a new book, just a paperback edition of last year’s book. Besides, we are all more tired of Ann Coulter than she is of us.

The latest Coulter flap actually started last Monday on ABC’s Good Morning America. Referring to her remarks at CPAC last March, where she embraced Willard (Mitt) Romney and called John Edwards a “faggot,” she said that she “wouldn’t insult gays by comparing them to John Edwards.” Then, claiming that Bill Maher had gotten away with wishing Vice President Dick Cheney had been killed in Afghanistan (which is not true, as the transcript of Maher’s show reveals), she said:

“So I’ve learned my lesson. If I’m going to say anything about John Edwards in the future, I’ll just wish he has been killed in a terrorist assassination plot.”

Then, on Tuesday, Chris Matthews had Coulter on “Hardball” for a full hour of lying. When Elizabeth Edwards phoned in to politely ask Coulter to stop her personal attacks (a staged confrontation arranged by Matthews), Coulter falsely asserted that John Edwards “charge[d] a poverty group $50,000 for a speech.”

Today, NBC’s David Gregory defended Coulter while interviewing Elizabeth Edwards:

“If you strip away some of the inflammatory rhetoric against your husband and other Democrats, the point she’s trying to make about your husband, Senator Edwards, running for the White House is in effect that he’s disingenuous…”

No, the hate speech is the issue. Coulter has nothing substantive to say, which is why she makes these baseless personal attacks. The network talking heads should be ashamed of themselves, but they have no shame.


Imagine For a Moment, a Republican Version of This Ad

Imagine the kind of people that would do a pro-veto version of this ad: afraid, angry, selfish, probably a little bigoted, pasty white, greasy, intellectually absent, rural, obedient, religious, scared, sexist, unfriendly, a little redneck…

disclaimer: This is not meant to generalize, categorize, or impune anyone or class of people. It is just a exercise in early morning stream of consciousness.


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