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Vote Red? But BYU is BLUE!

Today the big red republican bus blew into town (Iron County).

Larry Daniel and I decided to give them a warm and hearty Iron County Democrats welcome:

Em’s Mormon Assault Vehicle (and some republicans felt assaulted!!)
Attorney General Mark Shurtleff got a kick out of the Equality Utah reference.

THEIR message? Vote Red. Vote Republican. America Needs Utah.

Stops included the Iron County Courthouse (where they had breakfast on the lawn), the Enoch city offices, State Bank of Southern Utah, Southern Utah Univerity, and the Iron County School District Building.

I will be writing several posts about this experience over the next few days, but here are the highlights:

1. Mark Shurtleff greeting us with a big smile at the Iron County Courthouse, when he saw us drive by in the “DANIEL FOR UTAH” mobile.

2. The guy who old us we weren’t allowed to organize a rally on Main Street and accused us of leveling cheap shots at the republicans (example of cheap shot: True Blue Dems love Gov H)

3. The signs we posted all over the place, just to make sure they knew we were there.

4. The College Republicans Rally at SUU and the gal who couldn’t get LaVar to answer her question.

Imagine the big red blus blowing into town and seeing the sign on the left:

“Red? But BYU is Blue!”

Larry and I were just out having some good clean fun. Stay tuned for more.


Death by a Thousand Cuts

Death by a thousand cuts. That’s how they kill elephants in Africa. Before guns were invented, and still today for tribes that have none, you just keep stabbing that elephant until it falls over.

I can’t think of another way to describe what Emily Hollingshead (Senate District 28) and Larry Daniel (House District 72) are doing in southern Utah. In places and seats where republicans were considered safe for decades, these two LDS Democrats have the elephant staggering.gudolboys.jpg

Hmmm. I wonder what the first website of a fourteen-year incumbent looks like? GO BUD! Love the pink.

And I’ve written about “Stuffy” before (here). Hey look; it’s not like these guys are bad people, but if politics as usual had a face…emily-larry.jpg

Or we can send these two. Check out Larry’s statement for a breath of fresh air.

So, read on. But first, I have a colossally wonderful idea. Give $5 bucks to these Elephant Killers.

It won’t hurt a bit. But it will be five more slashes on that elephant. Utah Republicans are pretty smug down there. They think their elephant dung doesn’t stink. But they are trampling on the rights of Americans and with a few bucks from a lot of us we can take down an elephant in it’s own back yard. Just when they thought it was safe to go out in Utah….

Thanks to these two, the state Republican Party is having to spend huge money in places they thought were safe. This is turning out to be a “death by a thousand cuts” insurgency, in Southern Utah.

In a sign of desperation party loyalist Bud Bowman and several others actually voted WITH the Democrats in favor of the education set aside and AGAINST the tax during the special session on Tuesday. Several republican legislators explained Bowman’s vote as “running scared” (I paraphrase) Can you say, “Cut and Run” from the Republicans?

One lobbyist told me Bud is frantically calling around looking for money.

It gets better. Emily’s opponent, Dennis Stowell was paraded around on Tuesday like a show pony by Utah senate republicans. Republicans on The Hill actually tried to attach a property tax reform plan to Stowell. Problem is, the idea has been around the Hill for 15 years. Maybe that’s why Utah republicans are going around the state saying, “You don’t vote for the person, you vote for the party.”

Big Red Whistle Stop Tour Yep, the Pubs are doing a “Big Red Bus Whistle Stop Tour” in Iron and Washington Counties next Tuesday with Huntsman and Shurtleff (who will be holding their collective noses as they have NOTHING in common with Utah Republicans), Herbert, and The Man LaVar Christensen, along with every southern Utah legislator and every other

The theme is “Vote Red, Vote Republican and America Needs Utah.”

As Larry likes to say, “Real Americans are TRUE BLUE. Better Dead that RED.”


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