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Media Ignores Tragic Violence At Women’s March

Thank goodness for Fox “news”, otherwise we might have never known that Frank Luntz nearly lost his eyesight on January 21st, 2017.

But, in all seriousness, this clip, used on Sam Seder’s “Majority Report” is NOT from “Saturday Night Live”, it’s actually Fox “news”. I don’t know how painful it is to have glitter in my eyes, but this is the guy who told Republican parrots in congress to kill expansion of healthcare in America by calling Obama’s Affordable Care Act, “government run healthcare”.

Frank Luntz is the Orwellian wordsmith of the Republican party and he has indirectly killed people in this country by messing with our minds. No sympathy from me on this one.


Take A Much Deserved Break With Matt Harding

No better way to do that, then to watch Matt Harding’s anticipated new “dancing-bad” video:

Matt Harding’s visit to Salt Lake resulted in me going to participate in his greatly successful effort at making the world feel better about at least one American’s campaign of pure fun.

Matt Dances In Salt Lake: Literally

Utah didn’t make the cut in his featured video that year, but he put out an outtakes reel that we’re in. I was thrilled to be in it!

Here are three of his videos, but be sure to look around and find others where he tells about his travels and whatnot. He even has a book. Support Matt!:

Matt’s first effort from 2006
The video that made him famous from 2008
The fantastic sequel from 2012

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The Festive Walk Among Us!


They’re probably picking your tomatoes right now!

Be very, very afraid! 🙂


When Bad Arguments Die

Cenk Uygur debates Ed Butowski at Republican Convention

Cenk Uygur debates Ed Butowski at Republican Convention

This particular one died on a live “Young Turks” stream at the Republican Convention. It was my favorite part of the whole week.

I always respect it when pundits with right wing views debate with somebody who might ask them questions they feel uncomfortable with, rather then staying on safe ground at Fox “news”. Ed Butowski’s website lists him as an “internationally recognized expert in the wealth management and as a financial advisor”, although he doesn’t have a Wikipedia page. He is a regular on Fox “news”, so that is something I suppose. (snark)

Cenk sits down with Butowski, and tells him to pick a subject, which turns out to be Bernie Sanders’s views on the economy. I’m pretty sure he thought he would be able to throw Cenk off, but I’d say the opposite happened.

It’s a fun interview to watch and civil, unlike anything you see on Fox. Enjoy!


Am I A Bad Person?

I hate to admit it, but I AM bad person.

I suspected the petition to allow guns into the GOP convention, which got over 53,000 signatures, was actually started by a lefty when I first saw it. April fools day was coming fast, but somebody jumped the gun I guess.

I signed. 🙁

In my defense, you can’t say the right hasn’t opened themselves up for this sort of impossible-to-parody parody. It is just plain plausible, no matter how you word it. The Secret Service probably didn’t want to inject themselves into the joke, but felt compelled to put an end to any speculation that a single gun would be allowed into the “Quicken Loans Arena” this July.


It was fun, imagining what might happen though. I even saw myself showing up, popping a paper bag and ducking. I already admitted I was a bad person. 🙂


This Is Just Damn Funny!

Didn’t want anybody to miss this very well done YouTube creation, utilizing America’s pioneering situation comedy, “The Honeymooners”.


Disappointing Turnout At Democratic Primary… I’M KIDDING!

Utah’s never seen anything this bizarre.

The republicans are turning out in “Huuge” numbers to vote AGAINST their presumed nominee, (Donald Trump), and democrats are turning out in “Huuge” numbers to vote AGAINST their presumed nominee also, (Hillary Clinton).

We won’t know until morning, but from what I’ve seen on my, (so far), republican-bias TV stations here, the democrats are voting for the person they actually want.

Bernie Sanders.

Guess we’ll find out in the morning. I saw a lot of Hillary supporters. My “Bernie” badge didn’t get any real opposition on my little walk.


Pat Paulsen For President!

paulsen 2016

He ‘s been dead since 1997, but he’s even funnier then Donald Trump. His campaign started in 1968, and is still going on as far as I’m concerned. He has got to be a part of the reason “The Smothers Brothers” popular show was cancelled by Nixon. And, yes, It was canceled by Nixon, not CBS.

I was thinking we needed some actual political humor, instead of racism.

From 1988:


Libertarians Work Things Out With Their Mother

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Matt Harding Checks In

We had a visit from Matt in 2012, out at the Great Salt Lake where we got to dance in the lake. Salt Lake City didn’t make the cut for the final video, but we were included in the out-takes. Maybe we can get him to come back?

I dance with people all over the world and put it on YouTube to show that the world is safer and friendlier than we’re led to believe.

If you’ve seen my videos and they’ve meant something to you, I hope you’ll support my new project. Here’s the Kickstarter page:

This time, YOU tell me where to go. Your pledge will count as a vote for where you live, and I’ll come out to dance in the cities with the most backers.

I look forward to dancing with you soon!


More info:


Practical Joke Gone Mad?

Who's The Crazy One Here?

Who’s The Crazy One Here?

The “clock boy” saga continues.

We’ve all heard about the kid who supposedly engineered a clock that looked exactly like a terrorist bomb and took it to school. After a couple of days, hearing more facts and seeing the “clock”, I was inclined to think the poor kid was probably being harassed at school because he looked like somebody from the middle east, and decided to hackle some feathers.

We’re talking about America in 2015 here. White Americans are terrified of dark skinned people from everywhere. It defines us – at least on the “news”. When the American media decided to make Charles Manson the face of the hippie movement in the sixties, I wanted to paint a picture of Manson on the back windshield of my Chevy Nova. That was just a thought I never carried out, but I did think about it.

Today, my first inclination is to side with everybody that the majority of congress wants us to fear. African Americans, Hispanics, old people, poor people, former felons, students, non-whites…

You know… potential voters!

So, I would be glad to see the facts come out. Was it a clock designed to look like a bomb, which caused a few of our leaders to come out in support of a brave kid who’d had enough bullying?

I’d like to think I would have done that as a fourteen year old, or a politician.

Cause some trouble; do no harm. 🙂


Back To The Depressing Future

This is a time sensitive cartoon. You only have until tomorrow to watch it for the full effect.

It’s angering to imagine where we could have been by now:


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