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Comic Relief Extraordinaire

And we all need a little of that from time to time, especially in a time of extreme zombie prevalence.

Here ya’ go:

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Self Criticism Isn’t a Bad Thing

Especially when you’ve been exposed to unbridled capitalism for most of your life. Love of money has always been instilled in me as an American since I can remember, but the time comes when you have to decide between life and death.

Capitalism may have a place here, but when it has become immune to any oversight whatsoever by the people it effects, there’s a problem.

The thing I have defined as the strength of America, is that we haven’t been afraid to see ourselves as others would. Our movies have traditionally examined our weaknesses, in an attempt to make us better.

Our songs have attempted to make us better also. This is one of them:


Pretty Darned Funny!

Obama and Romney roast each other at something called the “Annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner”

Of course, Obama won. :)

On a more serious note: I hope Obama’s joke that Ohio, Virginia, and Florida are going to decide the election, as he looked at Romney, means that he is on to the fact that Romney’s team is working hard to steal this election. Go here to find out how.


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Part here we go again in an ongoing series of things that make me face-palm.

On Monday, Mitt Romney offered a remedy to the problem that caused his wife’s airplane to land prematurely last week: Allow passengers to roll down the airplane windows.

Ann Romney’s plane was grounded Friday after the main cabin filled with smoke. The small electrical fire caused no injuries, but apparently did cause the Presidential candidate to forget the dangers of altitude.

“When you have a fire in an aircraft, there’s no place to go, exactly,” he told the LA Times. “And you can’t find any oxygen from outside the aircraft to get in the aircraft, because the windows don’t open. I don’t know why they don’t do that. It’s a real problem.”


Morello Responds to Ryan: Must Read!

When are Republicans going to stop associating themselves with musicians who don’t like them by playing their songs at political events or saying they like them?

Read Morello’s great response to Ryan in Rolling Stone:

Paul Ryan’s love of Rage Against the Machine is amusing, because he is the embodiment of the machine that our music has been raging against for two decades.

I have to admit, I don’t know much about “Rage Against The Machine” or their music, but this interview with Bill Moyers shows his passion and intelligence. Tom Morello cares about people.

Ryan cares about rich people.


Here The Hell Are Matt’s 2012 Outtakes

And Utah looks great!

Thanks Matt!

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Matt’s New Video Hits The Internet

It’s been a long wait, especially since myself and around 70 other people from the Salt Lake area hoped to be in it. Unfortunately, we didn’t make the cut. :( Matt is promising an outtakes video later, including scenes from our effort which I documented in my Post “Matt Dances in Salt Lake: Literally“.

I was going to wait until the outtakes video was complete, but when I went to one of my favorite web sites today – Astronomy Picture of the Day – and saw it featured, I decided to jump on the bandwagon now. This is unusual content for an astronomy site, but I guess Matt makes such feel-good videos, they couldn’t resist.

Note: If you want to read the astronomy site’s take on the video after today, you’ll have to go to their archive at the bottom of the page and load it in, using today’s date.

The video is only a couple of weeks old and already has almost 3 million hits. I love what Matt does because he’s an American who inspires people from all over the world to just come out and have some fun. We definitely need more like him!

I’ll never be sorry I showed up at the Great Salt Lake that day!


Rmoney’s New Campaign Slogan

A Better Amercia

“A Better Amercia.” Yes, Amercia. A-M-E-R-C-I-A. And he will never apologize for Amercia, ever!

More info:
Amercia Is With Mitt!
Amercia! Epic Mitt Romney App Gaffe Goes Viral Online
Romney’s ‘With Mitt’ smartphone app mocked for misspelling ‘America’
With ‘Amercia’ blooper, Mitt Romney is just asking for Internet mockery

UPDATE: Colbert Sings ‘Amercia The Beautiful’


Most Utah Women Want Government Up Their Vaginas

Finally, I understand why there are woman who vote Republican.

Giving Utah Leaders What They Want

While most women might find it distressing that legislation has popped up across various states that would restrict affordable birth control and enforce invasive ultrasounds before going through with an abortion, these women find them to be refreshing.

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John Fund Embraces ALEC In Public

The right-wing Guru promoting fake claims of “voter fraud” has taken his effort to a new level and, has actually mentioned ALEC online. Athough it’s, probably, only online at this point; the usual tactic of prominent American pundits is to ignore obvious truths. Fund’s article is actually called “Left-Wing Pressure Causes ALEC to Retreat“.

Left-Wing Pressure?

KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Mars, Snickers, M&M’s, Milky Way, Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Kraft, Intuit, Microsoft?

Have I missed any subsidiaries? Who knew that the middle class had so many allies?

According to Fund, all of that “Left-Wing Pressure” came from former Obama White House aide Van Jones and The Nation magazine. :) He names John Engler, Tommy Thompson and Rick Perry as distinguished governors that “have come from the ranks of ALEC”, and even adds: (Disclosure: I have spoken at several ALEC events over the last 20 years without receiving any compensation.)

I’m not going to dispute that Mr. Fund didn’t receive any direct compensation for his strenuous speaking efforts at such events, but he’s not exactly living in a tent without a place to poop for his political theater either. Perhaps an air-conditioned bus? :(


Do Your Taxes Like Willard (“Mitt”) Romney

Now that Rick Sanctimonious is out, the GOP is left with the candidate of the 1 Percent.

UPDATE: Willard is fluent in French, and knows the correct pronunciation of the word dressage. We have proof. Remember the 2004 election, when Republicans made fun of John Kerry’s elitist tendencies?

“What kind of horses do you have?” asks Hannity.

“She has Austrian warmbloods,” says Romney, “It’s a dressage horse … for the sport she’s in.” “Me? I have a Missouri Fox Trotter. So mine’s like a quarter horse, but just a much better gait — it moves very fast.”

Horses, plural, just like Cadillacs and mansions. Never mind the price, you can’t afford one. We have a picture, too.


COKE Bolts From ALEC!

This is a BIG news story, but don’t expect to see any coverage on the alphabet channels you can receive on “the public airwaves” :) or the cable “news” networks. It won’t be on the front page of “The New York Times” or “The Wall Street Journal”. I’d be ecstatic to be proved wrong on that, but I’m not holding my breath. Instead, this story will probably remain an opinion piece from the left which can be read here.

Since I don’t want to spend time here telling people who ALEC is, I’ll refer you to an earlier post I did on it, here, which includes a list of the usual suspects, an important video involving voter suppression by one of their leaders and a link to a humorous interview with the national chairman of ALEC; which I’m sure he didn’t find humorous.

Voting suppression via ALEC seems to be a driving force here, but doesn’t come up in the official statement from Coke:

The Coca-Cola Company has elected to discontinue its membership with the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). Our involvement with ALEC was focused on efforts to oppose discriminatory food and beverage taxes, not on issues that have no direct bearing on our business. We have a long-standing policy of only taking positions on issues that impact our Company and industry.

Interestingly, although it has not pledged to withdraw support of ALEC, voting suppression does come up in a Walmart statement:

Our membership in any organization does not affirm our agreement with each policy created by the broader group. Wal-Mart has a long history of supporting voter rights, and we continue to be a strong proponent of this issue. In fact, Wal-Mart was an active supporter in 2006 of the renewal of the Voting Rights Act of… One of Wal-Mart’s basic beliefs is respect for the individual, and Wal-Mart will continue to stand with all Americans in ensuring our right to vote.

The murder of Trayvon Martin wasn’t a turning point for democracy: it was a 180 helped along by the occupy movement in this country.

Stay tuned!

Update: Well now I can say that something called CBS News “politicalhotsheet” – on the internet – beat me to the draw on this story. That’s their job and I have another one because I don’t make any money here, so I’m not so embarrassed. It’s a good compilation too, but we’ll see if this makes it to the “public airwaves” with the importance it deserves.

Pepsi beat Coke by months, but was only reported by NPR today. Makes your head spin!

Update: Only have to say one word here…


Update: Latest high profile organizations to bolt from ALEC: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, (fundation?) and, (you heard it here), McDonalds. A big gold star on the forehead to all.


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