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CPAC Day One: ‘We Outnumber The Stupid People’

TPM’s Day In 100 Seconds: CPAC Day One

Utah Senator Mike Lee served up the Tea Party rhetoric (unsweetened). The National Debt is a “pit of despair,” he said, neglecting to mention that President George W. Bush doubled it in 8 years. Senator Lee held out the prospect of a Balanced Budget Amendment: “Get Washington to put down the federal shovel… The shining city on a hill should replace the city in a hole. Walk away from hole-digging hell.” Never mind the fact that economic recovery (which is necessary every time GOP ideology causes an epic recession or depression) requires deficit spending.

More: Herman Cain: Stupid people and ignorant people are ruining America’ (says the guy who proudly proclaimed he didn’t know the “President Of Ubeki-beki-beki-stan-stan” and couldn’t explain why our attack on Libya was a mistake because “I gotta go back to — got all this stuff twirling around in my head.”)

In today’s session, Newt Gingrich is slated to give more details about his plan to make the Moon our 51st state.


Michele Bachmann Fear-Mongering Fail

During last night’s 11th Republican presidential debate, Rep. Michele Bachmann uncorked the threat of nuclear terrorism in a desperate bid for attention. This debate was co-sponsored by CNN, the American Enterprise Institute, and the Heritage Foundation – your “liberal media” at work! There are 13 more Republican debates scheduled.

Disputing Texas Governor James (“Rick”) Perry’s suggestion that the U.S. cut off aid to Pakistan, Bachmann argued that “it’s kind of like too nuclear to fail.” She stated that 15 Pakistani nuclear sites are vulnerable to terrorist attack, and appeared to claim that al-Qaeda has already made six attempts to seize Pakistani nuclear weapons, then speculated: “These weapons could find their way out of — out of Pakistan, into New York City or into Washington, D.C., and a nuclear weapon could be set off in this city. That’s how serious this is.”

“This is more than an existential threat,” Bachmann declared nonsensically.

Some suspected that Bachmann, a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, had made news by releasing classified information. CNN later speculated that Bachmann simply exaggerated from reports already in the public domain.

According to Jane’s Terrorism and Insurgency Centre, six incidents at sites considered known or likely nuclear installations in Pakistan have occurred. But they do not appear to represent threats to the country’s nuclear arsenal: a suicide bomber drove a motorcycle into the side of a bus and killed eight air force personnel; seven people were wounded in a school bus bomb explosion; a munitions factory blast killed scores of civilians; a suicide attack killed a civilian, a vehicle-borne IED killed 33; and militants assaulted a naval aviation station.

There have been no reported attempts to steal nuclear weapons in Pakistan.

UPDATE: Neocon Bush Alums Question GOP Candidates On National Security

Spencer Ackerman: The GOP’s National Security Debate Sucked

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Michele Bachmann to Jobless Americans: No Soup For You!

Via Think Progress.

More inspiring words from the right-wing Presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann: “Self reliance means, if anyone will not work, neither should he eat.” Is that in the Bible? Maybe, but it’s also a quote from V.I. Lenin and it was written in the 1936 Soviet Constitution.

Highlighting the disconnect between Tea-GOP rhetoric and reality, today we learned that a new estimation from the U.S. Census means that a record 49.1 million Americans are now poor. Largely as a result of Republican policies, which continue to stifle job creation.


For Frank & Friends: Robert Reich Debunks 6 Big GOP Lies About The Economy

Is Social Social Security a Ponzi scheme as Republican Presidential candidate Rick Perry claims? Noted author and former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich debunks that claim and five other lies the right-wing tells about taxes, government and the economy.

The lies Reich debunks:
1) Tax cuts to the rich and corporations trickle down to the rest of us. (No it doesn’t and it never has.)

2) If you shrink government you create jobs. (No, you get rid of jobs that way.)

3) High taxes on the rich hurts the economy. (No, the economy grew when the US did this under Eisenhower.)

4) Debt is to be avoided and it is mostly caused by Medicare. (No, if debt is properly used to grow the economy, it becomes a smaller part of the budget because of increased revenue and Medicare has the lowest overhead of any health insurance plan out there.)

5) Social Security is a Ponzi scheme (No, its solid for 26 years. Social Security is solid beyond that if the rich pay the same percentage in social security taxes as the rest of us do.)

6) We need to tax the poor. (This is what Republicans have been proposing when they say any “tax reform” needs to involve all Americans because poor people pay no income tax. The poor have no money and taxing them will not solve our budget problems.)

Reich was speaking at the “Summit For A Fair Economy” in Minneapolis, Minnesota on September 10, 2011.


Bill Maher on Beating the Rich with a Stick

What can be said about Bill Maher but that he is the truthsayer of our time.

Bonus: The Reason Why Liberals Don’t Like Bachmann & Palin


Michele Bachmann: If You Can Believe It, You Must Be A Republican

In the fine Karl Rove tradition, Republican Presidential Candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann says President Obama “has driven our economy into a ditch.” This is why GOP rhetoric is so annoying. It’s the opposite of the truth, it’s Orwellian. They commit huge crimes, and loudly accuse Democrats of being the guilty party. This seems to confuse the media, who then report that both our major political parties are bad.

And Democrats still have not figured out how to dig themselves out from under this giant pile of lies.

BTW, Rep. Bachmann voted for the Ryan budget plan, which would require a $6 trillion increase in the National Debt.


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