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Insane Right-Wing Ebola Conspiracy Theories

Media Matters offers a four and a half minute compilation of how right-wing media have been trying to spread unfounded hysteria and conspiracy theories about Ebola. Apparently it’s just part of the GOTV operation to make sure all the wingers show up at the polls on November 4. It’s hyper-partisan politics as usual, and the good of our nation and the world is not even a consideration.

Mario Machado on HuffPo:

Sure, FOX news gets away with blatant racism and nobody bats an eye because it’s just part of their act, but they are not alone in their uncompassionate reporting on the thousands of people currently suffering from Ebola.

…We speculate endlessly over the fictionalized and sensationalized prospects of an epidemic that will never become a legitimate threat within the US, but no one finds the time to even mention the horror that must face the individuals, the families, the health care workers and the citizens of an impoverished country who are slowly watching this unspeakably devastating disease spread within their midst. For the moment, we are too busy asking ourselves, “What does this Ebola outbreak mean for me and my life?” instead of the questions we should be asking, such as “How can we as a global community best act to stop this terrible disease everywhere?”

So whether anchors are talking about travel bans for everyone and anyone coming from West Africa, or discussing the domestic “Ebola epidemic” in regards to the few cases we’ve had in the U.S., it is important to realize that it is all just well-disguised racism and Western exceptionalism being paraded around under the banner of “national security.”…

More info:
The Ebola Truthers Have Arrived and Their Conspiracy Theories Are Completely Insane
POLITICO poll: Democrats in danger over Ebola
Poll: Majority Of Americans Worried About U.S. Ebola Outbreak
Gallup: One-Fifth of Americans Worry About Getting Ebola (Those would be the regular Faux News Channel viewers)

Politicians Who Say ‘I’m Not A Scientist’ On Climate Offer Their Advice On Ebola There is a method to the madness: Tea-GOPers always reject science when it runs counter to their political interests of the moment.

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Hatred for the Kenyan Usurper Means Romney Can Get Away With Literally Anything


This is the most honest, well-written encapsulation of what we are experiencing in the election.

Completely wrong. Liar Mitt Romney Lying

Fresh lies from Romney, or the Republican Congress

Driftglass Writes: Don’t me wrong: I appreciate the careful documentation the Many Lies of Team Romney during this election season. But I look at those efforts less as the drafting of a bill of particulars against the GOP, and more like Josephus gathering up an armful of books from burning Jerusalem and documenting the great city’s demise from a perspective in the ruins.
Why? Because for the Conservative 47% of the active electorate, the day Willard sewed up the Republican primary was the day it stopped mattering to them what lies Willard shits down their throat. Willard has calculated (correctly) that their bottomless, mindless, berserk hatred for the Kenyan Usurper means he can get away with saying and doing literally anything and then completely reversing himself hours later. And so, unless he transforms himself into a Scary Democrat Negro (hence my graphic), he has the base locked down.

Willard has calculated (correctly) that the average “undecided” voter is an idiot who is barely aware that Barack Obama is President, much less who said what when. Lies? Truth? All the “undecided” knows for sure is that people on both side should stop being so mean!

Willard has calculated (correctly) that most of American media is a joke run by hacks with the moral compasses of Tijuana donkey show pimps, who are congenitally unable to call a liar a liar and who get paid on commission each time they say “Both Sides Do It” when a Republican shits the bed in public.

Random Conservative idiots with spluttering apoplexy

Pointing to each morning’s fresh lies from Team Romney, or the Republican Congress, or Boss Limbaugh and his legions of imitators, or random Conservative idiots with spluttering apoplexy, has become the the bread and butter of Liberal teevee, radio and print. And good on them (us) for providing that service.

It does, however, beg the question, “Who the Hell are they talking to?” Because there is no referee in this fight, kids.

There is no umpire, here: no impartial judge; no jury of 12 men good and true.

For us, the playing field will never be level and we must stop playing as if it were, because there is no cavalry coming to rescue us…but us.

And most importantly; remember that however long the odds or however discouraging a given day might be, we are a hardy and tenacious stock and our clear understanding of who we are and where we came from gives us a secret weapon that no movement based on a contempt for reality and a tissue of lies can match: the power to summon giants.

Address of John F. Kennedy upon Accepting the Liberal Party Nomination for President, New York, New York, September 14, 1960…

I am as guilty as the media is for investing too much energy pointing out the lies only to have them fall on deaf ears. The soaring level of hypocrisy, obvious as it is outrageous, among the righteous, morally superior, religious and/or otherwise just plain racists is sufficient evidence to anyone who is paying attention that morality is unilaterally customizable on an ad hoc basis for the pedestrian religious right (Republicans) in this country.

So I will no longer entertain moral arguments from religious Republicans. From now on, I shall withhold my otherwise generous respect and civility in discourse with these well-groomed, Bible-thumping cretins. For the first time in my life, I finally understand how entire nations stood by and watched and/or helped Hitler exterminate millions of innocent men, women and children without a shred of self-examination. They were merely Republicans by a different name.

One more thing:

Calls for civility, especially from some in the Mormon community deserve your contempt. They are a gratuitous demand we excuse the “Many Lies of Team Romney” we’ve see during this election season. The uncommon duplicity, distortion and noise coming from Republicans is as violent assault on our Democratic principles as the illegal Republican assault on our voting rights.

Civility is speaking out against this assault. Incivility is defending it.



For Frank & Friends: Robert Reich Debunks 6 Big GOP Lies About The Economy

Is Social Social Security a Ponzi scheme as Republican Presidential candidate Rick Perry claims? Noted author and former U.S. Labor Secretary Robert Reich debunks that claim and five other lies the right-wing tells about taxes, government and the economy.

The lies Reich debunks:
1) Tax cuts to the rich and corporations trickle down to the rest of us. (No it doesn’t and it never has.)

2) If you shrink government you create jobs. (No, you get rid of jobs that way.)

3) High taxes on the rich hurts the economy. (No, the economy grew when the US did this under Eisenhower.)

4) Debt is to be avoided and it is mostly caused by Medicare. (No, if debt is properly used to grow the economy, it becomes a smaller part of the budget because of increased revenue and Medicare has the lowest overhead of any health insurance plan out there.)

5) Social Security is a Ponzi scheme (No, its solid for 26 years. Social Security is solid beyond that if the rich pay the same percentage in social security taxes as the rest of us do.)

6) We need to tax the poor. (This is what Republicans have been proposing when they say any “tax reform” needs to involve all Americans because poor people pay no income tax. The poor have no money and taxing them will not solve our budget problems.)

Reich was speaking at the “Summit For A Fair Economy” in Minneapolis, Minnesota on September 10, 2011.


When Good Christians Excuse and Defend Really Big Liars and Their Really Big Lies

Liar, liesI had a nice discussion with my good friend and OneUtah author, Ken Bingham this morning. Ken began our FaceBook chat by saying how disgusted he is with Rupert Murdock over the illegal wire tapping and something about “false conservatives.”  It should be noted that Ken was a devoted Fox, Drudge, Breitbart, Limbaugh (you get the point) fan during the Bush years.

To the question “who do you consider to be real conservatives,” he responded, “Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.”

For me, this was an opportunity to raise a question that has plagued me for sometime. “But Ken, how can you endorse known liars?” To which he replied, “Give me an example.” So I chose a simple empirically demonstrable and clearly purposeful lie. After investing far more energy than should be required to get Ken to admit this was a lie, to my amazement, Ken began to defend Mr. Limbaugh, possibly the greatest liar in world history, by suggesting that if Limbaugh didn’t know he was lying, its not a lie, then he sabotaged this argument by with “lies are like bullets in war.” He followed that comment with “I’m not trying to justify lying” followed by another justification, “well Obama lies,” and “have you ever told a lie?” Finally, in a herculean effort to excuse Limbaugh’s lies, Ken said, “Rush is stating his opinion. By definition, an opinion cannot be a lie.”

Our painful conversation ended abruptly when Ken announced he had to go get ready for church. I suggested he confer with the Bishop about when lying is permissible, to which Ken responded, “I already know the answer to that question.”

So while Ken is in church struggling with his personal ethics and idolatry of material, vicious and slanderous liars and, in anticipation of his imminent return, I am posting below, only a few of Glenn Beck’s very, very many lies…as promised.

BECK: There Has Been “Zero Warming For Over A Decade.”
NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS), The National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), The U.K. Met Office, And The World Meteorological Organisation Have All Stated That 2000-2009 Was The Warmest Decade On Record For The Globe.

BECK: Obama’s Trip To India Will Cost “$2 Billion.”
REALITY: This believable only Michelle Bachmann or criminally immoral enough to believe her.

BECK: The Obama Administration Loaned Money To Brazil In A Plot To Enrich George Soros.
REALITY: Bush Appointees At Export-Import Bank — Not Obama — Unanimously Approved a loan guarantee to an American company selling U.S. equipment, products and services to Brazil.

BECK: President Obama Proposed To Increase The Capital Gains Tax On “Every Single American Who Invests.”
REALITY: Obama Proposed Capital Gains Increase Only On “Upper-Income” Earners.

BECK: Promoting his Fox News special in Wilmington, Ohio — a city hit by significant job losses in recent years — Beck falsely claimed, “this town hasn’t taken any money from the government.”
REALITY: Wilmington Had Received Millions In Stimulus Funds As of November 22, recipient reports posted at showed that the city of Wilmington received at least $2.6 million in stimulus funds.


Rep. Matheson Votes For Higher Electricity Bills

MathesonHouse Republicans this week brought to the floor a Tea Party-inspired message bill that would have gutted the Energy Independence and Security Act, which requires light bulbs of all types to be at least 25 percent more energy efficient by 2012. The light bulb efficiency language passed the House in 2007 by a vote of 314-100, and was signed into law by President George W. Bush.

Rep. Joe Barton’s (R-TX) BULB Act — which failed under a suspension-of-the-rules procedure that required a two-thirds vote — is another example of Republicans pushing really hard on a symbolic button that doesn’t do anything. The bill bypassed the normal legislative process, including hearings.

What’s surprising is that our very own Rep. Jim Matheson (D?) voted with the Republicans to raise your electricity costs. Climate Progress points out that the current law will save consumers $12 billion a year.

Rep. Matheson hardly ever talks to the media, so we are left to guess what he was thinking. Maybe he’s been listening to Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. Perhaps he owes Rep. Michele Bachmann a favor. Maybe he’s just happy to support anti-consumer legislation no matter who sponsors it. Otherwise, I’m at a loss to explain why he wasted his vote on a Tea-GOP attack on a practical energy policy that used to have bipartisan support.

Jon Stewart had the last word on this idiotic bill.

UPDATE: This is sad. Fred Upton Pushes Vote to Kill His Own Light Bulb Efficiency Standards

House Passes Tea Party Light Bulb Joke By Voice Vote.


“Both Parties Suck Equally” – Joe Republican

I want to apologize if I have ever suggested that Republicans and Tea Baggers are stupid.  They are instead perhaps simply uninterested in fact.

Yet again, I met the nicest Right Winger last night who thought Obama passed TARP (WRONG) and that it cost taxpayers 3 trillion dollars (FAIL).  I have yet to meet a single Republican who knows that almost all of TARP has been paid back and will likely result in a profit for the Fed.

He was also surprised to learn that the bulk of the Obama Stimulus bill was in the form of tax cuts.  He almost fell off his chair when I told him Obama has actually cut the budget.


My City Was Gone


Here is a video of a portion of a song heard, (they tell us), by millions, daily:

truncated to bolster capitalism

Here’s a video which I know is the whole song, because I bought it:

Why do you think Limbag cut the lyrics out?


CIA Man Retracts Lie About Waterboarding Abu Zubaydah

Remember John Kiriakou, the former CIA man who told ABC News that torture works? A claim that was repeatedly endlessly by right-wingers like Rush Limbaugh? He now admits that he was full of shit.

Well, it’s official now: John Kiriakou, the former CIA operative who affirmed claims that waterboarding quickly unloosed the tongues of hard-core terrorists, says he didn’t know what he was talking about.

Kiriakou, a 15-year veteran of the agency’s intelligence analysis and operations directorates, electrified the hand-wringing national debate over torture in December 2007 when he told ABC’s Brian Ross and Richard Esposito in a much ballyhooed, exclusive interview that senior al Qaeda commando Abu Zubaydah cracked after only one application of the face cloth and water.

“From that day on, he answered every question,” Kiriakou said. “The threat information he provided disrupted a number of attacks, maybe dozens of attacks.”

Kiriakou now says he had no direct knowledge of torture, and was lied to by CIA colleagues. Of course, we know that Abu Zubaydah was not even a member of al-Qaeda, just a low-level guy who operated a safe house in Pakistan. He knew nothing about al-Qaeda’s plans.

It was Marcy Wheeler on FDL who first exposed Kiriakou’s lie last April, citing the May 30, 2005 Bradbury memo which recorded that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was waterboarded 183 times in March 2003 and Abu Zubaydah was waterboarded 83 times in August 2002.


What Goes Around The Market, Comes Around The Market

bloviator in-chief

bloviator in-chief

I knew what would happen after a memo was sent out by ABC radio, convincing over 90 giant corporations to pull their advertising from Air America Radio, causing a bankruptcy filing by the radio station liberals hoped would be an attempt to fight back against the constant drumbeat, against realistic ideology, in favor of the naked capitalism pushed by a monopoly of dishonest right wing radio hosts heard non-stop in every city from coast to coast – for hours every day – for over a decade. It must have been awkward for the management of Air America to move in circles that knew the hosts on your station would actually say bad things about bad corporations, sitting republican presidents and congressmen.

When Air America met with this memo ‘misfortune’, all the overpaid corporate media shills were excitedly crowing that they had been right all along: nobody listens to left leaning radio because it’s boring. They said that’s why no liberal had ever been able to stay on the air or make millions like they did. The market decides who’s on the airwaves, and people can’t get enough of us, they said.

Don’t expect Limbaugh to disappear from the public airwaves anytime soon because he was never our choice for good public dialog in the first place; He was given away for free to struggling radio stations over a long period and was successfully marketed into a prominent position, much like tainted water in plastic bottles with fancy labels. They even gave him a television show where his very large ass was going to be running up and down aisles of his studio audience, asking pertinent questions concerning burning issues about guns, gays, and abortion. The atmosphere was so toxic, the audience was removed DURING the first show, (about 8 minutes into the video), and all subsequent episodes didn’t even have guests, if I remember right.

You’re no Phil Donahue, pig man!

Now, for the funny part:

It looks to me as though something called “Citadel Broadcasting” spent so much money acquiring Sean Hannity from the same organization that sneakingly killed Air Americas sponsorship, (ABC), that they – themselves – have had to declare bankruptcy.

From the Huffington Post:

Much of Citadel’s debt burden stems from its $2.7 billion purchase of ABC Radio from Walt Disney Co. in 2007.

From the Associated Press:

[emphasis mine]

Citadel owns and operates 224 radio stations, including KABC-AM in Los Angeles, WLS-AM in Chicago, WABC-AM and WPLJ-FM in New York and KGO-AM in San Francisco. Citadel’s WABC is home to several syndicated hosts, including Don Imus, Rush Limbaugh, Joe Scarborough and Mark Levin.

My glee is somewhat dampened by the fact that Sean Hannity, who was also syndicated through Citadel fairly recently, quit the relationship, partly because of his belief that it’s CEO had liberal ideological leanings, (which in Sean Hannity’s world, means you don’t shine Newt Gringrich’s shoes for money.)

My advice to the CEO would be to fire most of his syndicated hosts pigs, and replace them with reputable, politically honest liberal hosts which Americans are starving for and probably don’t even know it.

Build it, and they will come!


Utah Fathers’ Climate Denial Leaves Chilling Family Legacy

As the climate denial hysterics begin to fade into history and take their place beside witch burning, Jim Crow, McCarthyism and other embarrassments in American history, I pause to ponder the emotional scars wrought upon the children of climate denier fathers.

Throughout history, children have been victims, by accident of birth to men who stood proudly and loudly on the wrong side of history. Consider the shame and humiliation of the children of white supremacists and racists, Neocons and Talibans, Nazis and Red-baiters, polygamists, homophobes and child-molesters.

Do the climate deniers ever consider the effect of their intellectual and moral short-comings on their children?

Never mind for a moment the life-long scars of the adult children of these backwater ignoramuses. What about the innocent school age children, forced in their own homes to witnesses in silent humiliation, the hysterics of a parent blogging about sun spots and global cooling and publicly airing deluded fantasies about world-wide conspiracies and global collusion between evil environmentalist, greedy scientists, media and governments and their polar bear accomplices?

What about these beautiful children who go to school each day to learn science and things like sustainability, energy conservation and correct principles of stewardship of the Earth with other children from sane homes with intellectually honest, responsible and moral parents?

What could be worse than being ashamed of your own parents, of harboring such an embarrassing secret, of growing into adulthood while shoving the family skeleton further into the closet with each passing year as global warming devastates the planet and entire populations of people and species disappear?

I cringe at the thought of older children, returning home to say Sanpete, Clinton and St. George Utah, for the holidays, year after year, to endure yet again the troubled, painful silence at the family dinner table, like a slowly metastasizing cancer, eased only by the promise of it’s abrupt end just in time for father’s quotidian intellectual nourishment and sole, sustaining validation at the hands of false prophets; Glenn Beck or Bill O’Reilly on the boob tube.  “Fox time is family time” becomes the unutterable truth and the family shame.

It cannot be easy to grow up resenting a father who loved you with everything he had. It cannot be fun to rue the thought of holidays at home, to invent excuses not to go and to consider using them. What is the cost of the sin of a lie that would spare you the predictably painful, surreal, albeit blessedly temporary visit to your parents and your ancestral home of shame?

What is the psychological cost to a child of not being able to share and celebrate with your parents the joy of your new life, a full happy, exciting one on your own terms, one surrounded by intellectually curious friends and the freedom to appreciate abstract art or a career in science, or the freedom to actually care about species extinction and your carbon foot print, and the freedom to love people you would never bring home for fear of embarrassment?

What must it be like to build a new life as an adult only to realize that the father who was to be your role model, whom you WANTED to be your role model, has become instead a manifestation of everything wrong in the world, an archetype that informs what you will explicitly reject as you build a new life and family without children because the earth has become a cruel place that can no longer guarantee a full life or natural death.

And what of the inescapable realization of the price your mother has paid, the suffering SHE has endured for the mistake of marrying a man whose ignorance and insecurity is exceeded only by his stubbornness?

And what, what of a life, a life condemned to be remembered with hurt, big hurt for a father, proud and loving man whose entire life was betrayed by a false righteousness, born, bought, paid for and at the ongoing mercy of a few cruel charlatans in the persons of Beck, Hannity, Limbaugh, O’Reilly, Murdoch and people like them?

And what of the injustice of when happy childhood memories which in adulthood become sad and soul crushing reminders of a family poisoned by a father’s life squandered in righteous ignorance?

How does one integrate once fond memories of sitting on the front porch, perched on a father’s lap, bathing in his warmth and the security of his strong arms listening to him reminisce for the one-hundredth time, as if it were the first time, about how he and his siblings used to skate on the frozen pond at the edge of the field by the river before it stopped flooding and freezing or they would dance in the moonlight to the chorus of chirping bullfrogs on hot summer nights, before they disappeared along with the insects they used to feed on?

What of a son or daughter remembering as a child, how everyone would laugh when Dad would get so enraged by the deep-throated guy on the radio, that he would get up and shake his fist at a Volvo driving by, or how proud he was of you when you screamed “damned environmentalists” with such innocent indignation in front of all the neighbors at meeting about Scofield Reservoir? How sickening it must be to realize your childhood was a string of empty misconceived bonding moments with your Father?

I mourn for the injustice of the children and grandchildren of such selfish fathers, like the one in this video.

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Statisticians Reject Global Cooling. Deniers Shamed!

In a blind test, the AP gave temperature data to four independent statisticians and asked them to look for trends, without telling them what the numbers represented. The experts found no true temperature declines over time.

“If you look at the data and sort of cherry-pick a micro-trend within a bigger trend, that technique is particularly suspect,” said John Grego, a professor of statistics at the University of South Carolina.

Yet the idea that things are cooling has been repeated in opinion columns, a BBC news story posted on the Drudge Report and in a new book by the authors of the best-seller “Freakonomics.” Last week, a poll by the Pew Research Center found that only 57 percent of Americans now believe there is strong scientific evidence for global warming, down from 77 percent in 2006.

Global warming skeptics base their claims on an unusually hot year in 1998. Since then, they say, temperatures have dropped — thus, a cooling trend. But it’s not that simple.

via Print Story: AP IMPACT: Statisticians reject global cooling – Yahoo! News.

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Limbaugh Accuses Obama of Forced Reparations

Limbaugh: Obama administration’s economic “objective” is “unemployment” and “more food stamp benefits … think forced reparations”

This is, plain and simple, straight up white supremacy speak. This is the kind of stuff that lands you on the Southern Poverty Law Center’s special map.

Visit for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy

If this is allowed to go unpunished, every American should be worried. I suppose we’ll have to make a choice between an America that allows hate speech, race baiting and the promotion of ethnic cleansing or an America STOMPS out pigs like Limbaugh and a Republican Party who bows before him.

Is this protected speech?

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