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I hobbled, with my mate’s kindly help, toward my bedroom, over the auto’s. But my partner said, “Ed come look at this sunset ! ” So, obedient as ever to those I love, we proceeded to our sun deck. It was a literal fire show in the heavens. The Sun, having just set, hurled her final blast of color onto the Temple, then ricocheting off Mount Olympus, back into heaven. Round trip. We then hobbled back into the house, and I looked westward toward the setting sun. Instead of beauty, I beheld three stories of smoke ascending into heaven. I yelled, “Wiege,” grab Frances and Clare, and call 911.time.jpg

We returned to the earth where my people, and hers, had come, some barely a century before, and others over many millennia And still they come: Tibetans fleeing the savagery of Chinese occupation of land they do not possess except by imperial conquest, much like we did to Native America and Mexico, a century ago. By illegal wars of aggression and conquest, and then imperial governance, as George the Stupid is now proposing we do in the Middle East: the “Korea” model. I’m reminded of a line from the world’s greatest movie: As Good as it Gets: “people who speak in metaphors ought to shampoo my crotch.”

I don’t know about that. We all, in fact, speak on occasion in metaphors. But to choose the wrong metaphor is fatal. And to kill, excommunicate, or otherwise be violent one to another on the basis of a metaphor, like Jehovah, Allah, or Jesus or Lord Buddha, violates god’s law, and our own, against judging our sisters and brothers. Duns Scotus said correctly: “Every comparison is diabolique.” Check him out.

4.jpgAnd people who operate as if metaphors are real are screwing with Karma Is Iraq Germany under Hitler? Are we Chamberlain or Hitler? Or Winston Churchill, to whom Bush the Less constantly compares himself, on aircraft carriers? Thank God, the Franklin D. Roosevelt was at sea.

Was Vietnam Germany under Hitler? Or, as I saw it, a nation growing up, just like us? Next door was Vietnam, where the USA violated international law with far more lives lost than in Iraq. So far…… Indonesia after a United Nations Peace Force said the Dutch should go, still had and still have their problems. Like all of us. Crooks at the top of this so sad pyramid of death caused by the Seven Deadly Sins of Pride, Avarice, greed, betrayal, lust and utter utter godliness. Note one solitary soul, not one, in a United Nations-monitored vote, voted for the Dutch imperialists, over Sukarno, the president of Indonesia, (their George Washington, 1947-62-or 3) just like America did under Washington, Adams, Jefferson, and Madison.

Just what is the meaning of “taking god’s name in vain? President Hinkley, Jim Faust and Tom Monson think just the way my mother does. And that’s scary. My two missionary companions did. To me, as I’ve said before, I don’t think that God gives a tinker’s damn if I say “shit, damn, or my favorite, “Well, I’ll be dipped in shit and sold for a milk nickel.!” But when we wage aggressive war, that is, serial killing, and do so in God’s name, we are indeed taking God’s name. Now, the Mormon Church says Gordon B. Hinckley didn’t ever praise the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were “Just.” But he did. And I called him on it. Now, try as I might, the doors that have always been open to me, not for what I am but because of lineage, are seemingly forever closed. So the pain in my heart and head grows apace. And I think of Martin Luther King and his namesake. And tacking my theses on temple doors, while I yet live. Come to think of it, I just did. Brother Hinckley didn’t grant priesthood to Blacks. He didn’t grant priesthood to women. He didn’t grant priesthood to gays. He did allow MX to be defeated. One thing. And I had a hand in that story. As did hundreds of thousands of others, like Frances Farley. But my brother, brother Hinckley is still alive. He yet can tell the truth about Mountain Meadows. And the Wakara War. And ordain women. And ordain and apologize to gays around the world. Stay tuned……………….. .

hitler1.jpgIs Iran Germany under Hitler, or is Iran still In Iran, beyond all metaphors in the Middle East. Which Bush, both the Bush’s in the White House, covet her oil. Damn! All that oil. And God screwed up, again. Just like getting Bush in the White House. It was obviously meant for Texas. Or, shale oil from Utah.

And yes, Afghanistan. No presidential candidate will criticize Bush and his cabinet of Murder, Incorporated by taking on our equally savage attack on a nation at peace. The Afghanistan government followed Just War, or Holy War, to the letter. Not a jot or a title did they do that is not precisely written in the Bible. Old and New Testaments, not to Mention the Koran. Not after 9/11. But what,, pray tell, is the difference? Do we, really, go to war with an entire nation for the simple act of following the Bible, yes, that one? The one that tells us that it was the sin of giving sanctuary. No one dares say it, because Bin Ladin lives there. But we should not have invaded that huge and beautiful land, lands that warring peoples from time beyond time, from time we remember not, from time when the mind of man remembers not to the contrary. It is, in Afghanistan, just as if the entire world should invade the United States of America, just to try and then to shoot George the Bush, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, and the worst of the lot, Dick Cheney. The brain behind George’s mouth, if that is in fact the end that speaks. Of course, the voice that truly speaks is not the very good and very kind presidential pressman that makes George sound human, but rather the one who wrote all this, my dear friend, and he is my friend, Karl Rove. All would die if the standards we’ve imposed upon Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan were to be imposed upon ourselves.

Violence is forbidden us by God’s law, and our own. That first, we do no harm, the Hippocratic oath. Non-violence, or as my grandpa Firmage used to say, “none violence.” The laws of just war; constitutional law, international law. And just good sense. And self-interest (see e.g., my writings on t3.jpghe quote I always steal from Robert Conquest). We could easily have taken Bin Laden by para-military force, without the savagery of a brutal invasion never countenanced by international and all constitutional law, and God’s law: the God we all worship, by whatever name: Allah, Jehovah, Jesus, my friend, the Fourteenth Dalai Lama at least in secret.

George Bush is now Caesar. We, twice, placed the garland upon his tiny head, held up only by his huge ears. The ONLY characteristic he shares with Lyndon Johnson. Could it just be….No, Mrs., Bush would never…….but Lyndon Johnson did, just like Clinton (Bill).

But Caesar is coming apart. His Brutus is Bin Laden, his Siamese twin. Except Bin Laden is smart. Smarter even than Friedman or Rove or Wolfowitz. And Bin Ladin truly believes in God, and in Just War, though in my mind he ignores the parts of the Koran he should be governed by. Just like me, just like you, and just like George the Less.

Love, Ed xoxoxo


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