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Please Contribute $5.00 to ActBlue-Utah

Funds will pay for ActBlue to build out their system to allow anyone anywhere on any website to ask for donations with a contribute button for any Utah state level candidate.

We need to raise another $9,000 this week so that this system can be up and running by July. We’ve raised almost $1000 since Thursday for ActBlue Utah and other candidates from,, and this site from 22 contributors half of which are out of state.

Please invite one friend to contribute as well.

Now, it is a race to beat the other states so that we may have this infrastructure in place for Utah ASAP. You can go here to see our progress.

Benefits of ActBlue

  • Will facilitate online credit card contributions for any state level Democratic candidate from any website for years to come thus eliminating the need for candidates to establish merchant accounts.
  • Allows anyone to put a candidate specific donation button on their website without restriction.
  • Provides each candidate with required compliance data, including the name and address (and phone and e-mail with the donor’s permission) of each contributor.
  • Inures to Utah the tremendous benefits of ActBlue’s reputation with the large and growing Internet activist community.

Online Fundraising
Today there is no debate that the ability to capture credit card contributions online is not only important, but also critical for competitive races. This is especially true for races that need to activate a grassroots base.

 James Evans- money lender - Fmr Senator, Republican county Party Chair and scurrilous enigma…and please don’t tell James Evans.

PS: Ed Firmage’s coming next week. Sorry for the delay. It’ll be worth the wait.


Turning The Reddest State Blue

Act Blue has agreed to expedite an infrastructure expansion to support fundraising efforts for our state-level democratic legislative races. The $10,000 we need to cover that cost will allow us to raise hundreds of thousands for ’06, 08 races and beyond. We CAN turn Utah blue.

Believe it or not, Utah has seen a strong revitalization of our progressive roots in recent years. The stereotype that all Mormons vote Republican is simply not true either. There is a strong progressive movement within the LDS Church from the top as well as at its core.

Two-term Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson is one of the most progressive in the Country. Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon and Howard Dean’s cousin, is young, smart, effective and well loved.

Our State Democratic Party has put together the strongest slate of democratic candidates in recent history. Even Utah Republicans are beginning to leash their right-wing candidates by removing incumbents at convention.

Something is happening in Utah. Between the kind spanking given to the 70% majority republican Utah Senate during floor debate, to the dramatic four-month slide in Bush’s Utah approval rating from 63%-55%, Utah will soon surrender it’s vaulted position as the reddest state in the nation.

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