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Nuclear Terrorism and The Century of Total War: The Perfect Storm, Round Two

By Edwin Brown Firmage bio, website

This is essay was preceded by this one.  The Perfect Storm (round one)

We have been fortunate in that the United States has not experienced a successful attack on the Motherland since 9/11. We have now in place formidable layers of protection, redundant layer after layer of interconnecting agencies of police, intelligence, satellite, espionage, and a superb military second to none. Most important of all, we possess an educated resourceful citizenry.

But we face daunting and utterly dedicated adversaries with one huge and ultimately almost surely successful strategy. In all past wars, the defense had it all over the offense: we usually assume that three, or even five or six times as many offensive forces are needed to defeat a well-defended adversary. This was true in the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, World Wars 1 and 2; Korea, Vietnam. But with terrorism, including non-nuclear attacks, a thousand failed attempts will, inevitably, finally be followed by a successful strike. And if the past is prologue to the future, there probably will be two, three, or ten related plots to hit instantly, terrifying the people. And if nuclear weapons are used; of any size and delivery system: from missiles to bombs in a sack, one such weapon is a city-killer. Launch a few score; or hundreds; or thousands. The defense must try to shoot a bullet with a bullet. The offense can literally drench the offense. No contest. No defense, no contest.

Why would terrorists ever be induced to use weapons of mass destruction, against all teachings the all major religious traditions? No doubt, we have been spared dozens or hundreds of times already, due to precisely this fact of humanity in every nation, ethnic group, and religion. But there are forces in every faith and nation fighting against the moderate middle. The center cannot forever hold when zealots attack from both right and left. Examine for one minute the fratricide within the Republican and Democratic Parties right now, with outrageously incompetent people seemingly in total control within Republican ranks; and every person of the center seeming to run for cover. Watch the Supreme Court hearings. Republican senators who before supported the nominee will desert her en masse. Watch Hatch after Bennett’s defeat by piss- poor candidates. Now take that vision world-wide, with very much more at stake, namely, our national survival.

Have no doubt that terrorists are already trained to do all that is necessary to transport and detonate thermonuclear bombs. Over a half-century since Hiroshima and Nagasaki, there are few secrets only we can answer, at least in the relatively unsophisticated way a terrorist would likely act, that is, to bring a bomb here. Ever since transistor radios, we have developed the capacity to miniaturize essentially everything. Computers, and everything else.. A thermonuclear bomb would nicely fit in any of your luggage. Even though it takes considerable sophistication to launch ICBM’s, let alone build them; and though it also takes some know-how to deliver tactical nuke’s (the little stuff….like Hiroshima and Nagasaki) by missiles, there is simply too much nuclear material, enriched uranium and plutonium; and thousands of nukes of whatever size, to think that enemies, beyond rogue states, could not build or otherwise buy this stuff, off the shelf ; and indeed, may have already done so. That genie is out of the bottle. A “dirty bomb”, that is, a fission-fusion-fission bomb, would do huge damage to any city, with New York, Chicago, and Washington, D.C., being among the prime targets. The effects upon our economic system, even upon our capacity to retain a modest degree of civil society, and medical services, even food supplies for a time, of one bomb so placed, would be catastrophic.

Since the end of the Cold War, we have made substantial progress in making existing stockpiles and weaponry already deployed more secure, and cut back upon existing stockpiles, under Bush and Obama.

But we are far far short of really limiting the risks. We have been able seriously to lower stockpiles only since the late eighties and the fall of the USSR. I was a Fulbright professor in the Soviet Union just as it expired. The Soviets had ICBM’s in six of its European republics. Tactical nuc’s were much more pervasive. It so happened that our small group was in each of several European Republics when they declared their independence, or redefined their role in the former USSR. . As this drama unfolded, things really fell apart. I believe that almost anyone could buy a tank during this time. Or about anything else. The complete welfare state had come unglued. The situation was so bad that complete social meltdown was feared. I had pneumonia while there. A major hospital in Moscow gave me their last shot of antibiotic, more symbolic than helpful. The security of nuclear weapons was dangerously lessened, by simple incapacity to do so much that needed to be done. Though of lesser importance, the same was true, I suspect, as to the security of chemical and biological weapons, the so called “poor man’s” weapons of mass destruction. Thousands of engineers, including those working on matters nuclear, were unemployed and without income. Selling themselves, or materials and bombs, was possible. Ditto many physicists. The government simply disintegrated, with no real alternative government for years. Security around nuclear facilities, in storage or deployed, was at risk. These problems still exist in other states, including Russia and Pakistan.

Every president since Truman longed to have the opportunity that no American president possessed, truly to deal decisively with nuclear weaponry. Eisenhower, whose presidency many in my political party underrates, I believe, wanted very much to have the chance later presidents had, briefly. Clinton lost a chance to be a great president by throwing all his prestige into his own political survival to avoid impeachment. What he did was not, in my opinion, an impeachable offense. But it was surely reason to resign. We would have had Al Gore, and a future free of the worst president in American history, George W. Bush. That window opened in the late eighties and closed again, the Kairos moment passed, I believe. Rather than declaring victory and ensuring a serious drop in nuclear weapons and material, we went on a spending spree and invented new enemies. Until our century of huge mistakes in our own foreign policy, particularly in the Middle East, gave birth to real big-time terrorists. Until we can define ourselves without the “benefit” of an enemy, we’re cooked. And by “we”, I mean the world.

Nuclear weapons are not like conventional weapons, where more weapons, and better weapons, give the possessor an advantage. More weaponry renders each state all the more vulnerable; both in inviting a preemptive attack, and increasing the likelihood of accident, mistake, or miscalculation.

Our hope of keeping all nuclear weapons in the possession only of nation-states, and ditto fissile materials, is I fear no longer possible to insure. We will answer this only, I suspect, in disastrous retrospect. No weapons system of which I am aware has ever been possessed for a significant time and not been used.

Would any terrorist group, or for that matter, any nuclear state, really want to set off such a universally hated weapon? Such rationality may or may not deter Iran. I think they would not use such weapons unless a major attack was first used upon them. With North Korea, I am not so sanguine. And Pakistan, whose government George W. Bush disastrously undermined by starting two wars of choice, is my choice for the most dangerous place in the world. I travel through Kashmir each time I have gone to work for the Tibetan government of His Holiness, the Dalai Lama. The Jammu airport , in Kashmir’s major city, is very dangerous. The waiting room was machine-gunned with many deaths, just after one trip through. An Indian ambassador was blown to pieces on the one road going from Deli to Jammu, just before another trip for me. The war between India and Pakistan goes fitfully forward, ever since the recognition of Pakistan, following the end of WW2. With Pakistan, we face a nuclear Islamic state. If nuclear war starts between nation-states, here is my candidate for where it all starts. It will start by the use of nuclear weapons by either Pakistan or India. The reaction by China, Russia, the U.S., and Israel could determine the nature of world society thereafter.

Terrorists are another matter. Many seem willing to reach heaven or hell, and take much of their own people with them. And to assume rationality, as in a sense we must presume, even regarding their own identification of their own self-interest, is a great jump.
World War 1 devastated all of European society. The lights went out and never came on again in the same world. England was Germany’s most important financial trading partner, and vice versa. The monarchies were interrelated, much like a fundamentalist Mormon community (with some of the same genetic results). And yet a totally irrational war, which was of no one’s self-interest, began and then dominated the entire 20th century. Not much choice for an American president, from Wilson to the mid-nineteen nineties, to end that killing machine. Reagan had a chance. He wanted to take that chance. For one great moment in time, it seemed that rationality, and humanity, had turned a revolutionary corner. But the military and political operatives around him prevailed, and all humanity lost.

So the line from 1914 to 1989 was a time without hope. We had that marvelous time for which we all hope: when true and lasting peace can be enjoyed by all: 1989—to perhaps the end of the century. After that, we linked up, once again, to the century of total war. After 1918, everyone in Germany, and in France, England, Russia, Turkey, the United States, et all, knew that an armistice was just that: a pause before the slaughter began again. In a world-wide Depression, and in Germany that most awful inflation the world has ever known, came the rise of Hitler. WW 2 had a completely defensible cause, facing a savage Germany. Even so, with the end of WW 2, a Cold War began, punctuated by proxy wars and nationalistic wars we sometimes misinterpreted as Soviet-backed. Only the fall of the Soviet Union allowed us even to dream of a nuclear-free world.

Can we depend upon rationality and a well-sensed conception of our own national interests still save us? We must hope so. But
examine your own life, and the degree which rationality and a fine-tuned definition of your real self-interest explains your life. America’s finest scholar of the Soviet Union, Robert Conquest, was asked to predict the Kremlin’s actions, even in the short-term. He said: “Imagine that the Soviet government was overthrown and seized by a cabal of their most savage enemies.” This prognosis is true of any corporation of which I am aware. Churches, Mobil Oil, the state of Utah, whatever. We have to limit the savagery our own government can do with nuke’s, along with the other nuclear states. The sanguine assumption of enlightened self-interest is a frail reed.

Add to this little pool of horrors, the fact that a nuclear war could well start by accident, miscalculation, or malfunction of a weapon or a computer. We don’t deter accidents by threat of attack if they have such. We don’t say, “Sally, if you drop your plate one more time, I will cleave your skull down to your belly-button!” Sally will not be thus deterred.

We’ve experienced many scores of nuclear accidents, called “broken arrows,” since the 1940’s. The Soviets, who have usually had to play catch-up, have likely had even more scary events, since fail-safe devices can only be indulged if you can ride out an attack and still pose a credible deterrent. Such redundant layers of safety delays a decision for launch until launch has occurred. It was in our interest to help them in command and control, lest accident takes out Europe. As stated before, nuclear weapons are not like conventional weapons in many ways, especially in regard to the idea that “more” and “better” nuc’s don’t necessarily mean an advantage to the possessing state. Now, we are like climbers on Everest, roped together. Together we reach the summit, or together we fall into an abyss. “Better” weapons means more payload or more accuracy. Better accuracy means a state must strike first, to pre-empt, since the opponent could take out an entire nuclear force if ever a launch were ordered. More nuclear actors, and more nuclear weapons, raises the ante on the likelihood of war, by deliberate act, or accidental launch, or miscalculation. More may very well mean much less.

Yet we must assume rationality in any agreement made, between states or “terrorists.” But provision must be had, by limiting qualitative improvement if it renders the world less stable. This is largely done by forbidding future testing of nuc’s. We don’t deploy what we can’t test, and test successfully. The quantitative limits are obvious: avoid proliferation of bombs and fissile material. We must go forward together. We all, like nations proceeding up Everest, are, in this world, always bound together. Together we live, together we die. – Ed Firmage


Terrorists Bring Deadly Nuclear Weapons Material to Utah

Depleted uranium is obtained during the process of destroying nuclear weapons. Depleted uranium was used in the first Gulf War. The United States coated with depleted uranium, 1000 anti-tank artillery projectiles and the Brit’s 100. A depleted uranium missile cuts through a tank like a hot knife through butter. At the moment of impact the missile so coated turns what was a tank into thousands of shards of radioactive porcelain, which spreads over the vast sands of that sad state, virtually forever. Now, in Gulf War II, the numbers are hugely greater. Iraqi and now Afghanistan’s people are literally, cooked. Young Iraqi and Afghan women, in their sandals, trudging though the sands, will die terrible deaths. Their children, those who live, may well be born with savage birth defects. Afghan and Iraqi peoples will suffer through endless centuries for our wars of aggression. Birth defects in Fallujah have already increased ten fold.

In simpler times, a state would declare war and thereafter the war would end. Now, we make wars upon whole nations though a very small number of combatants are our supposed enemies. These the macabre gifts that keep on giving for hundreds of years, thousands of years, and in the case of depleted uranium, for millions of years. We are, in effect, making wars that will never end. Thousands of years from now, we will still be slaughtering people in these two wars of choice gifted us by two presidents named George Bush.

Now our leaders want us to accept millions of tons of depleted uranium here in Utah. Depleted uranium is in fact already here. Much more is on the way. We are now being told that foreign waste will be on the way too. And we find that the state of Utah has no real choice in this matter. Our two Senators from Energy Solutions, Hatch and Bennett, protect their money spigot by lamenting that our cause is just but they can do nothing for us, pointing to Utah politicians. Police power, that is, the power and the obligation to protect our health and well-being, does reside here and the Governor should stop all trains with depleted uranium and demand that the train turn right around and go back where this deadly poison came from. But real power is with Hatch and Bennett. The Commerce Power of Congress will trump anything the state can do to preclude entry of this most toxic of poisons. These two villains are bought and paid by Energy Solutions. One of our congressmen has been a paid employee of Energy/Solutions. Hatch and Bennett are the only people who have the law…the Commerce Clause…by which all these issues will be judged and determined.

If Osama Bin Laden and his henchmen had planned this idea of bringing nuclear material into our country’s innards he would be captured and imprisoned. Just how do the owners and all who profit by destroying our land, water, and all life forms, and the politicians who make this atrocity possible, stay out of jail when quite obviously they are among the most successful terrorists in our history?

Ed Firmage
Salt Lake City, Utah



Energy Solutions moves one step closer to importing Italian nuclear waste

nukeOn Friday, U.S. District Judge Ted Stewart ruled that an interstate compact designed to keep nuclear waste out of the state of Utah doesn’t have authority to do so. “Congress established compacts in 1980s so states would band together to dispose of their own radioactive waste in an effort to ensure that no one state would become a national dumping ground for the toxic material. ”

Governor Huntsman had used Utah’s veto power under the compact to prevent ES from importing nuclear waste from Italy. ES sued saying the compact could not regulate a private facility. The judge agreed. It certainly begs the question what can the compact regulate?

EnergySolutions Inc. wants to import up to 20,000 tons of low-level radioactive waste from Italy. After processing in Tennessee, about 1,600 tons would be disposed of in Utah.

If approved by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the waste would be imported through the ports of Charleston, S.C. or New Orleans.

The company’s pending import license application drew an unprecedented number of public comments, most in opposition.

Tom Clements, Southeastern Nuclear Campaign Coordinator for the environmental group Friends of the Earth, said Saturday he’s encouraging port officials and unions to use all legal means to keep the waste from coming on shore.

“Italy and the rest of the world must deal with their own radioactive waste and not continue irresponsible attempts to dump their dangerous material here,” said Clements, who is based in Columbia, S.C.

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Nuclear Waste, Energy Solutions (Envirocare by any other name…) and John McCain

I note that John McCain’s brief (three hour) trip allowed only a short version of his “speech,” given now for three years, raking in half a million dollars for the campaign, and a long talk with Steve Creamer, owner-head of the only private nuclear dump in the United States, and the only company with the right to print money for the honor of destroying our environment. I’m sure many scores of thousands from Creamer and Energy Solutions will fill the campaign funding of McCain’s campaign. John McCain is the most uniquivocal champion of nuclear power (and its inevitable effluent…our only “gift” since Utah doesn’t use nuclear power) in the nation.

Why is this man so popular here? When a huge majority of Utahns hate Energy Solutions, in spite of the masterful ploy of Creamer in buying daily publicity and by that, linking nuclear waste with the Utah Jazz? Do we all have the attention span of snail- darters? Will Utah continue to support Republican leaders and like Lemmings, march lock-step off a cliff and into a nuclear sea?

There are solutions that do not force a hard choice between carbon fuels and nuclear energy whose effluents last into millions of years, half-life. See, e.g., Aarjun Makhijani, Carbon-Free and Nuclear Free, IEER Press, 2007.


Utah For Sale

It is apparent that Utah is for sale. Our state is the only state in the Union now identified as being willing to continue as the nation’s nuclear dump site, and now the world’s site as well, without protest and defensive acts by our political leaders.

What will Virginia do with its nuclear leftovers? It doesn’t have a landfill licensed to take them. It doesn’t have a plan to develop one. There’s only one that will take Virginia waste, and it’s in Utah.

Utah is also a one-party state. Republican leadership is obviously in the pocket, and vice versa, of EnergySolutions. Envirocare by whatever name has asked the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission for permission to bring low-level nuclear waste to Deseret from Italy, and by inference, anywhere else.

Where is the governor? So dead-set against Divine Strake? And our civic and religious organizations? This is a violation of our air, our water, our land, and our security. EnergySolutions finds ways to bring in so-called “depleted uranium” as meeting the “low level” standards. This depleted uranium is ‘depleted” only in that it can not become fissionable in the form of a bomb or missile. It remains radioactive for millions of years. Just what corporate structure, in the private or the public sector, do we possess to protect us for millions of years half-life?

Our senators, or congressmen, and our state legislature should be in unified opposition to this use of arguably the most beautiful land in the United States. I’ve heard no opposition to our becoming the dumping ground of the world from Utah’s religious leadership as well. Don’t bother me with sermons on the evils of pari-mutual betting, or of cigarettes and caffeine, if we allow nuclear cocktails in Zion. Please, at least be relevant and somewhat aware of real life issues. Every other state so threatened has organized their local and national representatives to oppose storage in their states of nuclear waste. Nuclear power likewise raises intolerable threats to our security. There is simply no way to deal with the eternally radioactive waste. Not below ground or on the surface.

I would have thought that the proposal, by members of our own legislature to build a nuclear power plant in Utah and divert our limited desert water from the Green River to cool this monster would have triggered immediate opposition from our legislative leaders. No such opposition, so far, has arisen. Our Republican version of conflict of interest seems non-existent. For sale: the state of Utah. Only an aroused citizenry can stop these threats. Clearly, our political leaders have sold out to EnergySolutions and the big bucks they envision from going nuclear. We have alternative energy solutions, real solutions, in solar, wind, and other environmentally friendly alternatives. Only organized public opinion can avert a sell-out to one or another end of the nuclear industry.


A Worthless and Impracticable Region

Everybody loves Utah’s national parks, and being lucky enough to live in Utah means we have time to appreciate equally amazing wildlands in between the parks. The week before last, I went to visit the backcountry south of Canyonlands and north of Natural Bridges.

About 150 years ago, the Deseret News called this part of Utah “one vast contiguity of waste and measurably valueless, excepting for nomadic purposes, hunting grounds for Indians, and to hold the world together.” The leader of an 1859 expedition to map the confluence of the Green and the Grand (now Colorado) Rivers, Captain Macomb of the US Army Corps of Topographical Engineers reported, “I cannot conceive of a more worthless and impracticable region than the one we now found ourselves in.”

Spires in Butler Wash

Captain Macomb’s men accomplished the very first scientific survey of southeastern Utah, up to then represented on maps as as a blank space marked “unexplored.” His assessment of the region as “impracticable” meant that neither the Army nor anybody else could bring wagons through there without a great deal of trouble. Needless to say, that was well before the uranium prospectors and the San Juan County road department arrived on the scene. But Utah’s largest county didn’t see its first paved highway until the 1950s, and a bridge across the Colorado River didn’t exist until Utah 95 was completed in 1976.

We dropped by the Needles District visitor center in Canyonlands National Park, driving past Newspaper Rock and the Six Shooter Peaks. I remember back in the early 1980s, when I lived in Monticello. Davis and Lavender Canyons adjacent to Canyonlands were on the short list of sites for a national high-level nuclear waste dump adjacent to the national park. Calvin Black, the chairman of the San Juan County Commission and an old uranium prospector, was fine with that. “It came out of the ground here,” he used to say, “and it can be buried here.” Black was the real-life model for the character of Bishop Love in Edward Abbey’s classic novel, The Monkey Wrench Gang.

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Utah Senate Cedes All Power of Utahns to Energy Solutions

New Energy Solutions sign on Delta Center Salt Lake City, UtahToday, the Utah Senate voted 23-6 in favor of Senate Bill 155, exempting EnergySolutions from the oversight of the Legislature, the Governor, and Tooele County for any nuclear waste expansion on its current dumpsite.

SB 155 carves out exemptions to state law specifically for EnergySolutions so that the company can undergo massive expansions without getting the approvals of the Legislature and governor that current law requires.

Senate Bill 155 rewrites state law for EnergySolutions
What’s the big deal? Senate Bill 155 removes the Governor, the Legislature, and Counties from decisions to expand nuclear waste on EnergySolutions’ current dumpsite, the largest commercial nuclear waste dump in the U.S. No elected leader in Utah will ever be able to say “Enough” to EnergySolutions expansions.

Why change the law for one company? Right now EnergySolutions wants a license to pile its nuclear waste twice as high. Utah law says the legislature and governor must approve expansions of 50% or more. EnergySolutions doesn’t want to have to get these approvals because Gov. Huntsman has said “No” to a prior expansion. To avoid this, Sen. Peterson (R-Nephi) has introduced Senate Bill 155 to exempt EnergySolutions from the law.
Who’s behind this? Besides nuclear waste, Steve Creamer, CEO of EnergySolutions, has also given Utah cracked windshields (Syncrete), burst dams (Quail Creek Dam), and campaign contributions to 76% of incoming legislators.

What others are saying:
· “Basically there would be no public accountability for EnergySolutions…no public oversight, no elected accountability, and nothing from the legislature.” –Patrick Cone, Utah Radiation Control Board member.
· “It would be political folly for Utah to approve expansion of EnergySolutions’ low-level nuclear waste dump without a thorough public debate that includes both the legislature and governor.” –Salt Lake Tribune Editorial, “Waste Elevated,” February 1st, 2007.
· “Hazardous waste disposal needs to be handled with greater care than do other matters because it could have long-lasting effects on the state, its image, and the legacy bequeathed to future generations. When even low-level radioactive waste is deposited here, it renders parts of the state unusable for generations.” –Deseret Morning News Editorial, “Don’t Change Waste Process,” Jan. 25th, 2006.

KSL’s coverage of the Senate vote and the connection to EnergySolutions’ campaign contributions.

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Utah is the Nation’s Time Bomb II

After sixteen pages of ads and some news of various sensibility, the Salt Lake Trilbune with its new ownership, informs us that EnergySolutions wants to add 83 feet of nuclear material…..That’s eight stories high, folks, all above ground, better to reach and to serve you. Through your water, in your air, and in the ground they originally stole from you. This “low-level”nuclear waste, tick tick ticking away, only lasts, a lot of it, for two million years half-life (“half” life means forever). So of course, the buccaneers of private industry will be here, trust us folks, to see that you’re safely irradiated long after the children of your children’s children, from Adam to Zarathustra, are mouldering in radioactive dust.*

*Less than a month ago “A train carrying low-level radioactive waste in Salt Lake triggered radiation alarms from an unusually long distance” Article here.

Fellow citizens. Utah is the only state in the whole nation that allows private companies, let alone the pirates of the entire private sector, to own and regulate the continuation of life on this tiny blue planet, this little bit of life, this only bit of life of which we know in all God’s cosmos. Are we nuts? Or just corrupt? Choice three eludes me. I’ll assume, per Occham’s Razor (look it up), that following the money, honey, is damned good advice. There, we find both secular corruption, rampant; and ecclesiastical corruption, called Simony, after Simon the Magician, who tried to buy priesthood power from Peter and John. Simon failed. He like Energy Solutions, built an eight-story structure, climbed to the top and jumped off. Like Energy Solutions, perhaps, giving a few credulous folks the benefit of the doubt, he came to believe his own horse-pucky. He dove straight down, head first to hell. If God is in her heaven, and the devil where he belongs in Hell, then Energy Solutions should follow their leader. Like Energy Solutions the fires burn eternally, thermonuclear power all the way.

Many in the institutional church, any institutional church (an oxymoron, by nature?) since Simon succeeded. Put simply, Simony is apostasy. The purchase of God’s power with money. Everything, we know, on earth can be purchased with money. And corrupted beyond recognition. Apostasy from an original community, an idea from an original charismatic Teacher: the anti-Darwinian inclination of the bureaucratic ladder-climber toward the survival and the elevation of the least fit. That point where the Peter-Principle (not, please note, the original apostle) meets the opposite of Charles Darwin. Read the rest of this entry »


Utah is the Nation’s Time Bomb

After sixteen pages of ads and some news of various sensibility, the Salt Lake Trilbune with its new ownership, informs us that EnergySolutions wants to add 83 feet of nuclear material…..That’s four or five stories high, folks, all above ground, better to reach and to serve you. Through your water, in your air, and in the ground they originally stole from you. This “low-level”nuclear waste, tick tick ticking away, only lasts, a lot of it, for two million years half-life (“half” life means forever). So of course, the buccaneers of private industry will be here, trust us folks, to see that you’re safely irradiated long after the children of your children’s children, from Adam to Zarathustra, are mouldering in radioactive dust.

Fellow citizens. Utah is the only state in the whole nation which allows private companies, let alone the pirates of the entire private sector, to own and regulate the continuation of life on this tiny blue planet, this little bit of life, this only bit of life of which we know in all God’s cosmos. Are we nuts? Or just corrupt? Choice three eludes me. I’ll assume, via Occham’s Razor, that following the money, honey, is damned good advice. There, we find both secular corruption, rampant; and ecclesiastical corruption, called Simony, after Simon the Magician, who tried to buy priesthood power from Peter and John. He failed. Everyone since Simon succeeded. Apostacy.

In our state, in our nation, the gift of Tom Jefferson’s democracy is for sale. We’ve the best little state legislature money can buy. And it has. Lock, stock, and blatant ugliness. As ugly, as my Grandfather and Mr. J.C. Penney used to say, as ugly as a mud fence, folks. Envirocare, by whatever name, has bought members of the Utah and federal bench. Many law firms. Many members of the United States Congress. Ownership and support for Envirocare extends into many church structures in our nation and in this state. Most especially the dominant religion, as we quaintly say, for us Mormons. Church leaders are of the firms that have Envirocare as their clients. The CIA is represented in those august circles, not only Senator Bob Bennett, to see that the right people don’t get in to see the right people. One MX mistake, in their book, is quite enough for one generation. If I’m wrong here, folks, sue me. So I can safely name names, in court.

A suggestion to those of you who, like me, prefer Thomas Jefferson’s brand of democracy. As in his Declaration of Independence (our first and best Declaration of War), and the United States Constitution: watch carefully the incessant television commercials done by EnergySolutions. The old owners were evil and crude. I preferred them that way. The new owners, inclined to the good old boy church and state we’re used to, are slick. They hire the best PR firms, run in other words, just like a church. Watch for example, the golf tournaments they sponsor. AND THEN BOYCOTT THE BASTARDS WHO MAKE THEIR MONEY OFF THE BACKS OF OUR WATER, OUR LAND, OUR AIR, AND OUR KIDS. Like Channel Two. And a final suggestion for EnergySolutions (other than drop dead). Hold the golf game at night. The players, and the audience, given a little time, will all glow in the dark. A real energy solution. Save electricity. Go nuclear. Like the Mills Brothers, always my favorites sing: “glow, little glow worm, glow and glitter.”

Ed Firmage
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Additional facts from:
SLC Mayor’s Office
SL Weekly


One Month Later Blaine Nichols Responds (Clipper editorial writer)

This is amazing. I wrote this post a month ago.

Looks like I was pretty pissed when I wrote it. (I hate war and death). These talking-points-parrots…It’s SO un-original anymore.

So apparently (or serendipitously) someone in Eastern Idaho (probably googling Hitler) alerted this editorial writer (probably members of the same brotherhood) for The Davis County Clipper that I had challenged him in a post. nichols.jpg

I was actually just jabbin at my old friend James Evans and I happen to pick up a Clipper while writing this at my girlfriend’s house in Bountiful. (You can stop reading now and just go to the post and see his comment below)

It’s becoming classic. Just tonight some tough guy lawyer said “Well, it’s the war on terror.” And I said, walking away, “when I get back I want you to describe the War on Terror.” When I came back, he had nothing to say.

How well the Rove machine has trained people to say the words. Unfortunatley, the Rove machine did not equip them with substance.

For Pete (Salt lake City — No Way Day 4.29.2006)
Eyes Wide Shut
Oh yeah, and Rush Limbaugh turned himself in today.


Not THAT Stupid (Orrin Hatch)…but close

If you are reading this post, you’re probably old enough to have developed some level of hardened cynicism. But you are also an exception at some level because you are reading this post.

You probably also know that Orrin Hatch makes decisions based exclusively upon what will get him re-elected. He is after thirty years possibly the most superficial, despicable sell-out on the planet today. Under similar circumstances, I am convinced he would have been equal to Stalin or Hitler. One need only listen to his shrill sickening protestations of reasonable dissent on any number of issues in which democrats have objected. He has supported Bush on virtually everything, and his wife has left him (this is rumor by the way but almost as easiliy verified as global warming).
The fact that he will be at the Utah Capitol tomorrow at noon to protest the storage of nuclear waste on the Gosute tribe land is motivated by the fact that he is, while evil, not stupid enough to miss this event. Even Orrin Hatch understands that everybody who understands this issue is outraged, and wants more controls and assurances that at the very least, the proper precautions will be considered before we risk the potential destruction of a huge chunk of Utah and possibly the entire Rocky Mountain West if the administration’s corrupt, reckless, and irresponsible policies are allowed to prevail.

Maybe Pete Ashdown’s Mom will show up and BITCH SLAP him!

“Not in my backyard!”– The Utah Amicus has the best picture.
“the half-life of a biodegradable golf-ball in the West Desert is about 144 days and that’s a lot shorter than the half-life of a spent nuclear fuel rod”– Utahania
“This is about life”– Media Relations
” We’ve had more than our fair share of this mess already”– Eric Hamilton’s Reality Check.

Still more sober explanations of what is about to happen go here, or here, or here, here, here, or here, or here or here or here.

Press Conference & Rally Details Fact Sheet Call to action

Please visit. Pam Schuller
U. S. Bureau of Land Management
Salt Lake Field Office
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Chamber of Commerce Fact Sheet


Private Fuel Storage L.L.C. (PFS) plans to build and operate a for profit, centralized, away-from-reactor, high level nuclear waste facility for up to 40 years on the Skull Valley Band of the Goshute Indian Reservation. This site is less than 50 miles from downtown Salt Lake City. In February, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission issued PFS a license to construct and operate the facility. Because of the Cedar Mountains Wilderness legislation, there is only one remaining means of intrastate transport authorized under the PFS license – heavy truck transport utilizing an intermodal facility just north of I-80 and travel along State Road 196. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is now accepting public comment on PFS’s application for an intermodal facility on BLM land for the transfer of 44,000 tons of spent nuclear fuel rods from rail to heavy truck.

Business Community Response

§ The Salt Lake Chamber, Utah’s largest and longest-serving business association and representing one in every three jobs in the state, opposes the storage of high-level nuclear waste in Utah because it is bad for Utah’s economy.

§ Real and perceived risks of spent nuclear fuel will damage Utah’s economy and business climate. For example,

o Threats to military training readiness may negatively impact Hill Air Force Base that contributes $2 billion annually to Utah’s economy.

§ Skull Valley is only seven miles away from Dugway Proving Grounds and 19 miles away from the Utah Test and Training Range.

§ Above ground, spent nuclear fuel rods and F-16 fighters do not mix.

o Business relocation and headquarters decisions will be impacted by even just the prospects of a terrorist or accidental incident. In the highly competitive world of business recruitment and economic development, we do not want to be viewed as America’s dumping ground.

o A survey has shown that people believe that property values would decrease if the PFS facility is built.

§ The BLM must deny PFS’ application for a right-of-way permit on public land because of its policy of prohibiting the storage of hazardous materials on public lands. We view Utah’s public lands as America’s playground, not its dumping ground.

§ We don’t produce this waste, we don’t benefit from it. If it’s so safe, leave it where it is.

What Business Can Do

The Chamber encourages businesses and citizens to send your comments opposing the intrastate transport of this waste across public lands. Letters should be mailed by May 8, 2006 to this address:

Pam Schuller

U.S. Bureau of Land Management

Salt Lake Field Office

2370 South 2300 West

Salt Lake City, Utah 84119

Or email comments to

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