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“Get away from those left wing hippy @#$%s”

That’s what I was called wearing my ribbons and my chevrons on my suit down at the Occupy SLC a couple days ago.

( as he wrenched his toddler into the air away from us )

Let we make one thing explicitly clear. You are the 99%.

As days go by we are all watching as the police beatings and media cover ups raging across the nation. Oakland and New York city police departments are now targeting war veterans. Even RT Television is referring to us as the new American “Civil War”. By definition I cannot condone violence against the system, as long as the rule of law still exists. However, I did swear to uphold the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

This is the second time I fought for my country.

This is the first time I know who my enemy is.

A few weeks ago I looked my wife’s Iraqi roommate in the eye and apologized for what my nation did to hers, and realized the role I played in history was not all that different than any invading force.

The only thing I need to say to you is, America in Occupying. You do not want to grow old and remember the revolution against inequality and say you didn’t participate.

Hind sight is 20/20, and in 60 years when George W Bush will be looked at in the same light as Adolf Hitler, lets just say you need to get to the occupy SLC movement today and say you did something about it.

Thank you and Semper Fidelis,

Martin Bammes


This is What Occupy Wall Street (OWS) Wants and We Want it NOW!

I want to think this is a broadly acceptable message everyone can agree upon. Lets occupy our democracy.

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Filthy, Stinky, Jobless Occupiers: Newt’s Dirty Little Secret

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Within seconds of the unfortunate death of a homeless man in Pioneer Park, the Utah freak-show cheered in unison; “SEE? We told you! The Salt Lake City occupiers are all homeless, drug addicts!”

For many Utahns, it was better than if the historicity of The Book of Mormon were provable.

I got pissed. I grabbed my video camera and went down to the new camp at Gallivan Center. I interviewed ONLY people who had or were still camping. All of them had jobs and NONE were homeless.

This is a snapshot of those interviews (Full interviews at )

We can fight this plutocracy-funded propaganda by publishing many and often, ad hoc interviews of the regular Americans who are showing up for Occupy. We must do it locally, keep it “close to home.” Keep it real.

Last Saturday, Newt Gingrich stepped up the smear campaign against Occupy Wall Street (I didn’t know, you could get high on Cialis).

It was a full-guns-a-blazing frontal assault on every single American including the assholes that cheered when he said the “…after you take a shower” part. Check Mika Brzezinski’s gut reaction.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Expect great things from Occupy Salt Lake City (OccupySLC)

For those of you who don’t know, Salt Lake City is VERY liberal. We like to say, “Salt Lake is a world class city surrounded by Utah.”

The massive show of police force for the Pioneer Park eviction on November 12th was clearly orchestrated by PERF/DHS. There were at least 4 policemen for every camper.

I’m SURE DHS threatened Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder with funding cuts to get him to mobilize every scrap of metal in the county with flashing lights.

SLC Mayor Becker was punked by DHS. He was so disgusted about having to evict the occupiers from Pioneer Park, he disappeared (“vacation”) the next day. Chief (police) Burbank proved by his actions throughout the 2-year Tim DeChristopher sham trial, to be a great and respectful advocate of civil disobedience.

Christ, protesting in SLC, you practically have to BEG to get arrested. The authorities are on our side. If we can nudge them over, we will have won!

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You are also the 99%

“If it were necessary to give the briefest possible definition of imperialism, we should have to say that imperialism is the monopoly stage of capitalism.”

Vladimir Lenin

Today I reassured a man in the bar that he is not alone in loosing his house.  He said to me “I worked all this time.”  He’s always had a job, but you have to agree that there is something happening to America today.

People are stealing from you. You let it slide because you cant see their face, but I assure you, they are there. They are there when you pay your interest rate. They are there when you pay your health insurance bill, and what are you going to do about it.


It is no accident when people are kicked out of their home. The good news is you can do something about it. The bad news is, it will be very hard, and shake you out of your cultural norm.  Your system is failing you. You could humbly stand aside and watch it happen, but what about your neighbors or your friends?


I encourage you, to stand with occupy SLC and get pissed!! There is a person who’s single goal in life is to end the way of yours. It’s time to grab him by the fucking tie and say  ” I want my money back, bitch”

Thank you and Semper Fidelis,

Martin Bammes


OccupySLC Winter Campers COULD BE In Warm Beds Instead

Watch as playlist.


Healther Suker


Raphael Cordray

Solomon Schneider

Noel Song

Martin Bammes


This Land is YOUR Land

Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

I want you to consider an America where we all have jobs in abundance.  I want you to imagine being sick and going to a doctor, FOR FREE.

I want you to take into yourself the concept, that not all is lost, and get PISSED.  I’m mad as hell!! When did we give these corporations authority to annihilate the American dream? When did you, the American working class, give the permission to General Motors to blight entire cities? Why did you let this happen?

Was it the thought that your  free market could take (everybody to the top) ?

Was it the thought that the American Sofistaclass would NOT leave you behind?

News flash… They don’t give I flying fuck about you, and believe me, if they didn’t have to pay you minimum wage…. they wouldn’t.

The top 1% would like you to believe that everything will be fine as they kick you out of your home. When do we draw the line in the sand? 21 million homeless Americans? Well if thats the case, it would be today.

I invite YOU, if you are a real patriot, to join YOUR Occupy movement today.

You might even get to meet me in person….

Thank you,

Martin Bammes

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Today! OWS November 17th 2011 Salt Lake City. BE There!


Conservatives Support Every “Hippie” Movement 20 Years Later

Posting this for your reference and pleasure. But especially those among my right-wing friends who are afraid of movements like OWS and who will criticize this movement as conservatives always do until years later.

Let us remind them that TODAY, they ALL SUPPORT: Emancipation, Poll Tax, Labor (generally), Civil Rights, Equal Rights, End the Vietnam War and the anti Iraq War Movement.  Tell them not to be afraid.

In every case, conservatives criticized these movement at the time.

This is an important part of our history. It is playing out again today with The Occupy Movement.  Now as then, every police action is met by ever larger numbers the greatest Americans, demanding our most cherished right to assemble and petition our government.

Berkeley in the Sixties (1990) is an award-winning documentary film by Mark Kitchell along with Susan Griffin and Stephen Most.

The film features Mario Savio, Todd Gitlin, Joan Baez, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Huey Newton, Allen Ginsberg, Gov. Ronald Reagan and the Grateful Dead. The documentary highlights the origins of the Free Speech Movement and the development of the counterculture of the 1960s in Berkeley, California.

In honor of Raphael Cordray (who has run the Free-Speech Zone in Salt Lake for as long as I’ve been here) and has been among the many brave and great occupiers of Pioneer Park.

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OWS Movement Imported From Spain But Made in America

When the Wall Street banks collapsed under the Bush/Rove/GOP, it sucked the wind out of the industrialized economies and quickly bled out to across the globe.  If you watched anything other than Beck/O’Reily/Hannity et. al. you will remember the first major protests took place in Iceland.

Meanwhile back at home, a suppressed albeit deeply, cherished, American tradition called racism was reignited when Empire Murdock planted the first images of two adorable, little, chocolate-colored girls playing in the Lincoln Bedroom into the collective brains of pasty White America some of whom in turn, strapped guns to their hips and took to the streets in costumes reminiscent our racist forefathers.

God forgive us for being distracted while the rest of the world began to burn.

The OWS movement came to the western world through Spain.  By early 2011, unemployment in Spain was approaching 21% (46% among youth) as the Arab Spring hit Egypt.  On May 15, 2011 a series of protest, coordinated through Twitter and Facebook, unfolded in 58 Spanish cities.

By now you’ve heard of the New York City General Assembly. They began this summer as a series of meetings “on the fourth floor of 16 Beaver Street, near Wall Street. In addition to New Yorkers, there were also Egyptians, Spaniards, Japanese and Greeks.  Dick Army was not among them.

Due to the lack of centralized coordination its hard to know for sure but as this writing there are an estimated 300 OWS protests in the US alone, over 3,000 arrests.  So far, no sign of the tea party.

Here’s the map.

One of the several Salt Lake OWS Facebook page is approaching 9000 members. You will not find a larger Facebook group specific to Utah. Here’s the local website

The biggest camp is at Pioneer Park downtown (map). Here’s a good video Larry found.

If you can’t camp, please at least go there and take them food (there is a full time kitchen) and warm weather supplies


Thanks George W. Bush. Your stumbling incompetence may have changed the world for the better.

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