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Meet the Tea-GOP

Last night Rachel Maddow looked at Public Policy Polling’s August 28-30 poll of Tea-GOP primary voters. Aside from the “horse race” findings of who’s ahead and who’s behind (Trump is ahead, followed by Ben Carson, and the other candidates are all in the single digits) the poll revealed just how low-information the Tea-GOPers really are.

Obama a Christian?
Obama born in USA?

President Obama is a self-declared Christian born in the State of Hawaii. Rafael (“Ted”) Cruz was of course born in Canada, and held Canadian citizenship until last year.

More info:
More Republicans Believe Ted Cruz Was Born In USA Than Obama

The number is even more stark among those who indicated that they support 2016 GOP front-runner Donald Trump. Among those voters, 61 percent said Obama was not born in the U.S., while a mere 21 percent concede that he was American born.


This Time Someone Got It on Video

In South Carolina, a police officer has been charged with the murder of an unarmed man shot in the back and killed while running away – the entire incident caught on video. The officer claimed self-defense, but he was lying. The incident began as a routine traffic stop.

The authorities in this case are doing the right thing. But what if there was no video?


Voting: ‘Your Country Needs You To Do It’

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Via Raw Story: Rachel offers encouragement to the voters in Florida and Ohio who are being forced by Republicans to wait in line up to six hours to cast their ballots:

“If you are one of those people being forced to stand in those long lines tonight, tomorrow or on election day, honestly, your country needs you to do it,” Maddow said. “Your country needs you to do it not only because it’s your civic responsibility, but also because there are people out there trying to profit politically off of you not doing it. People who are counting on you not having the time or the commitment. People who are trying to profit off of you giving up. It’s gonna be hard to vote this year in a lot of places where it is most important that you vote. Your country needs you to stick it out. No matter who you are voting for, your country needs you to do it.”

Voter suppression is worse than ever this year.

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Utah At Forefront of National, Political Realignment: Run Rocky Run!

I think I’ve just eye-witnessed the spontaneous birth of a new political party and in the most unlikely of places – Utah.

But, hey. Why not Utah? Are we not the home of political mavericks?

Did we Utahns not replace a senior, sitting senator at convention (Bennett R-UT) with an insane, tea-party nobody?  Did we not also deliver the only sane GOP candidate for president (Jon Huntsman)?

That’s right. So no one should be surprised widely popular, 2-term, Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson is running for President. And its about time. Even if this time around is just a warm up, it will be fun.

Here’s why: How many progressive, red-state mayors can say they handed Bill O’Reilly his ass on O’Reilly’s own show …/anderson-spanks-bill-oreilly/, or provoked Sean Hannity into to a live debate televised on Fox News! (…that one turned into a professional wrestling match. Make some popcorn its a 2-hour brawl.)

So the news of Rocky’s intentions leaked far too soon and Rachel Maddow got the scoop and the new party’s name – Justice Party – was chosen on Facebook in the hours before the announcement on Maddow.

That was two Wednesday’s ago. The next day, folks began to gather at Rocky’s house in Salt Lake. Paul Zieitz came out from Washington and a nascent steering committee kicked into high gear. The first state committee was tele-formed and a plan to get on the ballot in all fifty states was hatched around a dining room table and a speaker phone. (If you would like to form a committee in your state, contact Paul (end of press release)

This is not at all how I expected a third party to form. I always thought it would be a well funded, meticulously-planned, institutionally sponsored effort. Instead, it just happened. And like the Occupy Movement, no one owns it and it has no platform…yet.

The founding and interim steering committee are made up of the most unlikely characters: more women than men, all busy and passionate, but otherwise ‘unremarkable.’

The first, monumental task ahead is to get on the ballot in California. That means 103,000 Justice party registrations or approx 200K signatures BY JAN 2…two weeks? If that miracle happens, the other 49 states should be a cinch. Stranger things have happened.

Hey, people are winter camping in public parks in every major city in the world and one of the major American political parties seems about to crash and burn along with its media arm (Murdoch). A political vacuum is forming.

Its crazy. Everything is crazy. The rules are changing. A Dkos recommend can change the world. But it feels right and it feels unstoppable.

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Rocky Anderson Seeking Justice Party Nomination for President

So Rocky has announced a run for president. And in predictable fashion, the Salt Lake Tribune has fed the fly fodder to its anti-Rocky fans. Pathetic. Rocky was a widely popular 2 term mayor of Salt Lake City and remains a widely popular former mayor.

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Rocky addressed the subject of the Occupy movement to reporters.


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Rachel Maddow: Is Obama Making FDR’s 1937 Mistake?

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So much for the theory that what is good for the so-called “job creators” is necessarily good for the job doers.

Corporations and rich people are enjoying big profits and lots of money. The long-suffering middle class is getting layoffs and austerity.

Economist Bruce Bartlett: Are We About to Repeat the Mistakes of 1937?

It is starting to look like 1937 all over again. As the table below indicates, the economy made a significant recovery after hitting bottom in 1932, when real gross domestic product fell 13 percent. The contraction moderated considerably in 1933, and in 1934 growth was robust, with real G.D.P. rising 11 percent. Growth was also strong in 1935 and 1936, which brought the unemployment rate down more than half from its peak and relieved the devastating deflation that was at the root of the economy’s problems.

GDP table

Roosevelt ordered a very big cut in federal spending in early 1937, and it fell to $7.6 billion in 1937 and $6.8 billion in 1938 from $8.2 billion in 1936, a 17 percent reduction over two years.

FDR’s mistake plunged the United States into a recession, reversing the economic recovery and leading to a GDP decline in 1938.

This is the problem. We have a very large jobs deficit. The real unemployment rate has been above 20 percent for the past two and a half years. Private sector layoffs surged to a 16-month high in July. State and local governments are laying off as well. Federal agencies are announcing hiring freezes, and the FAA is in partial shutdown, with employees on furlough or working without pay. A record 45.8 million Americans are living on food stamps.

The jobs deficit must be remedied before doing anything about federal budget deficits, unless we want GDP to go negative again. Last quarter’s GDP growth was 1.3 percent. The debt deal that President Obama signed into law (all by himself, with nobody else attending the signing) is predicted to result in a -1.5 percent decline, leaving us with -0.2 percent.

UPDATE: S & P Downgrades U.S. Credit For First Time In History, Repeatedly Cites GOP Intransigence On Taxes

Standard & Poors indicates that they could improve their rating for the U.S. if “the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts for high earners lapse from 2013 onwards, as the Administration is advocating.”


What Rachel Said

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This is the newest Rachel Maddow spot in MSNBC’s “Lean Forward” campaign. She tries to answer the question of whatever happened to the “jobs-jobs-jobs” the Republicans promised everyone in the 2010 election campaign. We are still waiting for those jobs, and our unemployment insurance is running out…

Nobody cares about culture wars while they are losing their job, their home, and their life savings.


McConnell: GOP Would Not Oppose Libya Campaign If Obama Was A Republican

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My definition of a gaffe in politics is when an elected official or political candidate accidentally says something that’s true. So, gaffes are a good thing.

Speaking with reporters at a Christian Science Monitor breakfast yesterday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) suggested that Republican members of Congress didn’t dare to criticize President Bush’s malfeasance during wartime, but it’s different when the commander in chief is a Democrat.

“Country First” ™ — but after party loyalty, of course.

More from Think Progress.

UPDATE: The Gallup Poll seems to indicate that support for or opposition to unwinnable wars in Muslim countries is based more on domestic politics than the facts. While Republicans have turned into peaceniks because of Libya over the past three months, a majority of Democrats continues to support the war (or “limited kinetic operation” as SecDef Gates calls it). Jon Walker on FDL:

It seems when it comes to unnecessary wars of choice in this country, be it Iraq or Libya, both party’s respective members will rally to defend their presidents even in the face of overwhelming evidence that said wars were a mistake.


Rachel Maddow: Ryan Budget Proposal Relies on Made-Up Numbers

Via FDL:

I especially like the part where she goes over the Heritage Foundation’s employment projections from the Bush tax cuts for the rich, versus what really happened. No trickle for you!

Rep. Paul Ryan is counting on unicorns and rainbows. He’s hoping for the mythical pot o’ gold at the end of the Laffer Curve.

More info:
Krugman Exposes GOP Ryan’s Unicorn Budget, Catches Heritage Burying Number

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You Know Who On Rachel Maddow Tonight

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“Both Parties Suck Equally” – Joe Republican

I want to apologize if I have ever suggested that Republicans and Tea Baggers are stupid.  They are instead perhaps simply uninterested in fact.

Yet again, I met the nicest Right Winger last night who thought Obama passed TARP (WRONG) and that it cost taxpayers 3 trillion dollars (FAIL).  I have yet to meet a single Republican who knows that almost all of TARP has been paid back and will likely result in a profit for the Fed.

He was also surprised to learn that the bulk of the Obama Stimulus bill was in the form of tax cuts.  He almost fell off his chair when I told him Obama has actually cut the budget.


Rachel Maddow’s July 15 Commentary on Afghanistan

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