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A Republican I Could Vote For

Bob Inglis

Never thought I’d say that, but this man has some good ideas and I’m sure that’s why the fake grassroots movement of the wealthy made sure he didn’t get elected again. Utahn’s should remember that “The Tea Party” defeated another Bob. Our long standing senator from Utah got gone because he wasn’t crazy enough. I guess you could call this other Bob from South Carolina an old style Republican.

Any Republican who puts himself on the air with Brad Friedman already has my admiration, but he probably knows Brad will be respectful, yet inquisitive. That’s his job as one of Americas best and most informed journalists. South Carolina’s Representative, Bob Englis had me on his side right away, when he admitted that for the first six years of being in office, he hadn’t done any research on climate change and opposed it because Al Gore was for it. He reconsidered his stance when his son said to him, “Dad, I’ll vote for you, but you have to clean up your act on the environment”. His other children and wife agreed. Yikes!

It’s easy to understand why the supporters of “citizens united” wanted this guy gone when he started to say that socializing cleanup for the industries who pollute was not the way to go. Since we all know by now that when industries on any continent polute, all of the planet is affected. The congressman was pushing for making corporations clean up THEIR act everywhere. If, for instance, China didn’t deal with the problem, and tax it’s corporations over there, it would face that cost when importing it’s products to this country. Pretty damn smart!

Listen to the interview on this post starting at about 16:00 minutes in. You’ll hear a promotional spot from Daniel Elsberg, who launched Brad’s new daily radio program with his appearance. I’ve already learned a lot from the program which can be downloaded for free from BradBlog. Please DONATE though. I’ve been donating for years. The revolution in media isn’t going to be free.

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Caucus or Primary? Count My Vote, Utah Elections and Political Parties

If you’ve been following the news lately, you will know that  Count My Vote is attempting to be a citizens initiative to change Utah’s caucus system to a primary system.   At a minimum, it’s gotten Utahns talking about how we select our candidates for public office which is good.  I’m not convinced Count My Vote’s solution solves the problem they claim to want to solve.  Will switching from the current caucus system improve voter engagement and turnout?  That depends on whether it addresses the reasons people don’t vote.

Do we know why Utah has low voter turnout in primary and general elections?  Why don’t eligible voters actually get out and vote? Read the rest of this entry »


Live Streaming the Utah State Republican Convention

Will Hatch survive?

Utah Republicans eat their own!

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It’s an Old Trick

Usually, if you want to attack somebody effectively in public, you first embrace their integrity, briefly, before laying into them.

That’s why I find this article in the Washington Post so interesting.

Former senator Bob Bennett from Utah doesn’t embrace former president Jimmy Carter briefly, but embraces him for about three fourths of this article before going where he really wants to go:

I urge all of the Tea Partyers to follow Reagan, not Carter. If they want their movement to be more than a wave that crashes on the beach and then recedes back into the ocean, leaving nothing behind but empty sand, they should stop the “gloom talk.” These are not the worst times we have ever faced, nor is the Constitution under serious threat.

Our economy is still the strongest and most resilient in the world. Our government is still capable of responding to the leadership of men and women who believe our problems can be solved. We must not follow the siren song of those who are in a frenzy of despair.

Just can’t get away from that 11th commandment, can you Bob?


Senator Bennett on April 1: Greenhouse Gases Are Good

Via Think Progress:

In 2007, the Supreme Court ruled that the Environmental Protection Agency must regulate greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, under the stipulations in the Clean Air Act. New regulations are expected to be phased in over the next few years.

Interviewed by Megyn Kelly on Faux News, Senator Bob Bennett repeated the standard climate change denialist claim that too much atmospheric carbon dioxide is nothing to worry about. He picked the perfect day to say this.

KELLY: Back in 2007 the United States Supreme Court basically issued a decision saying it was OK for the EPA to start putting its nose into other peoples’ business in this way if it so desired. […]

BENNETT: Greenhouse gas emissions have absolutely nothing whatever to do with clean air. CO2 does not add to pollutants or cause asthma or any of the other things you think of with dirty air. CO2 is actually a nutrient for plants and helps some parts of the continents grow more and have greater vegetation.

Senator Bennett is wrong. Atmospheric CO2 has been linked to elevated ground-level ozone concentrations, which cause 40 percent of the deaths from air pollution. CO2 is a principal greenhouse gas and a cause of anthropogenic global warming.


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