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Reverend Moonie’s Job is Done!

I’m not sure what that job was.

Was it to make lots of money or simply destroy the United States? Was it to make fools of the US citizens and the congress? What ever it was, he surely mooned us; that much is clear! There is also no doubt that George Herbert Walker Bush and his family, other religious leaders, the entire American media and many in congress helped him moon us.


Well, for money, of course, or the darkest medium of exchange, sometimes referred to as “an offer you can’t refuse.” A friendly token of appreciation or something else entirely – most likely, the threat of a political assassination in a respected publication called “The Washington Times”; a publication propped up with billions of illegal cash according to somebody who did his homework many years ago and suffered occupational consequences.

The best way to get the story is to listen to an interview conducted with two brave men who have worked tirelessly to expose this monumental fraud. One of them recounts research which tells ways in which Reverend Sun Myung Moon could have amassed such game changing amounts of money, and the other is a journalist who is an expert on the inner workings of the Moon empire. A video promoting his book follows. It is almost 20 minutes long, but if you want to understand how American culture became so strange, the radio interview and the video below are a MUST HEAR and a MUST SEE, respectively:

Watch The King of America in News  |  View More Free Videos Online at

Some notes:

Although it is widely known that Reverend Sun Myung Moon’s church was considered to be a cult and is even ridiculed by John Belushi in the “Saturday Night Live” video segment provided from the seventies, most information outlets have treated “The Washington Times” with deference over many decades, (including C-Span.) None of these outlets ever mentioned the involvement of Mr. Moon in that publication.

George Herbert Walker Bush acting as former President of the United States gave Reverend Moon essential credibility by taking very large amounts of money in exchange for puzzlingly complimentary speeches in Moon’s favor. Even Moon’s followers were taken by surprise. At least one other member of the Bush family was embellished with riches and – you know who – was helped in his race to “beat” Al Gore by the “Washington Times’s” characteristic smear campaigns of the “dishonest” Gore.

After previously, harshly condemning Reverend Moon, Jerry Falwell accepted millions to save his failing University and praised the action in one of his shameless speeches/sermons, (I don’t know which.)

If you don’t catch anything else from this post, be sure to watch the horrifying/funny segment in the above video starting about five minutes in which recounts some old and quite new lies designed to help supporters of Moon and continues with videos of “The Washington Times” 15th anniversary dinner years before, which includes a speech by Moon which must have sickened the attendees. How many reading this post are more worried about satin then the subject of this post. Why have we been so worried about Rupert Murdock, (who is co-founder with Moon in the “New York Post” publication), and yet totally ignored the influence of Moon at the “water cooler.”

Although former Utah Congressman Chris Cannon was virtually expunged of any involvement in the coronation of Reverend Moon as the new messiah in Utah’s media long ago, “The Washington Times” listed him as a contributor to the effort here.

I hate to say this, but even public radio and television have not exposed this fraud. Tony Blankley, (also Newt Gingrich’s press secretary for seven years), has been allowed to go on countless radio and television programs as a pundit. Although he is routinely sucker-punched by the facts on those programs by their participant’s, he is invited back on, endlessly. Personally, I think a “three lies and you’re out” program should be implemented. David Brooks is on PBS’s “News Hour” almost every night despite the fact that he got his “cred” from Moon’s “Washington Times” and another awful and totally partisan publication called “The Weekly Standard.” I’m sure there are others who were weaned and introduced into our national conversation by Moon’s corrupt system, (possibly hundreds or more, (I have to work and I’m not even a journalist, so I have no idea)), but I’ll just bet you David and Tony are doing OK financially. I’ll just bet you others have branched out from pretty well paid jobs as “journalists/pundits” from similar organizations. JUST SAYIN’

Four American newspapers, (all right!) 🙂

New York Times, Washington Post, New York Post, Washington Times.

My theory of why American newspapers are dying is that Americans can’t tell truth from fiction. I’m not sure if they ever could. I believe this is by design. Where do we go from here?

To reiterate:

Read this.

Listen to this. (What is the deal with Gordon Liddy?)

Watch this.

You decide.


Buh Bye Chris Cannon or No More Pork for Utah

What a pleasant surprise to wake up to. Arguably one of the most shameless and despicable Republicans in modern history has been unceremoniously sent packing.Buh Bye Chris Cannon

We’ve done our best over the years to hurt soon-to-be-FORMER Congressman Chris Cannon, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine Utah republicans would do the deed themselves.

But did Utah Republicans trade in Cannon for another version of backward-thinking bravado, or did they do it to make sure a Democrat wins the seat in November so they can have some representation in Congress? But I don’t think they’re that smart.

Far as I can tell know one has told West Jordan and Utah County that the Republican revolution is over.

No more pork for Utah.

3rd District primary: Rep. Cannon spiked by newbie Chaffetz
Incumbent not even close in re-election bid


It’s turning out to be one of those weeks . . .

It’s been a fun week already at the Trib’s discussion boards thanks to Zach Maxfield of Logan who wrote that Mormons aren’t homophobes, they just love gay people so much they want them to become straight people. Okay, I’m paraphrasing. Zach’s exact words were:

[God] counsels us to never condone or accept evil behavior. Homosexual acts degrade the individual, the family and society . . . Salt Lake City should not support those who act on homosexual feelings by facilitating benefits for partners living together. Not having such benefits does not erode someone’s freedom to choose homosexuality.

Mormons do not hate homosexuals. We invite them to our Sunday meetings and pray that by showing them our love they will feel of God’s love for them and understand that living God’s laws of marriage will bring them lasting peace and happiness in this life and the next. Many Mormons oppose any government action that directly or indirectly supports homosexuality. We are not being bigoted and hateful – we are helping keep society’s morals on the track of prosperity and virtue.

The letter has well over 200 comments, including the usual litany of gay bashing nonsense and lots of fun whining on behalf of Mormons who claim they are the real victims of hate and bigotry – and that it’s the gay people who are oppressing the Mormons. The sludge aside, the Trib’s discussion boards are at time bracing. There was however some relatively vigorous debate about the nature of sexual orientation, the questions of civil rights and religious freedom. I tend to dismiss arguments about religious freedom and gay marriage as flawed – allowing same gender couples the right to legally marry in no way abridges anyone’s religious freedom any more than allowing non-religious marriage ceremonies abridges the right of couples to have religious ceremonies, or than does allowing inter-faith marriages abridges the right of persons of faith to believe you should not have interfaith marriages.

Arguments about “condoning” homosexuality (or as Zach puts it, “supporting those who act on homosexual feelings”) strike me misguided Read the rest of this entry »

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Authoritarianism Revisited

I think we are reaching a nadir in the American consciousness. There are so many indicators both large and small. The surprising populist movement lead by Barack Obama is an obvious one. The changing language and focal points of the Right-Wing are another. Almost no one is left in the media nor in politics who defends Bush. Most are running FROM Bush (returns 454 results).

I long wondered how long it would take for people who voted for Bush to admit it and apologize. We began first seeing them in ’05.

Well, I am one of those “Buyer’s Remorse” republicans and I can’t think of a good way to have it rubbed in my face how wrong I was to support Shrub in Ought-Four.

But I never expected to hear self-confessed, life-long Republicans saying, “I will never vote for another Republican as long as I live” (see C-Span’s Washington Journal on almost any day). You can also find such comments all over the web these days.

I have been a Republican for 20 years , I will never vote Republican as long as I live after what I have seen George Bush get us into, I am not a Democrat either

…sometimes the democrats get too minutely detailed and wonky. but after the utter lies, disasters, greed, disregard for working and middle class people and incompetence of the bush-cheney-rumsfeld-wolfowitz-rightwing-aipac era, i’ll take ANY of the democrats up there now and I will never vote republican again in my life!

An exact Google search on “I will never vote republican again” returns over 2000 results. Try a few variations and you’ll find hundreds of thousands!

I’ve decided to begin to build a links list of source material and references (see homepage sidebar) to serve this kairos moment, to help educate us all on this kind of mental illness, this stifling fear of change, this tribal conformity — which lurks in the nicest people — called Authoritarianism. OneUtah authors were among the first to write about it in this genre.

One of the references I found is from Wikipedia and, I think, should ring true for many Americans and many Utahns in the news and not in the news these days.

From here:

Research has discovered a wide range of Right-Wing Authoritarianism (RWA) scale relationships over the years, which can be organized into four general categories. (The Authoritarian Specter)

1: Faulty reasoning — RWAs are more likely to: Read the rest of this entry »


We’ve moved beyond Irony (Chris Buttars is an idiot edition)

It’s almost impossible to make fun of Chris Buttars – given his level of obvious stupidity, irony, sarcasm and satire fall short of the embarrassing reality of this bigoted little man who likes the rush of power he feels when people call him “Senator.”

In Buttars latest move to become the poster boy for bigots, he declared a bill was:

“This baby is black. It’s a dark, ugly thing.”

I don’t know what his problem is, I don’t actually care, but someone needs to put him out to pasture. (Oh, and I looked it up – the bill in question was SB48 – and he voted for it.)


Crandall Canyon: Old Disaster, New Direction

What’s left to say about the disaster that is Crandall Canyon? The federal government and a strident, political mine owner tell us they know what they’re doing. They refuse help from a highly-trained, unionized mine rescue team. They ignore reports showing continuous, human-induced seismic activity in the mountain. Now, after more than a week of virtually no progress, a huge toll on manpower and human emotions, three miners are killed and six injured in a rescue attempt that had only gotten one-third of the way to the trapped miners. Heckuva job, Blackie.

Many residents of the area and all of Utah have turned against mine owner Robert Murray for his lack of candor, his politicizing of the disaster, ignoring scientific evidence, denying dangerous procedures and safety conditions, and that’s just the top of the list. But instead of directing rage at the obvious targets, let’s look at what should be done- unless of course, you buy the propaganda and think coal is indispensible and we must die either getting it or breathing it.

As I wrote earlier here, we don’t need coal anymore. Utah has an abundance of alternative energy sources available now: solar, geothermal, wind, biomass, hydro, and yes, nuclear to name the major players. Some things are worth dying for: freedom, love, honor, maybe Doritos. Coal is not. Those days ended years ago. The coal industry knows it. That’s why they’re cutting costs and lashing out, desperate to hang on to what little credibility and ill-gotten wealth they have left.

Utah stands at a crossroads in this state’s history. We can choose to continue to watch miners die crushing, torturous deaths to satisfy the lust of the Robert Murrays of America. We can continue to watch our children develop respiratory diseases, and sit idly in their classrooms because they can’t go outside to play due to an air pollution alert. Or we can choose a new, safer, healthier direction that promises to be as economically dynamic as coal began centuries ago.

Congress, our president, and our legislature must all act now to improve mine conditions while mapping strategy with Gov. Huntsman’s task force to wean Utah off fossil fuels, especially coal, for the sake of our miners, our children, and everyone who lives here and downwind (notice I didn’t even mention global warming). We as individuals must cut our power use to cut coal burning and improve our air. And we must consider investing in renewable energy sources for our homes and vehicles just as we would getting a new roof, building an addition or taking a luxury vacation. Congress, our president, and state legislature must approve more subsidies to help lower-income homebuyers and owners to afford renewable energy systems, like other states already have.

If we don’t, things will get a lot worse before they get better. More of us will die young: crushed beneath tons of black rock, or from pollution-related health problems that now account for 40% of the world’s deaths.

Enough is enough. The time to act is now.

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What About a Sin Tax For War Profiteering?


Utah Mine Collapse: Turning Point in Renewable Energy, Clean Air Debate?

Listening to Crandall Canyon mine owner Robert Murray on TV the other day, I heard him but saw only rainbows, twinkling stars and happy children playing outside in the middle of January. Here was the operator of a notorious facility in a notorious industry not pulling the community together and giving us the truth about what really caused the collapse that’s trapped the six miners near Huntington, but covering his own smouldering behind and using the free air time to bad mouth reporters, environmentalists, the Democrat Congress, renewable energy advocates and- perhaps most shocking of all- seismologists (how can you knock a seismologist, Bob?).

Murray probably stands to lose billions if insurance doesn’t cover the disaster because it wasn’t an earthquake, as he insists but the evidence refutes, or other act of Nature. Despite the evidence, Murray denies his workers were engaging in “retreat mining,” the controversial and dangerous practice of closing a shaft by knocking down the coal pillars supporting its ceiling, even though his company asked for and got permission to do so in 2005. Murray’s unapologetically torqued his employees and their families, the news media, the Hispanic community and- perhaps most shocking of all- seismologists (they seem like such nice people).

He seems to be disintegrating in an emotional, media-fueled molecularizer. But was it just the cave-in that’s caused his anguish? Or is it an accelerating wave of scientific data, public opinion, court decisions and business trends that are driving him to a public nervous breakdown rivaling his new temporary Utah neighbor Lindsay Lohan? (oh, if she would just hold a news conference, my week would be complete.)

After it’s over, and the miners are hopefully rescued, Bob Murray and Crandall Canyon may, ironically, be the best thing that ever happened to renewable energy and the clean air movement in Utah. 90% of the state’s power comes from coal. But recent decisions by Gov. Huntsman, a new PUC-approved program by Rocky Mountain Power of consumer incentives (details yet to be announced), and refusals by nearby states and even Utah communities to accept power from the proposed new Delta coal-fired plant have put the entire coal industry, not to mention their miners, on extremely shaky ground. More renewable energy is built in Utah every day as more confirmation of the world’s changing climate emerges.

Groups like Utah Moms for Clean Air are empowered and on the move after last winter’s choking inversions. Still, the Republicans in the state legislature and Congress rest comfortably inert on the sacks of cash the industry regularly feeds them. Nothing the green movement, climate change research, Utah’s emerging renewable energy industry, melting glaciers, unbreathable air, children not allowed to go outside or anything anyone else has done or said has kicked them into action yet on subsidies for renewable energy R&D, new incentives for consumers and power companies or other progressive legislation curtailing coal use. Perhaps it will take the ravings, incompetence and lies of one of their own to convince them that the times they are a changin’. And they may also discover it’s not nice to piss off a seismologist.


Nevada Democrat Senator Does More to Help Utah Than Our Own Republican Guys; Excuse Me, I Have to Take This

Let me begin by saying I apologize. I’ve been gone promoting my new movie, hob-nobbing with Hollywood bigshots and lowlifes, and basking in the human-induced tanning machine that is southern California for a while (note driving with the top down and AC off to prevent damage to ozone-layer but lack of hands-free cell headset to avoid collision with daily high-speed police chase). The air there is nearly as bad as it is along the Wasatch Front but, hey, they’ve got Rodeo Drive. I’ve been trying to keep up on the environmental news in Utah which, frankly, has been pretty darn putrid. Smoke from wildfires, heat waves causing record usage of coal-generated electricity, drought sucking water right out of the gutters where we just sprinkled it and, of course, our visionary Republican federal and state leaders doing their best to handcuff the people who vote these power tools into office year after year to the smokestacks, vehicles and cooling units they order us to use. But Messrs. Bennett and Hatch, Bishop and Cannon et al might’ve been singed a little from this Trib editorial about how Sen. Harry Reid of Nevada cares more about Utah’s air than our own representatives (permalink). Don’t expect anything to change though. Everyone knows who covers the bill for their campaigns. It might be a better investment for “The Fossil Fantasy Four” to just give the thousands they get from power company and oil lobbyists and buy subscriptions to the Deseret News for every resident of Utah. Then we’d all be lost in the ozone with them.


The Stupidest Thing Said on July 8, 2007

Rep. Chris Cannon

Via Talking Points Memo: Rep. Chris Cannon explains why he thinks the Scooter Libby case completes the task left undone by the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, i.e. proving that there are serious penalties for perjury and obstruction of justice.

Go to the link above for a brief but thoroughly nonsensical clip.

Aramis on Wasatch Watcher sums up Cannon: “Clinton lied and we never got to throw him in jail, so that makes this perfectly OK.”

UPDATE: In the same interview, Rep. Cannon says US Attorney David Iglesias in New Mexico “was fired because he’s an idiot.” Maybe Cannon ought to look in the mirror.

UPDATE: Just for the record, in case anybody has forgotten, President Clinton was acquitted of all charges and Scooter Libby was convicted. As I recall, President Clinton apologized to the nation for his own unjust impeachment because it undermined trust in the executive branch. When can we expect an apology from Libby for putting us through a years-long investigation and coverup?


Jane Stillwater Reporting from Baghdad!

What with yesterday’s Chris Cannon blogconference, there has been some talk about bloggers looking for chances to do some first-hand reporting.

What do you know, a blogger from Berkeley, California is leading the way. Take a look at Jane Stillwater’s Web Log. Jane is a 64-year-old grandmother who got herself accredited with the crackpot journal Lone Star Iconoclast and somehow made it to the Green Zone press room in Baghdad. She shows up at press briefings and asks the kind of questions an ordinary non-reporter American would ask, confounding the likes of Senator John McCain and Major General William B. Caldwell IV.

Compared to Michelle Malkin’s uninformative three-day propaganda excursion, Jane’s blog is a masterpiece of irony and acute observation from a unique perspective. They aren’t used to left-wing bloggers in the Green Zone, and don’t know what to do with her. She doesn’t just “support” the troops, she loves them like only a grandmother could. And can she write!

These men are my boys. Hurt them and you have to go through me. Hear that, George Bush? These men aren’t just action figure toys for you to play with. These are real, living human beings. Sincere. Serious about doing their jobs — and doing them well. They deserve better than the blunders of GWB. They deserve respect. They’ve got mine.

This is from her account of John McCain’s career-ending press conference following what may be the most heavily-armed rug shopping excursion in history:

So. What did I say to Sen. McCain? I gave him my famous “Light Brigade” speech. “I have been so completely impressed,” I began, “by the quality, training, competence and skill of our troops here. They represent yet another generation in a long line of competent and capable Americans.” McCain smiled and nodded his head, thinking I had finished my speech. Not.

“But,” I continued, just getting warmed up, “our troops are also like the heroes of Lord Tennyson’s poem, ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade.’ They are fighting bravely and well in a situation caused by a blunder. So why should we senselessly continue to put our troops in harm’s way for a mistake?” …

Then I got down to the heart of my question. Giving McCain that special look that us moms usually reserve for recalcitrant children, I said, “And after this terrible blunder in Iraq, are you then going to go ahead and make that same horrible mistake in Iran?”

McCain’s answer was brief. “No comment.”

From Jane’s interview conducted at the Iraqi Parliament, which she left just an hour before a suicide bombing:

“Pardon me, do you speak English,” I asked two female parliamentarians who were sitting around the cafeteria during a lunch break. They did. One was an attorney and the other was a university professor. And they were ready, willing and able to talk!

“The main thing we want right now is security,” said the lawyer. “Right now there are no jobs, our schools are weak and there are military in the roads. Our lives have been stopped. We want to be able to safely walk on our streets without the presence everywhere of tanks and the military — like any other community would want.”

“At first, when the Americans first arrived,” said the professor, “we had hope. Now there are no hopes.” She couldn’t understand why the Americans invaded. “For money and power?” In the beginning thetwo parliamentarians had been against Saddam. “But now we prefer him to America, who caused this terror. They are the invisible hand behind the terrorists. They pushed the terrorists to do it. However, now we cannot tell the Americans to go away until they help to subdue the Al Qaeda, terrorists and Baathists that the Americans caused as a reaction from the occupation.”

“I want the American people to know the truth,” said the lawyer. “You cannot believe what the media says. Most of them lie. There have been many more than 3,200 soldiers killed here – because they do not count the…” Her English faltered here and she stretched to try to find the right words. “…mercenaries.” Hummm. “In Basra, Americans released criminals from the jails.” “Over a million Iraqis have been killed. And there are three million refugees.”

The above is a small sampling. It doesn’t do justice to the breadth of her observant first-hand reporting and witty commentary. Jane just has a few more days before she has to leave Iraq. Without any right-wing connections, she was not able to get an “embed” assignment, but being stuck in the Green Zone hasn’t cramped her style. If you have time, read her archives from March and April.


Tightly Controlled Utah Political Bloggers Meeting Tomorrow

Tom Grover of KVNU for The People just called and sent this to me asking if I would go in his stead. I hadn’t been invited oddly enough. As founder of the most popular political blog in Utah, one would think…

But then again, Chris Cannon will be there. One can only assume he’d prefer mainstream progressive Utahns stay away.

I called Dave and asked why OneUtah bloggers weren’t invited. Didn’t really get a good answer.

I happen to have an 11am meeting on campus, so I’ll take Dave up on his invitation and check it out. I encourage any off you contributing authors to come.

You can submit and vote on questions for Cannon here

Details and press release below.

Hi Tom:

>  I thought you would be interested in knowing about a political blogging
>  event next Wednesday -- more info shown below and attached.
>  We've only invited political bloggers/media and have only 25 seats
>  available.
>  Please reply if you'd like to talk more about it or to RSVP - [LINK:
>      947-3853 - direct
 >  -Dave Jarvi

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Read the rest of this entry »


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