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Claudia Wright for Utah

The 2008 election was a “change election” that was won by the party that promised change. They didn’t deliver. The disappointment of most Americans since then has made 2010 an anti-incumbent year.

Claudia Wright for Utah: “People want representatives to represent them, not the interests of the wealthy.”

Jane Hamsher on FDL:

[S]ince the 2008 election, the principal agenda of Barack Obama, Rahm Emanuel and the Democratic Party has been to siphon off the financial patronage that the GOP has long enjoyed. And they do that by successfully fulfilling corporate ambitions that have not changed. Disgraced neoliberal corporatists are all too willing to wrap themselves in the mantle of “progressivism” as a way to re-brand a product that the public no longer wanted to buy.

Progressives thought they had won a battle for the soul of America. What they got was a battle for control of K Street.

Rep. Matheson, like the rest of the Blue Dog Caucus, was ahead of the curve when it came to betraying the people who put him in office.

John Saltas, City Weekly:

Jim Matheson entered office nearly a decade ago upon the backs of tens of thousands of formerly disenfranchised Democrats, their hopes pinned tightly to him. He turned on them. Forget the narcoleptic argument that his district is equally rural, equally Republican and his votes reflect his constituents’ wishes—he’s been consistent at licking that shoe from Day 1.

We ought to start anew. It’s an anti-incumbent election this time.


Why I’m Voting For Claudia Wright

What is the outcome when you give Democratic primary voters an actual Democrat to vote for? Ask Rep. Joe Sestak, who won yesterday’s election in Pennsylvania:

“This is what democracy looks like,” said Sestak, a retired Navy admiral who served in the Clinton White House. …”I will never forget that it was the people of Pennsylvania that made it happen tonight.”

Can it be done here? Can we replace a Republicrat with a genuine Democratic candidate? Why not?

Claudia Wright for UtahFrom the Claudia Wright for Utah website:

Utah is infamous for having record-breaking low voter turnouts, and consequentially, the 2010 Congressional election belongs to anyone who can get the voters out. With enough energy, motivation, and dedication, I believe that my campaign can bring formerly disillusioned or uninspired District Two voters to the polls, by offering them a candidate who is worthy of their time, energy, and votes.

It’s people-powered politics. And this election finally got me motivated to change my Republican party registration to “unaffiliated,” so I can vote for Claudia on June 22.

Check out Operation Chaos Utah Conservatives for Claudia Wright. They are trying to get Republicans to change their registrations en masse so they can vote in the Democratic primary. Not likely, because the deadline is only a few days away, and there is a hotly contested Republican primary this year.

UPDATE: Glenn Greenwald has a post on the broad anti-incumbent movement that seems to be gathering momentum:

[I]t’s hard not to be encouraged by the disgust which the citizenry clearly has for the political establishment regardless of party, as well as the resulting (and increasing) fear and confusion on the part of the political class. This sort of citizenry anger can re-arrange political alignments and explode political orthodoxies in fundamental and unpredictable ways.

UPDATE: The Democratic Party has said that anyone can vote in their primary. I read elsewhere that Republicans had to change their party preference to vote in the Dem primary, and just to be on the safe side I switched to unaffiliated. Today’s Salt Lake Tribune reports that the Democrats are correct, and the confusion arose from the rules being different in 2008.


Matheson Forced into Primary With Claudia Wright, Utah Citizens Candidate

Congratulations to Claudia Wright, Tim DeChristopher, Ashley Anderson, Julianne Waters, Jordan, Loren and so many others from Peaceful Uprising for the amazing win!

Claudia got 45% of the delegate vote to Matheson’s 55% at today’s Democratic State Convention.

My take on the story. Tim DeChristopher raised a bunch o’ money for his legal defense, more than was needed, so he and Julie and Michael Mielke decided to for (original site) to inspire others to acts of civil disobedience.

Among PeacefulUprising’s many actions over the past year was to meet with Jim Matheson to help him understand the critical nature of the climate energy problem. Jim of course refused to acknowledge them and kind of pissed them off basically.

At first, they did try to work within the State Democratic Party structure to find a candidate. For obvious reasons to anyone who understands the party system, challenging Jim from within the system wasn’t going to happen.

Having little other choice, they ran a Craig’s List ad to recruit someone to run against him.
The next day, DeChristopher anonymously posted a want ad on Craig’s List seeking a progressive candidate with “a strong commitment to defending fundamental human rights over corporate profits.” The ad listed qualifications for Congress and the annual wage of $174,000. Links to the ad floated around Facebook and Twitter, although most interpreted it as a joke. “[The ad] was put up there partly out of frustration,” DeChristopher says. Lafon adds, “This was after we tried to get as many people as we could to run against Rep. Matheson.”

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More later gotta go.

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