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Mind Control may not be an Option


SALT LAKE CITY (AP) – A trade group for bars and restaurants is asking a federal judge to block Utah legislators from considering input from the Mormon church when drafting future liquor laws.

Look, I am not happy about the way the state legislature is essentially an owned subsidiary of the LDS church. It needs to change. It is strange, immoral, doesn’t serve the needs of the public, and I am pretty sure it isn’t what the founders intended.


First of all, how would that even work? Wouldn’t that require mind control? “block them from considering input”? How is that possible?

Second, I believe the state population is still over 50% LDS, isn’t it? Assuming the church speaks for at least the majority of their members (wild assumption I know) that seems like a significant part of the population. No, a church should not dictate policy, and all too often that happens in Utah, but that is not to say it should be locked out of the discussion either. How about if we consider there might just be a middle ground there somewhere. Right around about, say, they make a statement, their members can consider that statement as a voting public, and then everyone has an equal say.

Sorry if that seems radical.

(Admittedly I also think they should pay taxes in order to get that voice in politics though, so maybe they don’t want my support.)

Third, why is this only liquor laws? If it is a good idea to and is possible (ignoring the first two complaints then) why are liquor laws the only place this applies? Why not marriage laws? Why not education, hell why not everything?

Nothing in this request makes sense.


Sheldon Killpack, Mormonism, Alcohol Consumption and Prohibition

I read in this morning’s Trib that Sheldon Killpack, Senate majority leader is now the former state Senate Majority leader – he has resigned following his arrest for DUI.  The Trib has run two or three stories about Killpack and they have generated a huge amount of public reaction.

I’ve come to see alcohol laws in Utah as a substitute for the Mormon Non-Mormon divide.  For our Mormon friends, family and neighbors, alcohol issues are understood through the lens of morality – alcohol consumption is immoral and any negative consequences are the result of engaging in immoral behavior; immoral choices are tempting and morality is demonstrated by resisting temptation, while giving in to temptation is a sign of moral weakness.  By contrast, for the majority of Non-Mormons (and a great many not so good Mormons), alcohol consumption is a health issue, one that in interpreted in terms of personal choice, in terms of good judgment and bad judgment.  Alcoholism and addiction are diseases.

Killpack’s Mormonism has not been treated relatively softly in the media, but it has been unavoidable.  The D-News for instance reported: Read the rest of this entry »


Rachel explains wacky Utah to the rest of the world

Rachel Maddow does quite a good job with this segment, all about Utah. She brings in Rocky Anderson to explain why, despite some positive moves, the Utah legislature insists on adding some all new wackiness in its liquor laws.

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