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When Racism Died a Little in Utah

Villa Theatre in it's heyday

Villa Theater in it’s hey-day

I don’t know what it is about fried chicken restaurant chains and Salt Lake City, but we somehow played host to the birth of two popular ones last century. Obviously, Kentucky Fried Chicken is still around, but the other one, which was also opening outlets around the country is gone. I’ll get to that later.

I’m old enough to remember what the original KFC, which is still located at 3900 south State Street, looked like. It featured a very large painting of a butt naked child with the caption, “Come As You Are!” Probably something you wouldn’t see today.

The picture above is obviously not a chicken restaurant. It’s the facade of the old Villa Theatre, which was later changed into a rug outlet, at great expense, to keep the structure similar to what it was. The theater was actually pretty famous for it’s day and as late as 2001, was named on a list of ten great classic Theaters in the United States by USA today.

When I was six years old the Villa theater was showing “South Pacific”, and I remember very well how the songs from that movie were being played and sung all over town. The Creators of the play that the movie was based on ran into trouble because of a song in the play called “You’ve Got to Be Carefully Taught”, but demanded the famous anti-racism song be included in the production.

From Wikipedia:

Rodgers and Hammerstein risked the entire South Pacific venture in light of legislative challenges to its decency or supposed Communist agenda.


James Michener, upon whose stories South Pacific was based, recalled, “The authors replied stubbornly that this number represented why they had wanted to do this play, and that even if it meant the failure of the production, it was going to stay in.

Also from Wikipedia:

In 1958, the [Villa Theatre] became famous for showing a 10-month-long run of South Pacific, drawing Patrons from as far as Idaho and Nevada.

If I recall correctly, another great anti-racism movie, (West Side Story), played in Salt Lake for almost 2 Years. I always like to accentuate the good in my community because I’ve lived here all my life. After the Villa put up their huge Cinerama screen, which, at first, required three different synchronized projectors to play a film, I saw some great ones, including my favorite: “2001 A Space Odyssey”. I was buzzing with excitement after that one.

The Villa theatre was a place of wonder, but just down the street was the other national fried chicken chain that had it’s birth in Salt Lake.

My family had a get together and we were going through some very old pictures, when I saw something unbelievable.

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Brawny, Brainy and Funny

The recent events in Ferguson have put a larger spotlight on racism then usual. I ran across this small portion of a 1971 interview with Muhammad Ali.

Ali is a special guy. He was arrogant to a fault, spit in the eye of the military industrial complex, denounced the power structure, religious leanings and bigotry of his country and is beloved by all.

This is why:


Children are Often Oppressed in Religious Households

“Children are often oppressed in religious households”; when I read that line in Mark Galli’s op-ed over the weekend, I literally stopped reading mid-sentence.  Here’s the whole passage:

But the fact that children are often oppressed in religious households suggests that there is indeed something in religion which tempts parents in this way. That temptation is the inherent human fascination with law and control. People become religious for many reasons, good and bad. One for many is that their lives are completely out of control morally and socially, and they see in religion a way to bring order to the chaos. Religion as inner police. Such adherents are attracted to religions, or denominations within religions, that accent discipline and obedience. This happens — surprisingly — even in Christianity.

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Its Confirmed. The Republican Party (GOP) is Racist or Infested With Racists or Something

I think at this point, its pretty clear that racism is rampant in the GOP.  And I think it always was.  It just took a Black man becoming president to bring it back to the surface.


According to Michael Steel, former RNC chair, the Southern Strategy is alive and well.

I’m building a YouTube playlist for your convenience.

Click here for more GOP racial slurs.

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Make of This What You Will

I’d call it a turning point.

John Nichols and Thom Hartmann are very careful to not say something which isn’t true. I can only wish I had the time to do the same.

So you think if this beautiful young man had been carrying a gun instead of skittles and shot the white guy: he would have been given the same rights to a fair trial.

Come on! Get real!


Walks like a duck, talks like a duck, looks like a duck…

… must be a fish.

After all, it can’t be bigotry, ’cause they keep telling us how they aren’t!

The Conservative Political Action Conference, going on right now, will not include pro-equality Republican group GOProud, which was ousted after fury from religious right groups involved in the conference. But it did include white supremacists.

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Marilyn Davenport: A Racist Teabagger From OC California.


Speaking of nameless cowards, there is one alleged “coward” in southern California we should be grateful to for exposing Marilyn Davenport, a Southern California Tea Party activist and member of the central committee of the Orange County Republican Party, as a racist teabagger.  Indeed, a teabagger to which all the majority of teabaggers might someday aspire were they honest enough to come out publicly and admit their true feelings why they resent President and First Lady Michelle Obama occupying the White House.

Here is a shot at Davenport’s handiwork:

Her explanation?

Oh, come on! Everybody who knows me knows that I am not a racist. It was a joke. I have friends who are black. Besides, I only sent it to a few people–mostly people I didn’t think would be upset by it.

But Marilyn apparently does not see her being labeled a racist a joking matter:

After this story was published, she sent another email to fellow California conservative activists. It demanded to know the identity of “the coward” who supplied [The Weekly] with a copy of her offensive email.

Nice joke, Marilyn!!  Oh, and thank you Jesus for this “coward.”

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Rep. Gabrielle Giffords Shot; four to six others reported dead (updated)

According to MSNBC, Rep. Giffords was shot point blank in the head at a public event in Tucson.

There are few details at this point.

NPR and MSNBC are reporting the congresswoman is dead, as are six others.  The shooter is in custody.

UPDATE 12:50 p.m. – MSNBC is now reporting the congresswoman is in surgery – she’s not dead but she is very critical.


Meet the Greasy White Spineless Underbelly of America; the Racist, Pro-Gun, Tea Party Movement Goes to Washington…Almost

There is little more that needs to be said about the anti-“We, the people” pro-gun movement. It it all summed up in this video of Alabama Militia Leader Mike Vanderboegh. For the most part, the fanatic pro-gun crowd are cowards. Thats why they are so scared and that’s why almost no one showed up despite the free advertising provided courtesy of Fox News Scum.

Thanks to The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence for the video.

Signs reading “Which part of ‘shall not be infringed’ confuses you?” and bright orange stickers saying “Guns save lives” dotted the crowd at the Washington Monument. Across the Potomac River in Alexandria, former Alabama Minutemen leader Mike Vanderboegh told the crowd armed confrontation should be reserved only for instances of the government threatening people’s lives.

However, he said it might be justified if people face arrest for refusing to buy insurance under the health care reform package recently passed by Congress.

“If I know I’m not going to get a fair trial in federal court … I at least have the right to an unfair gunfight,” Vanderboegh said. Source

For those of you too young to remember, this is the nothing more than a newly branded Klu Klux Klan.

Where is Alan (Coward) Korwin?



“All them worthless Niggers that voted for that Nigger Obama.”

This is an actual voice mail received at Rep John Lewis‘ congressional office. The caller calls Obama and John Lewis “Nigger” a bunch of times. Is he a Tea “Partyer?” Sure sounds like one to me. But for the use of the “N”-word, the language and references are IDENTICAL to protest signs we see at KKK meetings Tea Party rallies.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Defenders of The Tea Party will argue that this caller does not represent them. The point is that the nature and origins (anti-Obama) of the Tea Party movement purposefully and UNAPOLOGETICALLY, appeals to and targets these kind of people, racists.

Classic example: Tea Party favorite for New York Governor, Carl Paladino refuses to apologize for racially charged comments. Why? Because HE KNOWS that racial rhetoric “appeals to the lowest instincts in man” and to “a mob mentality,” and the racist core of the Tea Party.

In other news today, Virginia’s Republican Governor Bob McDonnell has declared April to be “Confederate History Month,… McDonnell says that the Confederate history “should not be forgotten, but…remembered, [that its leaders] fought for their homes and communities and Commonwealth in a time very different than ours today.”

Everyone knows the subject of  “Confederate” means nothing more and nothing less than racism.  So why?

WHY would a politician deliberatly associate himself with racism? Answer, to appeal to racists voters.

And THIS is why The Tea Party cannot produce a platform much less a coherent reason for hating Obama because “you can’t say it out load,” unless hiding behind and phone.

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“Teabonics:” A Failure of Public Education

“This is freaking hilarious! “Teabonics” – or the interesting ways that “Tea Party” activists spell things. It’s like they’re proud of being ignorant.” – Bryan Shot on Facebook

Obama Looses his job

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Freeper Literature Reaching New Heights – Cliff’s Pick

There is little grace or beauty in the Obama-Hating crowd. For they are generally dull and uninformed people.

This comment posted on TheDonovan (Johan Goldberg Fans) struck me as uniquely articulate as it is incredulous.  Extra points for writing skills.

A must read.


If by ‘concrete-headed, ignorant, and arrogant group of people,’ you mean those of us who were (and remain) unimaginably pissed off by the unjustified 9/11 attacks on our country, and by the pussified, back-biting, loathsome egoism of the failing-state Eurabians and their US-wannabee-but-can’t-stand-themselves for-it cousins, the Canadians, I can only say I’m glad to be counted among them. Moreover, everyone across the water or the border who doesn’t like it can just kiss my ‘concrete-headed, ignorant, and arrogant’ American a$$.

It may look like strength to people who have no courage, no dignity, and no history of standing up for themselves or taking care of themselves, but from here it looks like little ‘Bama-boy’s taken the ‘please don’t hurt me’ approach to dealing with mean people and bullies. He may have a plan, and he may be following a script designed to play well in washed-up old Europe or among the inbred-misogynists of the middle east or in dying Russia, but most Americans see Europe and even Canada as the Lands of Lost….well…Everything. For many of us, the rest of the West has no strength, no dignity, no reason even to exist, except to take without giving, to demean without leading–to serve as nothing but an example of the decrepitude and self-pitying, pap-eating, soylent green future the rest of the world will face if it follows the same self-destructive path.

And people wonder why I am so totally for open immigration? How could anyone who can think or see what is happening to Europe, Russia, Canada, and Japan not be!

You know, a very smart fellow named Thomas Cahill wrote an excellent book titled “How the Irish Saved Civilization,” in which he discusses how Ireland became the storehouse of western knowledge and culture during the dark ages. It may be a bit of stretch to say so, but as I see it, most of the West is facing another dark ages, except it won’t recover from this one because all the life–the core essence of humanity that fuels our survival–has finally been all but bred out of the overly nice, overly peace-loving peoples of the Western world.

And the US? Well, if we don’t allow ourselves to become like the continental Europeans, if we keep encouraging immigration and letting our nation evolve as new peoples and new bloodlines are added to it, the US will survive intact and probably even prosper. And the connection to Cahill’s book is this: I see the US taking on the role of Ireland during the dark ages. All of us here today, regardless of our status or caste are descended from the smart and the tough who left those old places to find better places. We all carry within us what I’ve heard referred to as the ‘warrior’ gene, which in this case means the essence of that inner fire that makes people fight to survive–the drive that God put in all the strongest species on the planet. If the West falls into ruin and decay, it damn sure won’t be because the U.S. took it there, it’ll be because the old world finally collapsed in on itself, just as the Warsaw pact did in the ’90s

In fact, I suspect India and China are evolving toward primacy on Earth, but the US will be there too, only we’ll be there alone of the western nations (except maybe Britain and Germany, both of which may still have it in themselves to fight their way back from the brink of dissolution). As for the rest, I suspect these are the end days, give or take 100 years, which is really funny considering how the rest of the world looks at the US with disdain and loathing. Personally, I’d say they need to look to themselves and forget about us because the barbarians are hammering at the gates again, only this time they’re bringing babies and a religion that says ‘Europe is a disease. Islam is the cure.’

And finally, although I hate to see Islam win, I can’t say I mind the idea of Europe losing. Maybe it’s time for some new management over there, and the reign of some people who–if nothing else–don’t think of themselves as too smart or too intelligent to talk to God, or too cool to even allow for his existance.  People who may not agree with our choice of God, but who also don’t mock us as ignorant hicks for believing, the way most Europeans do.

And you say we’ve a group of “concrete-headed, ignorant, and arrogant” people?  Yeah, pot and kettle to me, my friend… pot & kettle.



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