Since CNN seems unclear: Yes, Jews Are People

Because, in point of fact, this was an actual discussion topic on CNN yesterday.

No, it’s not clickbait.  It actually fucking happened.

Fuck CNN.

You can watch the segment here.



Hey Trump Supporters – You’ve Been Had

Yep – it seems after a year of encouraging shouts of “Lock her up” and vowing, in the presidential debates, to prosecute her, Trump has decided to not pursue charges against Hillary Clinton.

Although the billionaires will be getting their tax cuts.


These People Are Evil and Have NO PLACE in American Public Life

Oh.  My.  Fucking.  God.

This video from The Atlantice is genuinely horrifying – White Nationalist (aka neoNazis) shouting “Hail Trump” while the entire room gives the Nazi salute.

If you aren’t horrified and offended, you need to take a deep breath and realize that actual Nazis are celebrating Trump’s victory.




Welcome to the dawn of a new unified Tea-GOP government


Actually Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said, “Welcome to the dawn of a new unified Republican government.” But ever since former Speaker John Boehner famously declared that there is no difference between the Tea Party and the Republican Party, I have always used the term Tea-GOP.

What is to be done? Well, trying to work with Trump isn’t an option.

Rep. Ruben Gallego (D-AZ):

Given everything we know about Donald Trump — and everything we don’t know — I was alarmed by the words of senior leaders from both the progressive and centrist wings of the party regarding their openness to working with Donald Trump on infrastructure.

Under ordinary circumstances, we would welcome a plan to invest in infrastructure — even if that plan came from the other side of the aisle. Especially if it came from the other side of the aisle!

But Donald Trump is not an ordinary politician. He is a con artist. He has refused to give the American people reason to believe that he is not in this to enrich himself. In fact, he has bucked tradition by maintaining his family’s interest in a private corporation.

And, unfortunately, his infrastructure plan is really a privatization scheme, rife with graft and corruption, whose real purpose is to enrich the Trump family and his supporters. He is not reaching out. He is reaching his hand into America’s pockets, just as he has his whole career. And we must not let him do it.

Democrats, progressives, and independents have to fight Trump using every means available.

Trump is tremendously unpopular, and he will rapidly lose support. Did Trump voters know that they were voting for more tax cuts for the rich and corporations and Medicare phase-out? No, they were lied to. Oh, and Trump’s first “job creation” idea is a federal government hiring freeze.

Anyone who yelled “Drain the swamp!” at a Trump rally cannot be encouraged to learn that Trump has already established the most corrupt administration in our lifetimes, and he still has two months to go to Inauguration Day.

In the quite reasonable assumption that Trump, imitating former President George W. Bush, racks up vacation days while outsourcing policy to Speaker Ryan and an assortment of extremists appointed to key posts like the National Security Advisor and Attorney General, he is on track to inherit Bush’s title as Worst President Ever.

According to some economic indicators, economic stagnation may have already tipped over into recession. If our new Tea-GOP government is able to enact tax cuts for the rich and benefit cuts for everybody else, this recession could be worse than the last one.


Zero Democracy In No Time At All



Some Americans get really angry when you use that word, saying… “WE’RE NOT A DEMOCRACY, WE’RE A REPUBLIC!”, “WE’RE NOT A DEMOCRACY, WE’RE A DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC!”, “WE’RE NOT A DEMOCRACY, WE’RE A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC!” And last but not least: “DEMOCRACY IS MOB RULE!”.

I never understood the rage. If we’re not a democracy, why did George W. Bush, and every other politician say we were spreading democracy around the world.

Today, Nixon and Reagan would be considered too liberal to be president. Fake conservatives have moved the goalposts out of the ballpark. The worst parts of the Nixon administration have been moved to the forefront:


So, about Trump’s Muslim Registry

A registry of Muslims, on its face, violates the Constitution.  It is so blatantly a violation of religious freedom that it should not be even be considered.  Trump himself is trying to back away from it (see this clip from last night’s Rachel Maddow show), despite the fact that just yesterday Kris Kobach said he was considering it.

Lots of Trump supporters love the idea. It was part of his appeal to many of is voters.  It played into existing fears, stoked by conservatives, that Muslims are “the enemy.”  A Georgia legislator had proposed a ban on Muslim headscarves (but has backed off after a backlash).

Like many people, I’m horrified at the idea. I have no reason to believe Donald Trump won’t try to create some sort of Muslim registry – he’s on tape saying he supports it.  If it exists, I expect every conservative Christian who has ever worried about religious freedom to be first in line to register.



There is NO upside to cooperating with a Trump Administration

Democrats are currently saying how glad they’ll be to cooperate with the Trump administration on all sorts of projects.  After 8 years of absolute Republican obstructionism, this approach is quite literally madness. Democrats are arguing they will work with him on certain things – such as infrastructure – while opposing him on other things such as a national registry for Muslims.

That’s lunacy.

There is no upside to working with Republicans. None. Not on any issue.  Democrats who vote with Republicans are voting for their own political oblivion.  Barack Obama will be painted, by Republicans, as a failed president who left a YUGE mess for his successor to clean up. Republicans will portray Democratic support for anything as proof Obama and liberal policies failed, despite the fact that by every measure we’re far better off now than we were in 2008.

If Republicans want a bill, make them pass it.  If the recent past is any guide, that’s not going to happen. Let the Republicans raise the deficit and let Dems scream about it.  Let Republicans raise the national debt. They can own all of it.  No more Mr. or Ms. Nice Democrat.


Clinton’s Popular Vote Lead Passes a Million

Hillary Clinton’s popular vote lead has passed a million votes.

In 2016, the disconnect between the popular vote and the electoral college vote is remarkable. Twice in 16 years, the popular vote winner has not won the presidency.  What we’re seeing this year is a stark divide between rural and urban America.  Half the US population is clustered in 146 US counties.  Those counties match (although not exactly) the counties that voted for Clinton.

Based on the actual vote totals we’re seeing, it looks as if the big difference between Clinton 2016 and Obama 2012 is in the magnitude by which they lost rural America.  To put it simply, in 2012 about 60% of rural America’s votes were cast for Romney; in 2016 about 80% of rural America’s votes were cast for Trump.  IOW, it’s not so much that Democrats lost in places they won four years ago, it’s that they lost much bigger. Pennsylvania, as for example, Clinton did better than Obama in the urban suburban areas but the avalanche in rural America overwhelmed that advantage.

With the remaining votes to be counted, it’s probable Clinton will end up with a popular vote lead of somewhere around 1.5 to 2 million votes. Trump won the presidency but cannot claim a governing mandate. Over the next four years, we need to keep reminding him and the Republicans that he was NOT popularly elected.



None Dare Call It Child Abuse

Parents everywhere you, your child’s teachers, and professors have been emotional, socially, and mentally abusing your children.

We as a society are poisoning our children’s minds. We are teaching them to hate themselves, hate their people and despise their country all in the name of stopping hate.

The damage we are doing to our children has stunted their developmental, intellectual, and societal growth as well as critical thinking skills. Our kids can no longer react rationally or adapt to disappointment or loss or tolerate people who think different than them.

Our Schools and colleges are poisoning our children’s minds with “political correctness” that is anything but correct. How can correctness mean you believe that half our country hates other people because they are different or that they see hate as the primary motivator of other people? Their irrational fear is not based on reality or logic but on pure ignorance.

Triggers are terms used for people suffering from emotional and mental conditions. They are not part of well adjusted and happy people. Setting our children in safe spaces is emotionally isolating them and reinforcing their conditions.

We have denied our children the right to have a happy life regardless of their circumstances. Instead, we make them angry and miserable and full of hate. These conditions will hold them back for the rest of their lives and will affect them far more than any other outside influence. It is the oppression of one’s mind.

Demand your colleges and Universities stop poisoning our children’s minds. If we have to, we will need to start lawsuits to crush them financially if they do not stop. Demand they fire professors that are radicalizing them and turning them into mind numb drones. We must petition our government to withdraw funds from Schools that teach hate and stop sending our kids to schools that teach them intolerance and hate.

They may hide behind freedom of speech. But freedom of speech does not mean allowing our children to be mentally and emotionally damaged.

There is a word for hurting a child to pursue your hateful agenda.
It is called brainwashing and yes child abuse of the worst kind.

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Hillary Clinton Wins Presidency In Utah’s Largest County

Results From November 11, 2016

Results From November 11, 2016

Click on “Current Election” here.

Sherrie Swensen may still be counting, because she is an exemplary election official and makes sure every single vote gets counted correctly. That’s why Salt Lake County was shown as electing John Kerry in 2004 and Barack Obama in 2008.

Thanks Sherrie. I can walk around town with less fear now.


Worst Campaign Strategy Ever

Podesta leaves stage
Election night, 2:05 am: John Podesta walks offstage after telling Hillary supporters to go home

The Podesta e-mails confirm what many suspected. The Hillary campaign encouraged the media to promote Trump, thinking he would be easy to beat and that running against a Tea-GOP extremist would make the Dems’ own right-wing candidate seem more acceptable.

How the Hillary Clinton campaign deliberately “elevated” Donald Trump with its “pied piper” strategy


Working Class America Finally Rejects the Rantings and Labels of the Media and the Liberal Elite

No single group is held in more contempt than working class America by our media, academia, and the liberal elite. Once the subject of books by Steinbeck and songs by John Mellencamp and Bruce Springsteen are now looked at with hateful eyes by ignorant city dwellers that give them no thought except to describe them in ugly, false, and libelous terms such as racist and bigots, etc.

These are the men and women who at their wit’s end got fed up and showed the world they still have a voice and rejected the ignorant rants and labels given to them by the media and the liberal elite who have fostered a warped view of these people and the values and beliefs that motivate them. These are the people who came out in droves to elect a man who gave them a voice and the courage to rise and up and be heard.

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