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Hate Crimes in Utah Up 80 Percent; Down in the U.S.

A disturbing report. Hate crimes reported in Utah jumped from 35 in 2006 to 55 in 2007. See SL Trib and KSL.

Nationwide, hate crimes reported were down about 1 percent. But in Utah they are up a whopping 80 percent. Some of this may be accounted for by increased willingness to come forward and report such crimes.

The FBI reported decreases in race and religion crimes, but a 6 percent increase in sexual-orientation crimes. (snip)

In Utah, the FBI reported nine crimes motivated by an anti-gay bias.

[Valerie]Larabee said she often got calls from victims, but they don’t want to report it. “Because they haven’t come out to their friends and family, and they don’t want to lose everything in their surroundings because they’re outed,” Larabee said.

The reader comments in the Trib reveal a sad lack of understanding of what constitutes a hate crime, some opining that ALL crimes are hate crimes. They fail to understand that the motive for some crimes is solely because of bias against race, religion, or sexual orientation.

Each year as the legislature convenes, we hope that a law with teeth might be effected. These statistics show the shameful result of Utah’s weak hate crime law.

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