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Many different paths to 270

Polls would indicate Barack Obama has a comfortable lead in enough states that McCain has almost no chance of getting the 270 electoral votes needed to win the election. But it’s not an impossibility. The Obama campaign is taking no chances. In addition to the states already under intense focus, they have expanded their ad campaign to Arizona, Georgia, and North Dakota–states expected to go red.

The past two presidential elections came down to, well, pretty much Ohio. This election is far different and the mix of states still in play, close to the edge makes it very much a horse race. No-one is calling it yet as the outcome could either be close or it could be landslide. It’s true that McCain has a tougher route to the win than does Obama, but there is still a route.

Even if the ads in Red territory don’t produce wins in those states, they could win supporters and tighten the gap. This helps both in support for the new president as well as looking forward to 2012.

Four days to go!

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