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Media Dinosaurs

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I would like to ask how many people at had ever heard of the ACORN scandal, or ACORN for that matter, till I brought it up? This shows just how pathetic the so called “mainstream” media has become. It is why they are dying Dinosaurs while alternative media such as Fox News, blogs, talk radio and the international press are flourishing. It’s sad when you get more news from the foreign press than the so called free press of the United States.

The Constitution specifically enumerates Freedom of the Press because they are supposed to be the watchdogs of the government, not its cheerleaders. So much of the press have allowed the government and private interests, including big business, to dictate what it prints. The press should be wildly critical and skeptical and hold all politicians, special interests, and business’ feet to the fire. That is why the founders wanted a free press because they knew the dangers of a government controlled press.

There was a time when reporters worked hard to investigate a story to get the scoop. Now they simply regurgitate the faxes and press releases from the very organizations they are covering. If the mainstream media did their jobs the two heroes that posed as pimp and prostitute wouldn’t have had to because ACORN would have been exposed long ago by eager reporters.

Media scrutiny keeps honest people honest and keeps dishonest people at bay, while lack of scrutiny allows corruption to flourish. Corruption is what turns a first world country into a third world country.

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Is All Criticism of Obama Racist?

Well, no. But most of it is as it was during the election. Especially the ACORN association. Its just coded.

Let review.

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It gets worse…

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Michele Bachmann just keeps getting nuttier and nuttier and nuttier

I read that Michele Bachmann, Rep from Minnesota, is not going to complete the full census because of her fear of ACORN.

Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann says she’s so worried that information from next year’s national census will be abused that she will refuse to fill out anything more than the number of people in her household.

In an interview Wednesday morning with The Washington Times “America’s Morning News,” Mrs. Bachmann, Minnesota Republican, said the questions have become “very intricate, very personal” and she also fears ACORN, the community organizing group that came under fire for its voter registration efforts last year, will be part of the Census Bureau’s door-to-door information collection efforts.

“I know for my family the only question we will be answering is how many people are in our home,” she said. “We won’t be answering any information beyond that, because the Constitution doesn’t require any information beyond that.”

The article points out that Bachmann is proud that she has become something of a lightning rod for her “conservative views”. It’s not her conservative views; it’s that she’s apparently a raving and unapologetic lunatic who hasn’t met an insane conspiracy she doesn’t believe. I’ve met some of the folks who work for ACORN and while they are very dedicated, I have yet to meet one with the kind of power Bachmann seems to think they have. Michele Bachmann apparently missed the onramp to reality in the great freeway of life.

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McCain Gave Keynote Speech at ACORN in 2006 and Loved on’em

This is dedicated to my good friend Dick who suffers from a dearth of reliable, honest media sources.

Just heard it on Bill Moyers Journal. I guess we’ll see if that flaming liberal is lying or not.

Proof coming

Here ya go. He’s halfway in.

More details about McCain’s love for ACORN.

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