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“Brilliant, Clever, Cynical” – Palin for VP

Katrina vanden Heuvel used those words to describe McCain’s choice of Palin for VP. Here’s her longer explanation:

KATRINA VANDEN HEUVEL: It’s a new kind of Republican grievance resentment politics. Large – I mean, so much of it is about feeding into the resentment about Hillary Clinton not getting one, the nomination of the Democratic Party, two, the vice-presidential nod. I think it’s a moment though when we need to keep our eyes on the issues, and on the issues, Sarah Palin has a great life story, like John McCain.

She makes some history in her own right. But she’s in lock step with John McCain on the big issues of our time. Whether – I mean, she’s a ferocious anti-choice woman, lifetime member of the NRA. And if women seek a better, more just America, more decent jobs, health care, education, a court that isn’t going to roll back rights, Sarah Palin is not someone you’d consider. But it is focus tested to the nth degree.

The whole discussion at PBS is an interesting read, including comments by Adolph Reed Jr.

My take: The idea that American women are so stupid that they’ll vote for someone just because they have a vagina is insulting. Palin is so far to the right that she can’t even see the middle from where she stands. A vote for Palin would be a vote against everything Hillary Clinton has ever worked for in her political life. How that attracts Hillary many voters remains a mystery.

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