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Sarah Palin Brad Hanson Affair Not Consummated: Whew!


The Enquirer says Sarah Palin told friends the relationship was never "consummated".

Never consummated?  Who hasn’t heard or used that line about a million times?

The next higher level of admission is, "it didn’t mean anything" or "it only happened once."

Look, I don’t want to fault Sarah Palin for having an affair, or even lying about it.  It is a private matter that has nothing to do with her lack of qualifications to be President of The United States.

What it does prove, is that her marriage is strong enough to survive at least one indiscretion.  The same can be said for Bill and Hillary’s marriage…and millions of marriages because it happens ALL THE TIME!

So how should we judge people who cheat on their lovers?  In my opinion, we should limit our criticism to the hypocrisy meter – the gap between what you ask others to believe about you vs what you really are. Put another way, humility.

What chaffs me about Sarah Palin and ALL reactionary social conservatives, is that they want to impose some rigid standard on other people while at the same time, not living up to those standards.

I stole the following list, for your convenience, from Huffpost.  (btw: I originally found references to this article on the Huffington Posts front page.  It is no longer there for some reason, and also not cross referenced on their ‘Politics’, ‘Big News’ OR ‘Sarah Palin’ pages.  It would seem they have decided to down play the article.

Read all about it!.

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