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Boomers step aside

As a teen and young adult in the 60s and 70s, I was disillusioned with the American government particularly because of the Vietnam war and the administrations of Nixon and Johnson, with their roughshod treatment of citizens as well as our Ugly American image abroad. I believed that once my generation came into political power things would change. But then we elected George W. Bush – TWICE – I felt truly disappointed in my own generation. It was not what I had hoped for. My generation had failed to changed the status quo. And rather than bring about peace in the world, we create war where none was warranted.

Today, while listening to analysis coming out about the Obama/Biden election, I heard that the fastest growing blocks of voters are Latinos and African Americans and the youth vote (under 30). These groups are most responsible for turning so many red states blue and electing Obama by a decisive margin. And now they are mobilized, they will have the most say in future elections. The commentator said he thought this would mean difficulties for the Republican Party because it is so tied to the older generations and older ways of doing thing.

Isn’t it interesting to witness a new generation stepping into power? It struck me, this is the first step in making the boomer generation irrelevant. And even though we are only in our 50s and 60s, and hardly dead yet, stepping into the background might really be a good thing. My generation is just so big that everything we do, we overdo. We set trends, we dictate which products succeed or fail, we have controlled outcomes of elections, and as our last dying contribution to American society, we will suck Social Security dry.

The country has had about enough of our 500-pound gorilla approach to everything. Yes, it’s probably time for the younger generation to have a say. I find it beautifully symbolic that there will be young children in the White House once again.

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The Organizer in Chief

Interesting article from the City Journal of the Manhatten Institute (oh yeah…”right wing crazies” at the MI).


“Obama’s nomination will be celebrated as a first for African-Americans. But the racial symbolism may obscure the importance of his presidential run to the tens of thousands of government-funded community groups that stand to benefit from an Obama agenda that’s right out of the 1960s.”




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