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Enjoy a virtual strip search every time you fly

bodyscanHow do you feel about those full body scanners at the airport? Most U.S. airports will have them by the end of 2009. Just how detailed are the scans anyway?

There I was in all my glory. My face was blurred out but the rest of my body was clear as day.
She rotated the black and white 3-D image so I could see every contour of my body, including my private parts. I could see sweat under my arms, the rivets in my jeans and a pack of gum in my back pocket.

Apparently the TSA thinks the scanners are the greatest thing since, well since the ‘puffer’. Remember the puffer? It was supposed to detect explosives by blowing a little puff of air on you. But apparently the technology wasn’t so great and we’ll just be writing off that $30 million mistake.

But now we have this wonderful new technology that allows airport screeners to see you utterly naked. That’s right, every little curve and detail of your naked body is revealed to a man behind a wall. Oh he can’t see your face – it’s blurred out – so don’t worry, no-one will ever see your scans. And they promise the scan is deleted as soon as you are cleared. It can’t be saved, it can’t be printed.

Oh, if ever there was a technology that cried out for abuse. Read the rest of this entry »



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