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AP News Calls Begich the Winner in Alaskan Senate Race

With Mark Begich having a lead now of over 3,000 votes, AP is calling the race over. Only 2,500 votes remain to be counted, making the difference too great to overcome. Begich will go to the senate from Alaska. I suppose this dashes any hopes Sarah Palin had of becoming the next senator upon the inevitable resignation of incumbent and convicted felon (I never get tired of saying that) Ted Stevens.

But more important, it’s one more Democratic vote closer to the magical, filibuster-proof 60.


ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) – Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens has lost his bid for a seventh term.

The longest-serving Republican in the history of the Senate trailed Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich by 3,724 votes after Tuesday’s count.

That’s an insurmountable lead with only about 2,500 overseas ballots left to be counted.

Stevens, who turned 85 Tuesday, also revealed that he will not ask President George W. Bush to give him a pardon for his seven felony convictions.

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Alaska State Pastime: Hunting or Vote Rigging?

Serious problems with vote rigging in Alaska in 2004 (which favored Republicans) were never resolved. This time around the fix is in and puts the smell of rotten fish to shame. I understand Alaska had the largest delta in the country between pre-election polls and final results – as much as 10% in guess who’s race?

Think Republican, convicted felon, old and white. If you didn’t guess Ted Stevens, you are probably a life-long Republican.

Native Alaskan, Shannyn Moore is watching closely.

Four years ago, 313,592 out of 474,740 registered voters in Alaska participated in the election-a 66% turnout. Taking into account 49,000 outstanding ballots, on Tuesday 272,633 out of 495,731 registered Alaskans showed up at the polls; a turnout of 54.9%. That’s a decrease of more than 11% in voter turnout even though passions ran high for and against Barack Obama, as well as for and against Sarah Palin!
Do read the whole thing.

One has to wonder; if the Republicans stopped cheating completely — and they are VERY GOOD cheaters (liars too…oh yeah and criminals) — how many would be left? I mean really. They are already extinct in New England.

Picture Jason Chaffetz caucusing all by himself.

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Unlikely Numbers in Alaska, Ted Stevens’ (The Crook) Race. Updated: Georgia (Chambliss) Too!

Update: Same problem in Georgia, a million missing votes.

From Mud-Flats, Crunching the Numbers in Alaska

In 2004, 66% of registered voters turned out to vote in the presidential election between George Bush and John Kerry.

In 2008, including the votes still outstanding, only 54% of registered voters turned out.

Huh? Lower turnout in the biggest election Alaska has ever had???

And the strangest part of all? Voter turnout in the primaries, before Palin was even on the ticket, was up 12% from 2004. We also had more than 20,000 new registered voters.


As these strange numbers rolled in at Election Central, I was there watching. Here’s how it fell out over time.

With 36% of the precincts reporting:
61.76% for McCain
35.64% for Obama

With 81.3% reporting
61.54% for McCain
35.69% for Obama

With 96.1% reporting
61.29% for McCain
35.96% for Obama

Alaska, like many states, has blue areas and red areas. The Mat-Su Valley, home of Sarah Palin is very very red. Anchorage? Blue. The Kenai Peninsula? Red. Juneau? Blue. You get the idea.

Something is very fishy in Hot Momma Fish Land.

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Could Alaskans Elect a Convicted Felon?

‘There are strange things done in the midnight sun . . .’

The New York Times reports that Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens returned home to a hero’s welcome. Hundreds of supporters cheered while Stevens vowed to appeal his felony convictions and asked voters to re-elect him.

Top Republicans including John McCain and Sarah Palin have called for Stevens to resign.

Mr. Stevens made no reference to those demands on Wednesday, but he spent half of his eight-minute speech criticizing his conviction. He expressed regret but stopped short of apologizing, saying he had been guilty only of naïveté.

Naïveté? Not a word I would choose to describe Stevens.

He accused federal prosecutors of being “willing to do anything to win” and he implied that holding his trial in Washington added to its illegitimacy.

“If I had had a fair trial in Alaska, I would have been acquitted,” he said to cheers.

Yeah, from what we’ve seen so far about the way things are done in Alaska, I don’t doubt he would get a “fair” trial in Alaska. Clearly they do things a little differently in Alaska. Today on MSNBC, Stu Rothenberg of The Rothenberg Political Report was predicting senate races. But when asked whether Stevens could actually be re-elected, Stu said, “I do American politics — that means I don’t do Alaska.”

Senator Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the Senate Republican leader, was quoted by a newspaper in his home state as saying that “there is a 100 percent certainty” that the senate would vote to expel Mr. Stevens should he win re-election and his appeals fail.

So it’s anybody’s guess, but I have a feeling we haven’t see the last of that mean Mr. Stevens. And haven’t we had our eyes opened to our independent neighbor in the north.

Photo credit: New York Times

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Behavioral Clinics: Covered Under Your Plan?

Yeah, yeah …. It’s late and I’m tired. But this little ditty just made me smile/want to cry. I mean … come the freep on, McCainiacs!!!!

(CNN) — Bail was set at $50,000 Friday night for a GOP campaign worker who made up a story about being attacked by a man angered by a John McCain bumper sticker on her car.

Wake Up… Just in case you barfed or fell asleep before getting to the end:

Before the revelation that the report was false, McCain spokeswoman Jill Hazelbaker said that McCain and running mate Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin “spoke to the victim and her family after learning about the incident.”

Talk about trolling (or, better yet, bottom feeding) …. These idiots are taking the country back generations; better yet, they are just proving that America, for all its good, still lies in a cesspool of crap when it comes to race and basic human dignity.

Ah heck … let’s just whip up a race frenzy and elect John McCain because he is a white man. Sooner or later, after all, we’ll get used to the ice-queen.



The Arrogance of Humanity

This video juxtaposed with the one below reflects a core of arrogance in our humanity. Missing in both is a shred of enlightened thought or empathy. Both on the other hand, are expressions of our own primitive instinct to establish mercilessly, our superiority over other beings, human and animal alike.

This is the same core of our being that Republicans celebrate when they talk about individual responsibility. It is the fundamental cost of the process of unrestrained, free-form civilization.

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Choking the Canaries “in the coal mine.”

This moved me. Call me a liberal sissy. Call me a bleeding heart. Thank God, I am not a Republican. The hypocrisy would kill me.

Yesterday, Cheryl Lockwood of Alaska Youth for Environmental Action, an 18-year-old Inuit from Alaska sobbed through her opening testimony before the Select Committee on Energy Independence and Global Warming as she described the disastrous effects of climate change on her community.

True to form, right-wing drug addict, Rush Limbaugh didn’t hesitate to attack her on his radio show.

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