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Authoritarianism: Readers and Resources

I post this as an ongoing resource on this very important subject.  Dedicated to Frank Staheli. May he break the chains.

Altemeyer: The Authoritarians: Harvard Press, 2007

If it turns out you do not like this book, blame John Dean. You never would have heard of my research if he had not recently plowed through my studies, trying to understand, first, various people he knew in the Nixon White House, and then some leading figures of the Republican Party of 2004.

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The Real Difference Between Liberals and Conservatives

This is very solid science.

h/t OneGoodMove
: from Ted

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Conservatives Without Conscience

John Dean, Republican adviser to Richard Nixon has written a deeply disturbing book about the conservative right’s growing move toward authoritarianism and blind loyalty. Its an old concept. It still works, and always will.


This interview with Keith Olbermann gives us a frightening new perspective on the use of fear to gain and keep power.

The book is called Conservatives Without Conscience. Many so easily dismiss anyone who criticizes their tribe.� Thats why this is so important. It is written BY a conservative.

Video at C&L.

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