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Guv Huntsman resigning for China ambassadorship.

NO SPECIAL SESSIONChannel 4 News (also heard on Channel 2) reports that Governor Jon Huntsman has been offered and will accept the ambassadorship to China. The announcement is to be made tomorrow from the White House.

The good guv has been under a lot of criticism lately for being a no-show at some important R Party events in Utah. This might explain why he has been occupied elsewhere. Now I’m thinking about the implications of being appointed to this slot by a Democratic president. Local Repubs will make the most of it for certain, but it may be a big asset to Huntsman if he decides to run for president in 2012, as he seems to be one of the only in his party who gets it, that the country has moved to the center — including Republican voters.

The question now is whether Lt. Governor Gary Herbert will serve out Huntsman’s term or if there will be a special election. As we recall when Governor Leavitt resigned to fill a Bush cabinet spot, the Lt. Gov can serve in an interim period, but it seems there isn’t an automatic transfer of power. Maybe some of our readers have more knowledge of this process.

Huntsman was scheduled to visit China with other governors later this month, but the trip was canceled because of the swine flu outbreak.

UPDATE 8:30 pm: The Salt Lake Tribune now has the story up. As does the DesNews. UPDATE: Now on KSL. I was feeling a little unsure of the sources earlier, but feel more confident now.

The Deseret News also offers a little more insight about succession and a special election.

The appointment of Huntsman would mean that Lt. Gov. Gary Herbert would take over as the state’s chief executive. A special election for the governor’s office would be held in 2010, under a new state constitutional amendment.

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