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Would you buy an American car?

This morning Chris Matthews asked his panel an interesting question that I thought I would pose to our OneUtah readers, and take it one step further:

What is/was your favorite American car? (and my extension of the question) What would it take for you to buy another American car?

I’ll be first and say of the American cars I’ve owned, my favorite was my ’67 Camaro that I bought in 1968 and owned and actually drove for 30 years. It wasn’t a ‘muscle’ car, just a 6 cylinder, but an incredibly low-maintenance and economical car to drive. My teenage sons all took turns driving it to school. I sold it to a collector who restored it and now shows it in classic car shows. I’m looking for a picture and I’ll add it later if I find one.

I have had bad and costly experiences with American cars since 1980 and my most reliable cars in the last 20 years have been Nissans. For me to buy another American car, it would have to have comparable reliability as my Nissan and be economical to drive.

Chris Matthews says American cars have lost that ‘cool’ factor they had in the 50’s and 60’s that really drove sales. He says that American car companies need to find that cool appeal again to get American teens to get their parents to buy. Could be. I know lots of men of my generation who are still car-crazy.



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