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Bill O’Reilly Sexual Predator Archive

This story began to unfold in 2003.  There was a pretty well-executed media blackout and blogs weren’t real big yet.

So I thought I would re-post it for the 1U archive.  Fox News Producer, Andrea Mackris, sued Bill O’Reilly for stalking and sexually molesting and harrasing her.

Bill O'Reilly Phone Sex With Andrea MackrisI’ll never forget it. She tried initially to keep it under the radar. But when Bill lashed out at her publicly, she produced a couple of recorded phone calls during which Bill masterbates while describing what he would do to her.

He settled for an estimated $6 million.

Above is an excert from ONE of the recordings. As I recall, Bill initially challenged her to produce proof. She did. He settled.

Here are links to others (in the wuote below).

Based on the extensive quotations cited in the complaint, it appears a safe bet that Mackris, 33, recorded some of O’Reilly’s more steamy soliloquies. For example, we direct you to his Caribbean shower fantasies. While we suggest reading the entire document, TSG will point you to interesting sections on a Thailand sex show, Al Franken, and the climax of one August 2004 phone conversation.

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