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What A Republican Racist Looks Like in 2007

They’ll be going back underground soon.

I found this while looking for a better version of the Artur Davis/McClellan session.

Watch the white racist squirm like a stuck pig.

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="400" height="326" wmode="transparent" /]Rep Artur Davis Questions John Tanner In Judiciary Hearing

WOW! I just Googled John Tanner racist.

Did I mention I HATE RACISTS?

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Karl Rove: Almost NO Friends Left

Accept the ones that will hang if he talks. Thats how the Republicans are. They suck up to the guy in power, in the moment…and bail at the first sign of trouble. We are presently witnessing the desertion of Bush. But where ever will they run now? Certainly not McCain.

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Artur Davis, Scott McClellan throws Karl Rove under the bus.
Artur Davis, Congressman from Birmingham, Tuscaloosa and Selma, is a rising star. He was the best questioner in the Justice Committee hearing with Scot McClellan. C-Span has been playing it twice a day since. It well worth several viewings.

Leaves you with a dark feeling about a hanging in the air.

PS: If anyone can find the entire segment with Artur Davis, please let me know. Its “special.”

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