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Rep Peter King (NY-R) – World’s Biggest ASSHOLE!

…and what kind of assholes keep voting for this asshole?

In an interview on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop,” the Chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee was asked if he had an obligation to hear out what the protesters are saying. He slammed the cause, pointing to crimes taking place within Occupy encampments.

“First of all, you try to listen to them and they make almost no sense,” King said. “These are people who were living in dirt, these were people who were involved with drugs, there was violence, there was rape. You’re talking about a small number of people — you could probably get more people in a Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Sunday than you’ve got in Zuccotti Park.”

“I mean, what is their position?” King asked. “They’re mad that other people are making money? They’re mad that there are no jobs in this country? Or not enough jobs? All of us believe that. We’re trying to find a way to do it. You don’t do it by living in dirt. You don’t do it by carrying out rapes. You don’t do it by carrying out anti-American slogans.”

Updated: Three days later, on November 19th, Newt Gingrich elevated the anti-OWS dog-whistle to bathing.

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Time to Play…Spot The Asshole!

Ben Stein is my favorite asshole.

I actually sent him an e-mail last year to remind him he is an asshole and he e-mailed me BACK!

I’ll try to dig it up…

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John McCain’s Campaign Manager is a Hit Man

Wow! have you heard this guy Rick Davis? McCain’s campaign manager is a major a-hole. He’s a full on attack dog. Abusive and all. One has to wonder if this attack on the media is deliberate.

If Rick Davis is any indication of the kind of people McCain would hire his administration would make Bush’s look like a real class act. Cheney is just evil. This guy is evil AND an asshole.

btw: I understand this guy was getting checks from Freddie and Fannie until this month.

Check out this interview with Andrea Mitchell

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